A New Video, A New Scavenger Hunt!

We had so much fun with last week’s Scavenger Hunt, and now it’s time for another round! As mentioned, we’re exploring all the ways our Big Cookie Cakes can sweeten an otherwise bitter situation, and we hope our next video will bring a smile to your face. Check it out!

And now for the fun! Enter to win your own Big Cookie Cake by participating in our Scavenger Hunt!

Ready to play? Scavenge the video to find the answer to this question:  What color were the baseball sleeves on our little athlete?

Leave your answer in the comments section (only one entry per person, please), and a lucky winner will be randomly chosen to win a customized Big Cookie Cake of their own! More videos and more prizes will come, so stay tuned to the blog and subscribe to the Mrs. Fields YouTube channel.

One more thing—if you liked our video, share it with your friends!

(Entries accepted until midnight, June 12. Winner will be notified via email.)

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56 responses to “A New Video, A New Scavenger Hunt!

  1. Donald Hayes

    Blue sleeves.

  2. Terri W

    His sleeves were blue!

  3. pam irwin


  4. kelly caudill

    Sleeves are blue

  5. Cute video – he had blue sleeves

  6. staci wells mefford

    first segment blue sleeves with white around them and black around the white short sleeved…next segment short sleeved yellow last segments long sleeved blue

  7. Anna Cheung


  8. Nyeasia Pippin

    He had blue sleeves!

  9. Alexis Gonzalez

    Blue sleeves

  10. Norma gonzalez

    blue slevees

  11. sergio Gonzalez

    blue sleeves

  12. Dennise Gonzalez

    blue sleeves

  13. christina w.

    his sleeves were blue

  14. Cheryl L.


  15. ellen byers


  16. Gary Ferguson


  17. Julie

    Blue sleeves

  18. Sandy

    Blue baseball sleeves

  19. Susan H.

    Sleeves were blue.

  20. marie walker


  21. conni

    Blue sleeves…Cute!

  22. Glenn Croman

    Blue sleeves

  23. Crystal Young

    Blue sleeves

  24. His sleeves were blue

  25. Heather Panjon

    Black with some gray :)

  26. Marcus

    He had blue sleeves.

  27. Stephanie C

    long blue sleeves

  28. Rose Frederick

    he had blue sleeves

  29. Brittney Williams


  30. Blue. unless you’re talking about the kid’s mitts,they’re black.So blue sleeves.

  31. Tiffany Greene

    Blue sleeves!! :)

  32. shara hayes


  33. Jason Burris

    His baseball sleeves were blue.

  34. Charlotte LeBlanc

    Sleeves are blue.

  35. Sophia S.

    Blue Sleeves

  36. Angela A

    blue sleeves

  37. Cristal Muffley


  38. Holly Thomas

    Blue!! :)

  39. Monica M

    Blue sleeves! :3

  40. janet L.

    his sleeves were BLUE! I want to win!

  41. Brittany

    blue sleeves

  42. Em Robin

    Bright blue baseball shirt sleeves

  43. Barbara Paris

    bright blue sleeves


    Blue w/ a white stripe..

  45. DoubleF

    1st. ‘lil dude’s sleeves were blue w/ white stripe
    2nd. ‘lil dude’s sleeves were yellow
    3rd. ‘lil dude’s sleeves were blue w/ a tiny white logo