Mrs. Fields Trivia is HERE – Win FREE COOKIES!

Mrs. Fields Trivia – June 21st 2012

Here’s your chance again to win another amazing gift of FREE cookies from Mrs. Field

Enter the contest by leaving a comment on our blog.  If we pick you as our winner, we will contact you via the email you’ve provided.

We will draw 1 name from the correct answers given and that person will receive a FREE Mrs. Fields Springtime Tin ($44.00 Value, with shipping). Answers will be accepted until midnight (June 21st, 2012). Limited to one win per month per entrant. Winner will be notified via email.

Prize Details:

This week we’ll be giving away one of our Springtime Tin – item #11EV323, a $44.00 value, including shipping. It contains 60 Nibblers® bite-sized cookies. Perfection!

Question:  What two shapes do our cookie cakes come in?

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313 responses to “Mrs. Fields Trivia is HERE – Win FREE COOKIES!

  1. debra a affrunti

    heart and circle

  2. Ashley Diaz

    circles and hearts! <3

  3. Jennifer Donohue

    Round and Heart shaped

  4. Tenielle Stanbrough

    Hearts and Circles

  5. rebecca kremis

    Circles O O O and hearts <3 <3 <3

  6. Amanda

    circle and heart

  7. Terri W

    Round and hearts♥:)

  8. Dave

    Round & Heart Shaped

  9. beth smith

    heart and circle

  10. Lee Ann Cameron

    round and heart

  11. Rhea Frawley

    Hearts and circles :)

  12. Susan

    circles and hearts!

  13. heather kline

    round (circle) heart shaped

  14. Circles and Hearts yum and thank you

  15. Diana Stanhope

    They come in round & heart shaped.

  16. melissa freeman

    heart and round.

  17. Kim Rakoczy

    Round and ♥ shaped :D

  18. Elysha Arnold

    Hearts and Circles. :)

  19. Leslie Fox

    Round & Heart Shaped

  20. margaret van dorn

    They are available as round or heart-shaped and are delicious!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win some!

  21. Julie Her

    Hearts and Round Circle ones

  22. They come in hearts and circles..and are super yummy.we get them all the time.

  23. Geeta Ranbhor

    Round and Heart Shaped <3

  24. Kimberly Briggs

    The yummy cookie cakes are available in both round and heart shaped!

  25. Jenn Holliday

    Round (circle) and <3 (heart) shapes :-)

  26. Heather Johnson

    Thanks for the giveaway and the cookies come in round and square

  27. Renai Lynn

    Heart & Circle

  28. Terri Bollin

    Circle and heart shaped

  29. Kyla Shynn Lim

    circle and heart shapes!:)

  30. Nicole T.

    Circles & HEARTS

  31. will

    Circular and heart shaped

  32. tina liles

    round (circle) and heart shaped

  33. Lauren Retana

    Heart and circle!!

  34. jeevon kay

    They are Round & Heart Shaped

  35. jennifer zeug

    heart and circle shape

  36. pam irwin

    They come in round circle or heart shaped. Thanks.

  37. Sheila

    round and heart :)

  38. Dawn Marie Seeley

    There are ROUND () ones & HEART <3 shaped ones :)

  39. Theresa Ann Grelewicz

    circles and hearts :)

  40. lorrie murray

    circles and hearts:)

  41. Julie Fernandez

    Heart and Round!

  42. Penny McPherson

    Circles and hearts

  43. Jeffrey

    Round and Heart.



  45. Krystin

    Heart and circular

  46. Nicole Toscano

    Heart & circle

  47. Lara Green

    circle and heart

  48. Sara Wilson

    Round and heart shaped!!

  49. DM Moon

    Circle & Heart shapes

  50. melissa bowers

    Thanks and you make round cookies and heart cookies.

  51. Cathy DeLashmit

    heart and circle

  52. Jessilyn Lucas

    Circles and Hearts! <3

  53. Jill Waldren

    Heart and Circle

  54. Linda Badin

    Circles & hearts.

  55. carol

    Circle and heart

  56. raven webster

    round and heart shaped and delicious

  57. DElicious circles and heart shapes

  58. Billy Martin

    The two shapes the Cookie Cakes come in are both round (circle like) and in a heart shape, baked to perfection.

