Mrs. Fields Trivia is HERE – Win FREE COOKIES!

Mrs. Fields Trivia – April 5th 2012

Here’s your chance again to win another amazing gift of FREE cookies from Mrs. Field

Enter the contest by leaving a comment on our blog.  If we pick you as our winner, we will contact you via the email you’ve provided.

We will draw 1 name from the correct answers given and that person will receive a FREE Mrs. Fields Springtime Tin ($44.00 Value, with shipping). Answers will be accepted until midnight (April 5th, 2012). Limited to one win per month per entrant. Winner will be notified via email.

Prize Details:

This week we’ll be giving away one of our Springtime Tin – item #11EV323, a $44.00 value, including shipping. It contains 60 Nibblers® bite-sized cookies. Perfection!

Question:  Guess this years top selling Mrs. Fields  Easter themed item…

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320 responses to “Mrs. Fields Trivia is HERE – Win FREE COOKIES!


    i love to try those :)

  2. Diana Stanhope

    The Spring Chick?

  3. Jasmijn

    Thank you so much!!! Hope I win :D

  4. abby paul

    Springtime Tin

  5. Lori James

    Easter personalized cookie tin!!! :)

  6. Jasmijn

    Easter baskets?

  7. amber mcguigan

    The Springtime Bites Basket!

  8. Melody B.

    Your cookies are Fantablous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Holly West

    Happy Easter Carry All

  10. Mary Pippin

    I’m going to say the Happy Easter tin 2012

  11. Jennifer Patalsky

    Freeze Your Dough!

  12. sarah chaney

    Easter Bites Cookies!

  13. Toby

    Cracked Egg Candy Dish…it’s adorable!

  14. Lisa Lee Cook

    I would say The Happy Easter Tin 2012!

  15. Brooke Scott

    Easter basket

  16. Svitlana V. Lozovskaya

    Happy Easter Bites Box!!!

  17. Sharon Woodcock

    The Spring Chick, it’s sooo cute!!

  18. Phylicia Phillips

    Happy Easter tin

  19. Cindy Apana

    Easter Bunny Bundle of Treats

  20. Joyce Picken

    Happy Easter tin 2012

  21. susan rinaman

    Easter Personalized cookie tin…. Pleeeeeeease pick me!!!!

  22. Geri

    Happy Easter Basket

  23. Yevgeniy S. Lozovskiy

    Happy Easter Bites Box!!!

  24. Jessica

    My guess is the “Happy Easter” carry all.

  25. Claudia Ellis

    Happy Easter Bites box

  26. anne hill

    Happy Easter Tin 2012

  27. melissa dehlinger

    The Springtime Tin…

  28. Julie Her

    Happy Easter Basket

  29. Christina Gardner

    springtime bites basket


    I am going to o with the Happy Easter Bites Box… Looks soooo yummy!!

  31. Happy Easter Tin 2012

  32. Marlena

    Easter basket filed with Mrs.Field’s cookies

  33. S. Burley

    Happy Easter Carry All

  34. Heather LaVine

    Easter Bunny bundle of treats has to be it; he’s adorable and full of goodies!

  35. Kim

    Happy Easter Bites box? :D

  36. Clara templeton

    Happy Easter bites box

    • ckuhn

      We had over 300 entries in our trivia contest, so we’ve decided to pick two winners!!…. CONGRATULATIONS Tamara J & Clara T! One of our Mrs. Fields representatives will be contacting you shortly. Thank you to all those who participated.

  37. Analissa Cruz

    Happy Easter tin

  38. Melissa Cobabe

    Happy Easter Tin

  39. Staci

    Happy Easter Tin 2012

  40. Marija

    The first time I tasted Mrs. Field’s cookies was at O’hare airport :)) since then, they have been my fave!!

  41. Tiffany Johnson

    Happy Easter Tin 2012

  42. tracey crum thomas

    Cracked egg candy dish

  43. Michael

    Happy Easter Tin 2012

  44. Tamara B.

    It has to be your Springtime Bites Basket

  45. Robin Pullen

    cracked egg candy dish!!

