Video Fun, Scavenger Hunt, and Prizes for You!

Ever had a tough moment that you wish you could sweeten? That’s the idea that started our hilarious new video series, featuring our delicious, customized Big Cookie Cakes. For years our Big Cookie Cakes have been used to wish people happy birthday or congratulations, but why not use them to sweeten a difficult situation? Check out our premiere video (so appropriate for the end of the school year)

Now for some fun! You can enter to win your own Big Cookie Cake by participating in our Scavenger Hunt!

Ready to play? Scavenge the video to find the answer to this question: What grade did the student receiving the Big Cookie Cake get on his test?

Leave your answer in the comments section (only one entry per person, please), and a lucky winner will be randomly chosen to win a customized Big Cookie Cake of their own! More videos and more prizes will come, so stay tuned to the blog and subscribe to the Mrs. Fields YouTube channel.

One more thing—if you liked our video, share it with your friends!

(Entries accepted until midnight, June 5. Winner will be notified via email.)

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68 responses to “Video Fun, Scavenger Hunt, and Prizes for You!

  1. Georgina Nunnari

    He received a D-

  2. Kim Rakoczy

    D- but he got a COOKIE CAKE – that’s better than an A+ in my book! :)

  3. Jill Waldren

    D- ( a big red D-!)

  4. Donald Hayes

    He received a D-.

  5. Nyeasia Pippin

    He got a D-

  6. Kassey Alexandra Grissett


  7. Crystal Young

    He got a D-

  8. Glenn Croman

    He got a D-:-(

  9. Dawn

    The grade that the student receiving the Big Cookie Cake got on his test was a D- (tisk, tisk)

  10. Sarah

    He received a D- on his test

  11. Candie L

    A D- but if you ask the kids at my school D is for diploma. Thank you

  12. Melissa Dealmeida

    He received a D- on his test!!

  13. Melissa Dealmeida

    the guy got a D- on his test!


    HE GOT A D-

  15. A D Minus, but in his defense if he’s “treated” like that for failing why wouldn’t he? Lol

  16. Murielle Cat

    He received a D-

  17. Maria Gillet

    He received a D-

  18. Tammy alcorta

    It was a D- and the cookie cake said… see you next year.. now that’s funny

  19. Tammy alcorta

    it was a D- and the cookie cake said…. see you next year.. now that’s funny

  20. Rachel Buntyn

    D-…wanna win this for my son’s 9th B-day, this is what he wants instead of cake:0

  21. Shannon S

    D- wow I never would have gotten a cake for that!!

  22. stefany cubilette

    Student recieved a D-

  23. Marlene Larson

    He got a D-

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