  59. Carol Buchman

    Heart & Round! :~)


    * Round & Heart Shaped *
    O <3

  61. Mrs. Fields Cakes come in the shape of a Circle (round) and the shape of a Heart!!! :)

  62. Jennifer S

    Circles (round) and Hearts

  63. brooke scott

    circle and hearts shaped

  64. May

    Round and ♥ shaped

  65. Anika Hughes

    Circle and heart.

  66. irene

    circle + heart! O + <3

  67. Helen Stockwell

    Heart & Round

  68. Lauryn

    Round and heart shaped!

  69. Melanie Anderson

    Circle and Heart

  70. karen s

    They come in round shape and heart shape.

  71. Adrienne Hayes

    heart shaped and round

  72. christine paine

    Heart shaped / Round

  73. Jaleel H

    Heart shaped and circle shaped.

  74. Ocie Johnson

    Round and heart…I waited all morning for trivia, had to go make breakfast and came back to find it had started, I am probably too late!

  75. Amy Stewart

    1. Heart shaped
    2. Round

  76. Natalie Vandenberghe

    Round and heart-shaped

  77. Andrea Nichols

    Round/Circle shape and Heart Shape

  78. Clare R.

    Circles and hearts

  79. Em Robin

    Cookie cakes come in circular and heart shapes.

  80. Carolyn Calhoun

    round and heart shapes

  81. victoria w

    circle and flower

  82. victoria w

    oh, cookie CAKEs come circle and heart….

  83. conni

    hearts and circles!

  84. Michael Mayhew

    Round and heart shaped

  85. cindy mckean

    They come in round and heart shaped. Thank you for the giveaway!!


    Heart and circle shapes!

  87. nicole s

    round and heart shapes. Thanks!

  88. Brittany Tinaliga

    Round and heart shaped :)

  89. Melissa B

    circle and heart

  90. Birdie Skolfield

    Circles & Hearts

  91. Oanh

    Heart and circle shapes

  92. They come in heart and circle shapes.

  93. Valerie C.

    Rounds and Hearts <3

  94. Frank Bragg

    Round and Heart

  95. christina w.

    circle and heart shapes

  96. Murielle Cat

    Rounds and Hearts

  97. Zoltan Zentai

    They come in Round and Heart shapes

  98. heather myers

    heart and round

  99. kathy blouin-potvin

    circles and hearts! :)

  100. C. LOHRKE

    Round and heart shaped

  101. Jeanette E.

    Round (circle) & heart!

  102. Andrew S.

    Circles and hearts

  103. diana guise

    hearts and circles

  104. Lisa Lee Cook

    Circles and Hearts!

  105. Maria Gillet

    Rounds and Hearts

  106. Nicole Shurina

    Heart shaped and round. They are also the most delicious cakes ever!

  107. Janice C

    Hearts and Circles

  108. rhonda miotke

    Rounds and hearts.

  109. shawna mahoney

    Round and Heart shaped!

  110. Misty Hurtado

    Hearts & Circles! <3

  111. Nicci Tapp

    Rounds and Hearts :)

  112. Christopher Mechling

    Rounds and Hearts

  113. Azalia Gonzalez

    Circle & Heart shapes

  114. Michele Younger

    Circles and hearts

  115. Denise Murphy

    Circles and Hearts

  116. Barbara Mayes

    Rounds and Hearts! Yay! Love Mrs Fields!

  117. Donel Payne

    They come in Round and Heart shapes

  118. Teddie

    Hearts (Love) & Circles (Smiles :)

  119. Nyeasia Pippin

    They come in hearts and circles!!

  120. Jennifer H

    Circles and hearts!

  121. Michael Heithaus

    Circles and Hearts!

  122. Amanda Tonar

    Circles and Hearts

  123. Ellen-Jean Mitchell

    Circles ans Hearts!!

  124. Ellen-Jean Mitchell

    Circles and Hearts!

  125. Elizabeth

    heart and circle shapes

  126. Lori C.

    circles & hearts

  127. Adela

    They come in Circle and Heart shapes! And are delicious!! =)

  128. Caitlin M

    They come in the shapes of either Circles or Hearts

  129. julia schultz

    circles and hearts!! best cookie cakes around!!