  46. Vicki Wascher

    Happy Easter tin 2012. Hope to win to send to my daughter in college.

  47. Sharon Glick

    I would say The Happy Easter Tin 201 !! I cant WAIT TILL i GET MINE

  48. Libby

    Easter Basket of Bites! Those look awesome.

  49. Laura Mariner

    Happy Easter Tin 2012!!! LOVE Mrs. Fields!!!

  50. Alexis Gonzalez

    happy easter basket

  51. brandi

    Happy Easter Tin

  52. Leslie Fox

    springtime tin

  53. Melody Pearson

    Happy Easter Tin

  54. norma gonzalez

    happy easter basket

  55. sergio gonzalez

    happy easter basket

  56. Tiffany Greene

    Happy Easter Tin 2012

  57. Marion

    Happy Easter tin, 2012


    charming chickie box!!

  59. dennise gonzalez

    happy easter basket

  60. Melanie Thompson

    Most popular would have to be the cracked egg dish. So adorable.

  61. Susan

    Happy Easter Bites Box! :)

  62. Lori C

    Springtime Bites Basket

  63. Gail Wheeler

    Happy Easter tin, 2012

  64. Daisy Co

    Happy Easter Carry All

  65. Heather L

    Looks Great! Hope I win :)

  66. Antoinette

    Happy Easter Tin 2012

  67. Shashirekha Nayak

    Happy Easter.May god bless you abundantly .

  68. kathy

    Happy easter tin 2012

  69. cris berin

    springtime tin

  70. gail mclane

    Happy Easter Basket

    Choose from a sampler of 42 Nibblers® bite-sized cookies, 18 brownie bites and 2 frosted cookies or an assortment of 60 Nibblers® bite-sized cookies.

  71. Sheri Fyfe

    I’m guessing the Springtime Bites Basket! It looks like a great value! :-) Thanks for the chance to win your yummy treats!

  72. pam long

    Springtime Bites Basket

  73. Stephanie V.

    Easter Basket of Bites – love love!

  74. Anna Cheung

    Springtime Bites Basket

  75. Nicole T.

    Happy EASTER TIN

  76. Holly Thomas

    Happy Easter Tin 2012 !! :)

  77. Mona

    I am going to say it is the ‘Happy Easter Carryall’ – it is so festive looking and could appeal to kids and adults ;-)

  78. The Springtime Bites Basket! Yum :)

  79. Bringon TheQ's

    It will be the Happy Easter Tin or the Spring Time Bites Basket. Thank you for the opportunity and Hoppy Easter :)

  80. Rhonda Phillips

    Happy Easter Carry All. Love the cookies in the basket!

  81. Emily Chipps

    My guess is the Cracked Egg Candy Dish

  82. Heather Frisby

    Springtime bites basket

  83. Christine Goodman

    The Happy Easter Tin 2012

  84. Jennifer Dysart

    Happy Easter basket

  85. Linda Josey

    Springtime Bites Basket

  86. Jessica .M

    Happy Easter tin 2012

  87. Angelique Drummond

    I’m going to guess the Spring Time Tin :)

  88. Elizabeth Janik

    Spring-Time Bites Box!! Would love to win these for my husband who’s getting his 5th surgery next week & he loves cookies. Thank You!

  89. myndy mastracchio

    Mrs. Fieldd Easter Tin 54 Nibblers Bite-sized Cookies they are yummy i ordered 5 last week!

  90. Georgina Nunnari

    Happy Easter Tin 2012

  91. Stephanie Guenther

    Happy Easter Carry All

  92. Celina

    your cookies are awesome and those bites look so cute..

  93. Amy Casey

    Springtime bite basket

  94. Katie Hadsell

    Happy Easter Basket

  95. Ryan

    Happy Easter Tin 2012

  96. Mel

    Happy Easter Tin 2012!

  97. Edwina Moorman

    Happy Easter! Mrs. Fields! My guess will be the Happy Easter Tin 2012.

