Mrs. Fields Trivia is HERE – Win FREE COOKIES!

Mrs. Fields Trivia – July 12th 2012

Here’s your chance again to win another amazing gift of FREE cookies from Mrs. Field

Enter the contest by leaving a comment on our blog.  If we pick you as our winner, we will contact you via the email you’ve provided.

We will draw 1 name from the correct answers given and that person will receive a FREE Mrs. Fields Springtime Tin ($44.00 Value, with shipping). Answers will be accepted until midnight (July 12th 2012). Limited to one win per month per entrant. Winner will be notified via email.

Prize Details:

This week we’ll be giving away one of our Springtime Tin – item #11EV323, a $44.00 value, including shipping. It contains 60 Nibblers® bite-sized cookies. Perfection!


How many different flavors do our cookie cakes come in?

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316 responses to “Mrs. Fields Trivia is HERE – Win FREE COOKIES!

  1. Ashley

    One – Chocolate Chip

  2. Rhea Frawley

    7 different flavors of cookie cakes :)

  3. Jennifer L.

    Mrs. Fields cookie cakes come in one flavor, chocolate chip!

  4. Kerri

    Seven? I pray I win!! I never win and I would be on cloud nine to win the best cookies on the planet!! <3

  5. Christopher Mechling

    7 flavors.

  6. 7 including the chocolate chip with nuts cake.

  7. Noel

    7 Cookie cake flavors

  8. Penny McPherson

    Lucky 7

  9. bess witt

    O o o lucky 7!


    only 1 flavour ,chocolate chip cookies!

  11. Natalie Vandenberghe




  13. Kelly Elswick

    7 flavors! Thanks for the chance :)

  14. debi affrunti

    7 flavors

  15. Mara Zamora

    7 Delicious flavors !
    and not everyone knows that lol


  16. Leisa Wooten

    SEVEN awesome flavors. Thanks for the giveaway. Love Mrs. Fields!

  17. donna drew

    7 flavors. all YUMMY

  18. Carol Throckmorton

    Seven different flavors

  19. Terri W

    I counted 7 via your website :)

  20. heather kline

    7 difffernt flavors

  21. Well there is 6 flavors but you can choose the chocolate chip cookie with or with out nuts so that makes 7 options : )

  22. Jack Ripple

    7 flavors – I would like to try them ALL!!

  23. 5 ,semi sweet chocolate chip, milk chocolate chip, sugar butter, white chunk macadamia , and Debra’s special

  24. Bianca Rodriguez

    Online you can get cookie cakes in 7 different flavors BUT! in the Mrs. Fields store where I work, you can get a cookie cake in any of the cookie flavors we have on display! :)

  25. Michele Vassily Lauer

    7 Flavors

  26. Jennifer Sagan

    7 different flavors

  27. Tiffany Johnson

    7 flavors.

  28. 7 flavours!! They all look yummy!!

  29. Betsy Barnes

    Mrs. Fields cookie cakes come in 7 flavors :)

  30. Kathleen Walsh

    Seven different flavors!

  31. Jennifer Pruneda

    1 flavor

  32. Cassie

    Chocolate chip, baby! :)

  33. mar brown

    7 different flavors…

  34. Nicole Shaffer

    7 flavors

  35. Alea Shinn

    7! The number of perfection ;)

  36. Emi Nakayama

    It has 7 different flavors of cookie cakes and they are really good

  37. Jennifer Scott

    Seven flavors!

  38. There are 7 different cookie cake flavors! Yum!

  39. Tiffany C.

    7 delicious flavors!

  40. kathy lightle

    i beleive 9 flavors

  41. Jenee

    Seven. They all look so GOOD, too.

  42. Leslie Dover

    7 different flavors!!!

  43. Barbara Mayes

    7 different flavors! : )

  44. C. LOHRKE


  45. Suzanne Drews

    ~ Mrs. Field’s Cookie Cake comes in seven different varieties. ~

  46. Tina Fields

    13 cppkie cakes

  47. Angela

    They come in 7 flavors.