  130. Janice K.

    Hearts and circles

  131. Kathy K

    Circle and heart shapes

  132. Amy

    Heart and round shapes.

  133. Jacqueline Phung

    Circles and Hearts <3

  134. Debbie

    heart shaped and round

  135. Moli E

    Circles and hearts

  136. Barbara Paris

    They come in two shapes hearts and circles.

  137. Jena Whipking

    Circles & Hearts

  138. Sara Rosebery-Davis

    Yummmmy Circle & Heart shapes!

  139. Alexander

    Circles and Hearts

  140. Jennifer Scott

    hearts and circles

  141. Alla

    They come in circles and hearts

  142. lori clark

    circles and hearts!

  143. Olivia F.

    Hearts and circles!

  144. Sarah McGough

    Hearts and circles :)

  145. Lynn

    Hearts and Circles

  146. your cookie cakes come in the shape of a circle and a heart. both are delicious.

  147. jessica baughman

    circles and hearts

  148. Tam Johnson

    Circles and Hearts.

  149. julie

    they come in cute heart shapes & cute circle shapes , sooooo yummy.

  150. they come in round and heart shaped

  151. Gavin

    Circles and Hearts.

  152. Michael Jones

    Circles and Hearts.

  153. Leanne Mohler

    Circles and hearts

  154. Selena

    Circle and heart shapes.

  155. Chris Stuhler

    Hearts and Circles :)

  156. michelle smith

    Hearts and Round ones!!!

  157. michelle smith

    Hearts and round ones!!!!

  158. Lisa

    Circles and Hearts

  159. Donna Nunn

    round circles and pretty hearts!

  160. The cookie cakes tins come in heart-shaped and round! Thanks for the chance.

  161. Anissa Jackson

    Hearts and Circles!

  162. ronda garnett

    Circle and heart

  163. Ellen B

    circles and hearts

  164. Yvonne


  165. Troy C

    hearts and circles

  166. Susan Smith

    Circles & Hearts

  167. Janice Lawrence

    Hearts and Circles

  168. Ryan

    hearts and circles

  169. Lydia Harpe

    hearts and circles!! yay

  170. Cheryl M

    hearts and circles

  171. toniann

    They are circular and heart shaped.

  172. Nicole

    hearts and circles! :)

  173. Margaret Kamio

    Circle and Hearts

  174. Holly Thomas

    Circles and Hearts!! :)

  175. Kysbel Samaniego

    Circles and hearts :P

  176. Katie H.

    heart and circle

  177. Erica Best

    Circles and hearts

  178. Tracy Robertson

    Ohhh, I know this one from shopping @ Mrs. Field’s at the mall – heart and round.

  179. arlene robertson

    I love heart shapes. so I say circle and hearts

  180. Julia

    Round Circles and Hearts!

  181. Suburban prep

    Round and heart shaped.

  182. Amber Preer

    Round and heart shaped.

  183. Susie Waters

    Round and Heart shapes <3 !

  184. Meryl

    Round and heart-shaped.

  185. Louis

    Round and Heart-Shaped.



  187. jenni bennett

    circles and hearts

  188. Dana Rodriguez

    Round and heart-shaped!

  189. Kris B

    Round and Heart-Shaped!!

  190. Jamie Newman

    Round and heart.
    I’m dying for a chocolate chip cookie right now!


    round and heart shaped

  192. donna drew

    Round and Heart shaped

  193. Pauline Gray

    Round and Heart-Shaped

  194. Bridget Merker

    Heart Shaped and Round circles.

  195. Nikki Caldwell Parham

    Round and heart shaped:)

  196. Donna Armeli

    O and <3 (Round and Heart shaped)

  197. Trish Lacy

    Hearts and rounds!

  198. Christina Cannon

    Heart and Round shapes

  199. Janet Johnson

    Round and heART

  200. kristy

    Round and Heart-Shaped…yum!

  201. Laura D

    Round and heart shaped.

  202. debra pearlstein

    Heart shaped <3 and round!