  98. Kadie

    Springtime Bites Basket

  99. Alicia C

    Springtime tin!

  100. beth

    Happy Easter Tin 2012

  101. Cori

    Easter basket of bites. :)

  102. Cheryl Gmucs

    Springtime Tin

  103. Jana Gramaglia

    The Springtime Tin

  104. Amanda

    Easter Tin, of course! =)

  105. Jena Whipking

    Spring-Time Bites Box

  106. charity murrell

    Happy Easter tin 2012! I love Mrs. Fields cookies! I was in waterford ct. in the mall, that was the first time i ate them! fifteen years ago! wow u never get too old to have a love for great cookies! Thanks for all the sweet smiles!

  107. carla carr

    the cracked egg candy dish

  108. Crystal Young

    Happy Easter Tin!!!

  109. ronda garnett

    Happy Easter Tin 2012

  110. Shanna S

    Mrs. Smiths cookies are the only cookies you can buy pre-made that taste like actual real home baked cookies.
    The Springtime Bites Box

  111. saida

    Easter Bunny Bundle of Treats

  112. Debbie Fitcher

    Springtime Bites Basket

  113. rose johnson

    Easter bites tin

  114. rudy schy

    Springtime Bites Basket

  115. Murielle M Gillet

    The “Egg” Cited About Easter Tote

  116. Janet Bradbury

    Happy Easter Carry All

  117. I think it is the spring time tin

  118. Jackie

    Happy Easter tin!

  119. Glenn Croman

    Springtime Bites Box!!!

  120. jessica walker

    the happy easter tin

  121. summer

    way to many cute things.. my husband LOVES your cookies.. I would say the happy easter tin..

  122. Sara Maxwell

    happy easter tin!

  123. Shaun

    Springtime Bites Box!!!

  124. Jennifer Scott

    Hoppy Easter! TY for the great contests =]

  125. Jennifer H

    Happy Easter Tin

  126. jakara jackson

    Springtime Tin

  127. Michael Heithaus

    Happy Easter Tin

  128. Melody Gross

    The papa bunny box!

  129. Mary Glover

    I’m going to say the Charming Chick Crate!!! It is so adorable! It could be any of them as they are all wonderful!!

  130. Elizabeth Rapp

    Springtime Bites Basket

  131. Karen Smith

    Springtime Tin! ♥

  132. Chandra Sewell

    Springtime Tin

  133. michelle

    happy easter to everyone and happymonth

  134. Veronica Garrett

    Happy Easter Bites Box

  135. the springtime bite basket/at least that’s what i would have picked!yummy!

  136. ashley

    Springtime Tin!

  137. Lori

    Happy Easter Tin

  138. tammy alcorta

    Easter tin

  139. Frank Bragg

    Springtime tin

  140. dale schmucker

    Easter Tin, of course!

  141. Stephanie Wolford

    Springtime Bites

  142. Amanda

    Springtime Bites Basket

  143. Jane Garland

    The Happy Easter Tin!!

  144. Anika Hughes

    Egg Cited Easter Tote!

  145. Jack Ripple

    I am going to say the Happy Easter Tin 2012 – because I love it!!

  146. Marcie

    Happy Easter Tin

  147. Noel

    Egg Cited Easter Tote

  148. Bernice B.

    Easter Springtime Tin

  149. Will

    Happy Easter Tin!!!

  150. Lisa Dripps

    Happy Easter Basket

  151. Cheryl L.

    Happy Easter Bites Box

  152. Jeremy Johnson

    Egg Cited Easter Tote

  153. Julia Norwood

    Easter Sweets Gift Basket!

  154. Caroll

    Definitely the Egg Cited Easter Tote

  155. Kat

    springtime bites basket

  156. Deana Hicks

    Spring Chick!

  157. christina w.

    Charming Chick Crate

  158. Janice K.

    Happy Easter Tin

  159. Barbara S.


  160. Tamara Johnson

    Happy Easter Bites Box.

  161. Ambka S

    The Happy Easter tin

  162. Kathy K.

    Happy Easter Tin

  163. Elizabeth

    Happy Easter Tin

  164. Shawn

    The Happy Easter Tin.