  48. Amber Preer

    7 different flavors

  49. May


  50. Leanne M.

    There are 7 different flavors of cookie cakes…

  51. jessika harris

    Your cookies come in 7 different flavors :P

  52. Diana Cote

    7 very yummy flavors. :) btw I love your cookies!

  53. virginia rogers

    They come in 7 different flavors, Thank you for the chance to win the tin looks amazing!!!!

  54. Janice C

    7 Delicious Flavors

  55. debbie kanastab


  56. Terry

    Your 12-inch cookie cake comes in 7 flavors.

  57. debbutterflys

    6 flavors plus 1 a no nut choc chip option

  58. Donald Hayes

    I count 7.

  59. ronda garnett

    6 different flavor dough…but 7 if you count the chocolate chip w nuts and w/o nuts

  60. Karen Marchese

    7 different delicious flavors!

  61. kristin reese

    There are 7 yummy flavors. I am such a “baked goods” junkie! LOL

  62. Amy Bealer

    7 flavors, and they all look soooo good…

  63. Krystal Ramirez

    7 Flavors

  64. Nazvie F.

    I believe there are 5 flavors plus 2 that’s are seasonal for a total of 7 different cookie cake flavors.

  65. natasha brodsky

    7 flavors

  66. Carol ONeil

    7 Yummy Flavors!

  67. Jordan McElroy

    Your twelve inch cookie cakes come in 7 delicious flavors! thanks so much for this chance to win! What girl doesnt love cookies!

  68. Jeanette E.

    Looks like 7, although does chocolate chip w/nuts and w/o nuts count as 2 different flavors?

  69. I counted seven, if you are saying that chocolate chip with and without nuts are 2 different flavors. But they all sound delicious!

  70. Melanie S

    7 Delicious Flavors

  71. Jeanne

    7 different flavors

  72. Lee Ann CAmeron

    7 and I would not turn down any one of them..mmmm

  73. Cheire Jones

    7 Different flavors

  74. Kassy Hernandez

    There are 7 different cookie cake flavors!

  75. I love Mrs. Fields cookies and my family would love to win this.

    thanks so much.

    Mrs. Susan K. Rogers
    8466 n. 12th street
    Kalamazoo, MI 49009

    (269) 615-3036

  76. Robin Jennings

    7 flavors

  77. Lori Carter

    7 yummy goodness flavors

  78. Lisa

    Your cookie cakes come in 7 different flavors.

  79. Laura

    Seven luscious ones!

  80. sandy touchet

    ‎7 flavors, 13 variations

  81. rhonda miotke

    7 yummy flavors

  82. Britni Gesch

    ‎7 flavors

  83. tamma Borzotra

    cookie cakes comes in 7 different and delicious flavors


    7 flavors and i love them all

  85. Cathy Bradford

    7 Yummy Flavors

  86. Amber Pickett

    There are 7 flavors, all of which are my favorite!!
    ~I got one like this for Mothers day!!~

  87. Dusty lynn

    7 different flavors

  88. Liz

    7 different flavors!

  89. Crystal Calkin

    7 flavors

  90. deb nunziato

    7 Flavors!!!

  91. Jason B

    7 different flavors. Thanks!

  92. Tinha

    7 Flavors (12 inch)

  93. lorrie murray

    7 yummy flavours

  94. Kat

    7 wonderful flavors .
    Thank you so much for this oppertunity !



  96. Amy Stewart

    seven flavors


    Seven delicious flavors…

  98. Brenda Parker

    The answer is 7 YummY Flavors! :D

  99. Kimberly Davis

    7 Flavors. Thank you!

  100. nancy

    There are 5 different cookie cake flavors!!! yummm!!

  101. Em Robin

    Seven delicious flavors

  102. Shannon Schleif

    only one

  103. Melanie Anderson

    7 flavors

  104. Jennifer Heithaus


  105. I googled this and now I’m more confused than ever. I googled two different Articles, one Article which had their Online Catalog, in it, which said they had 8 different flavors of their Cookie Cakes. The other Article which had another place to actually place an Order, only listed 7 flavors, so guess my Official answer for today will be that they have “7″ Cookie Cake Flavors. Thank You!!