  203. George Wilson Sr

    Round and heart shaped but really yummy in mine and my 4 yr old’s tummy :)

  204. Christina Z

    Round and heart shape

  205. Theresa Wilson

    The two shapes that Mrs. Fields Cookie Cakes come in is circle and heart shapes. Thanks much! Yummm……

  206. Adriana Wiley

    Round and heart shaped :)

  207. chickie brewer

    They are round and heart shaped.

  208. tiffany laventure

    Round and heart shaped.

  209. Dawn Mazzarella

    Round & Heart Shaped

  210. Mara Zamora

    ROUND & HEART <3

    LOVE the heart one alot .


    fingers & toes crossed
    i LOVE me some Mrs . Field cookies and so does my 2 year old daughter :)

  211. shaunta edmond

    Round and heart shaped

  212. Christine Palmer

    round and heart shaped

  213. stephanie ray

    round and heart shaped…. <3

  214. Tracy P

    hearts and round

  215. Jeff S.

    Round & Heart Shaped!

  216. Cyndi Kozak

    Heart and Round! Would love to win these for my Grandkids!

  217. Lisa Dalton

    Round Circles and Hearts!

  218. Soncerae Lewis

    Heart shapped and round.

  219. Debbie Chioffe

    Heart Shaped and Round

  220. Antoinette Soto

    Cookie cakes come in round circles and hearts

  221. Heart shaped and round cookie cakes.

  222. Lorri S

    Circles and hearts

  223. Round And Heart Shapes!~Sooooooooooooo Good!~Always!~

  224. Rebecca T.

    Round and heart shaped!

  225. Julie S

    Round & heart shaped -either way – yum, yum!

  226. Crystal Young

    Circles and Hearts!

  227. Jill e

    Hearts and circles (round) shapes

  228. Glenn Croman

    Circles and Hearts!

  229. Lisa C.

    Round and heart shaped

  230. Gina Sandoval

    Heart and Circles!

  231. amy tolley

    the are round and heart sharped

  232. Charity S

    Round & Heart Shaped.

  233. Carol W

    Round and heart shapes.

  234. nita

    Round and heart shaped.

  235. Omar

    Circles and Hearts

  236. SunRae

    Round and heart shaped

  237. Cathy E

    Round and heart-shaped.


    Round and heart shaped ♥

  239. Patti T

    Round and heart shaped

  240. Gary Ferguson

    round and heart

  241. Lisa A Smith

    round and heart

  242. Swisspotluck

    Round and Heart-Shaped

  243. carol clark

    Round and heart shaped

  244. Bridget

    Circles and hearts <3

  245. shannon w.

    Round and heart shaped

  246. brian manis

    circles and hearts!

  247. Linda W.

    Round (circles) and Hearts.

  248. kathy goldberg

    circles and hearts!

  249. Grace DeV

    Circle & Heart shapes.

  250. Danielle B

    round and hearts

  251. Sarah C.

    Circles and hearts

  252. Tamra Clifford

    Round and Heart

  253. Kimberly Davis

    Round and hearts.

  254. Chelsea d

    Heart and round/circle

  255. melody pearson

    Hearts and circles

  256. Monica Meza

    round and heartshaped!

  257. hanley wong

    round and heart shaped

  258. norma webber

    circular and heart shapes

  259. diana wong

    round shapes and hearts

  260. Paula Gillespie

    hearts and circles (round shaped)

  261. Laurie

    Circle and heart.

  262. Karisa Lyons

    Round & Heart

  263. connie

    round and heart shaped

  264. john

    heartshaped and round

  265. Andrea Williams

    Circles and Hearts.

  266. Daisy Haffner

    Circles and hearts

  267. Karen B

    Heart and round

  268. Jen B

    Round and heart-shaped.

  269. Nicole

    O (Circle) and <3 (Heart) !!

  270. Edwina Moorman

    Heart shape and round

  271. Stefanie

    Circles and Hearts

  272. Stephanie C

    circles and hearts

  273. Janice

    heart and round/circle

  274. Merri matalon

    Round and heart

  275. kk

    round and heart shaped

  276. Leslie H

    Hearts and Circles

  277. sherry warlick

    circles and hearts

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