  165. Jeff

    Happy Easter Basket!

  166. Antoinette Soto

    Spring Time Bites Basket

  167. Sara Wilson

    How about the Happy Easter Carryall? I love that! Way to go Mrs. Fields! :-)

  168. Tara smith

    Happy Easter tin

  169. Sheila Aldridge

    Happy Easter Tin

  170. Sarah McGough

    Happy Easter Tin :)

  171. britany

    Happy easter tin

  172. Janice C

    Happy Easter Tin :)

  173. William Spence Nance

    happy easter tin!

  174. Mike k

    Happy Easter tin

  175. tamber squires

    Easter Springtime Tin!!!!!!!!!!!

  176. Mahjabeen A

    Spring Time Bites Basket!

  177. Leslie K

    Happy Easter Basket!

  178. Karen Knight

    Happy Easter Tin

  179. hyo truly lee

    happy easter tin

  180. Tia

    Springtime Bites Basket


    Happy Easter Tin!!!

  182. Connie O

    cracked egg candy dish

  183. John

    Easter personalized cookie tin

  184. Yvonne

    Happy Easter Tin 2012, they are all so good, you just can’t pick one :)

  185. Patti T

    Happy Easter Tin

  186. Lydia Harpe

    Happy Easter tin!! :)) ty

  187. Andrea M

    Happy Easter Tin..I hope I win! :)

  188. Angela Palmer

    Springtime Tin

  189. Ang

    The Happy Easter tin :)

  190. Angela Kelley

    The Happy Easter Tin would be my guess! :)

  191. Ellen B

    Happy Easter tin

  192. laura

    happy easter tin

  193. Jill e

    Spring Chick for 29.99

  194. happy easter tin is my guess!

  195. Christine

    The Happy Easter Tin! :)

  196. jeevon kay

    Happy Easter Tin

  197. Terry

    Happy Easter Tin 2012

  198. Happy Easter Tin, hope I win :)

  199. Sheila

    Happy Easter Basket!

  200. Jonita Taylor

    Happy Easter Tin

  201. Shannon

    Happy Easter Tin



  203. Shannon W

    Happy Easter Tin…..

  204. Toyeen Ojoh

    I Would Love To Win This So I Can Share The Love With Everybody. I Mean Who Doesn’t Love Mrs. Fields Cookies

  205. Kellie Kluger

    Happy Easter Tin

  206. Sharon

    Happy Easter Tin

  207. Nicole Davis

    I’m gonna say Easter Basket of Bites :)

  208. Abby Kraynick

    Happy Easter Tin

  209. debra a affrunti

    happy easter tin

  210. May

    that’s gotta be the HAPPY EASTER TIN!

  211. Jamie C

    Happy Easter Tin

  212. heather kline

    Happy Easter tin ( Happy Easter Mrs fields )

  213. leticia

    Happy easter Tin

  214. Omar

    the Easter Basket of Bites is my guess

  215. Penny Fuentes

    My guess is the Happy Easter tin. :)

  216. Penny McPherson

    Happy Easter Tin

  217. guadalupe

    happy easter tin

  218. Kathy

    Happy Easter Tin:)

  219. Woody Kelleher

    I’d guess the Happy Easter Basket.

  220. Yen

    happy easter tin

  221. Laura D

    The Happy Easter Tin

  222. Stephy Sumner

    The Happy Easter tin

  223. saminder gumer

    The Happy Easter Tin

  224. Brittany Gathings

    The Happy Easter Tin! :D

  225. Blake Kaplan

    Happy Easter tin

  226. Holly P

    Easter Tin!

  227. Michelle

    Happy Easter Tin ;) thanks for the chance to win a delicious prize

  228. Krystal Ramirez

    Happy Easter Tin

  229. Helen Stockwell

    Happy Easter Bites Box

  230. Reggie Lim

    “Egg” Cited About Easter Tote ?