  106. Kathy Stahlman

    8 Flavors

  107. Mallory Oosterhouse

    7 varieties!!

  108. Erica

    Seven different types of cookies

  109. Cheryl Dial

    I will go with the masses and say 7. I like cookies ;-)

  110. Dolores Downey

    7 Flavors

  111. Kelly Andrus

    7 flavors!

  112. Nichole Garzone

    there are 7 different kinds

  113. 7 designs ~ but they are all one flavor ~ Chocolate Chip!

  114. 7 designs, all chocolate chip flavor

  115. 7 designs, all chocolate chip flavor, though

  116. Tammy Larkin

    7 flavors!! yum

  117. james o miller

    7 but I think you should have more!!

  118. Jamie Heckenast

    7 flavors

  119. sid dis

    seven cookie cake flavors!!!

  120. Bernice Schissler


  121. susan rinaman

    7 flavors

  122. Courtney Larsen

    There are 7 Cookie Cake flavors!

  123. Linda Barringer

    Seven flavors

  124. melissa ratzlaff

    7 flavors

  125. Susan H.

    7 flavors…all sound yummy.

  126. Answer: 7 Love Your cookies!!! :)

  127. Tamara B.

    You have seven flavors

  128. Laurie Forrest

    Fabulous 7

  129. Diane Mason

    7!!!!!!!!! Me want cookies!!!!!

  130. arlene robertson

    7 different flavors

  131. Heather Panjon

    7 flavors :)

  132. VJ M.

    7 different ones :)

  133. April Martin

    Seven (7) !!!! :)

  134. 7 but there should be more- they are so good!

  135. Dory Crawford


  136. Brenda Gale McQueen

    7 so very delish ones!!!
    Love these cookies, absolutely a treat.

  137. Annette Broxton

    There are 7!! I love me some Mrs. Fields.Thanks for the chance. This is a super prize!

  138. ReggieMann

    Mrs. Fields cookie cakes come in seven different flavors :)

  139. Edwina Moorman

    I see 7 different flavors in all

  140. Jennifer Dysart

    7 flavors!!

  141. Jennifer Dysart

    7 flavors !!

  142. Gina Taylor


  143. Mystogan

    7 they all taste good ;)


    Wow, I just looked at the website to find out you have 7 different flavors of cookie cake!! I thought it was just chocolate chip. lol I’d like a peanut butter cookie cake please!? ;) lol

    My answer is 7. You have 7 different flavors of cookie cakes. Mmmm

  145. Trish McDougall


  146. Angela Kelley

    7 for sure!! :)

  147. Brittany Tinaliga


  148. Samantha Fannin

    Seven flavors!

  149. Mona Cole

    Seven cookie cake flavors.

  150. Kelly Radka

    7, thank you!

  151. Lydia Harpe

    seven yummy flavors!!

  152. Diana Santiago

    Mrs. Fields cookie cakes come in seven delicious flavors!

  153. ruby w

    7 mmmmmmmmmm cookie

  154. shayna jones

    7 wonerful flavors I would love to win and eat.

  155. Alissa A

    Seven flavors!

  156. Melinda

    7different ones!

  157. Diane Ver Hey

    I love your cookies. I would love to have some!

  158. Kris

    Seven, but you need more :)

  159. Andrea Williams

    There are seven yummy flavors!


    SEVEN (7) totally delicious flavors :)

  161. Lynn K

    Mrs. Fields. Moist and Colossal Cookie Cakes made with real butter, whole eggs, and pure vanilla — the same irresistible cookie-dough recipe perfected some thirty years ago, are available in SEVEN delectable flavors. Got Milk?

  162. christine jessamine


  163. Kimberly Davis

    7 yum,yummy yummies!

  164. Dawn Snow

    Seven and I’m sure they are all delicious!

  165. Laura Tesoro-Lopez

    Deliciously seven (7) flavors.

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