  231. Marsha Claeys

    i would love to win this easter tin

  232. The cracked egg candy dish with cookies : )

  233. Jennifa

    The Happy Easter Tin. YUM! (:

  234. Connie Bolick Lee

    Happy Easter Tin

  235. Tiffany


  236. Herb Yost

    cracked egg candy dish

  237. valerie smith

    Happy Easter tin

  238. jennifer luce

    happy easter tin !!

  239. Stephanie C

    I would have to say the “Happy Easter Tin”!!!!

  240. Tiffany C

    I would have to say Happy Easter Tin 2012?

  241. Tracy Robertson

    the Happy Easter Tin.



  243. crystal b

    Happy Easter Tin



  245. Joy

    Springtime Bites Basket ?

  246. I would guess the Easter Bunny Bundle of Treats :)

  247. Irene

    springtime bites basket

  248. the cracked egg box

    Amy B. and the guess the top selling easter item: hmmm

    the cracked egg box.

  249. Jennifer Pangburn

    Springtime Bites Basket :)

  250. Daisy Haffner

    Easter Egg Bites

  251. Pauline Gray

    Happy Easter Tin

  252. Donna Armeli

    The Happy Easter Tin

  253. Richard Willardsen

    Mrs Fields cookies have always been a favorite and I have to buy at least one each time I go by a store…..Yesterday I had a small sinking feeling as I passed a Mrs. Fields store that had been closed (LLoyd Center in Portland). Very sad!!

  254. Kris B.

    The Happy Easter tin

  255. Jill Waldren

    My guess is the Happy Easter Tin as the best seller of the season.

  256. Eather Henry

    The Happy Easter Tin

  257. Rebecca T.

    The happy Easter tin!

  258. Sandy Nevels

    The Happy Easter Tin.

  259. Maureen

    Happy Easter Carry All.

  260. Trou

    happy Easter tin

  261. Angela Curtis

    Springtime Bites Basket?

  262. Diane Melendez

    My family has loved Mrs. Fields cookies for years. They are all so yummy and this years Easter offerings are adorable. My guess on the best seller would be Easter Basket of Bites $37.99+

  263. Louis

    Happy Easter Tin.

  264. Meryl

    The Happy Easter Tin.

  265. ANN*

    The Happy Easter Tin is great

  266. Cristina

    Happy Easter Tin

  267. Lori C

    Happy Easter tin

  268. ANN*

    The Happy Easter Tin

  269. victoria w

    Happy Easter bites box

  270. conni

    Happy Easter Tin!

  271. stacey a list

    happy easter tin

  272. leAnn V

    The Happy Easter Tin.

  273. lisa

    The Happy Easter Tin

  274. stacey a list

    spring time tin

  275. Gary Ferguson

    The Happy Easter Tin.
    Happy Easter Everyone!

  276. arlene robertson

    My husband would sure not want to share the Happy Easter tin
    He would want to eat them all himself.

  277. Amanda J

    Springtime Bites Basket

  278. Daisymo_

    Happy Easter Mrs. Field’s <3

  279. Shela Y.

    Happy Easter Tin 2012


  281. Sammie

    Happy Easter tin

  282. susan crutcher

    happy easter tin.

  283. Brittney

    I have heard about these,,, i have never tried them and would love to. Looks amazingly delicious! Good Luck everyone. :)

  284. Megan H

    Springtime Bites Basket

  285. Amy Burd

    Cracked egg box

  286. Bella Burd

    springtime bouquet Box

  287. kimberly jones

    spring time tin

  288. lorie mcguire

    Springtime Bites Basket

  289. Tin with Tons of cookies

  290. Debbie C


  291. Nicole Toscano

    Happy Easter Tin

  292. Janice

    Happy Easter Tin

  293. Adriana Wiley

    Happy Easter Tin

  294. Mary C

    Happy Easter Tin

  295. Wen

    Happy Easter Tin

  296. kk

    Happy Easter Tin

  297. My guess is the Happy Easter Bites box! :) Good luck all

  298. Nancy Reid

    Happy Easter Tin!!! Happy Easter!

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