Mrs. Fields Trivia is HERE – Win FREE COOKIES!

Mrs. Fields Trivia – March 1st 2012

Here’s your chance again to win another amazing gift of FREE cookies from Mrs. Field

Enter the contest by leaving a comment on our blog.  If we pick you as our winner, we will contact you via the email you’ve provided.

We will draw 1 name from the correct answers given and that person will receive a FREE Mrs. Fields Classic Tin ($40.00 Value, with shipping). Answers will be accepted until midnight (March 1st, 2012). Limited to one win per month per entrant. Winner will be notified via email.

Prize Details:

This week we’ll be giving away one of our Classic Mrs. Fields Tins – item #10022, a $40.00 value, including shipping. It contains 12 Original cookies. Perfection!


Question: Does offer any gluten free items?

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372 responses to “Mrs. Fields Trivia is HERE – Win FREE COOKIES!

  1. Lori S

    Sure does. Lots of toffee & caramel. Would be lovely to see a cookie in there, too.

  2. Jennifer Scott

    yes they do!

  3. Carol


  4. Summer

    Yes, they do and I would pick 32 Piece Milk & Dark Choc Caramels :)

  5. Mrs. Fields offers a variety of gluten free items and they taste sensational. Try some today!

  6. jennifer luce

    yes you do carry gluten free treats!! YAY!!

  7. tina armenta

    I want these cookies…love them!!

  8. Aleta

    Yes, you do offer Gluten Free items.

  9. Melanie Martin


  10. bonnie

    of course

  11. ashlie nicole johnson


  12. Kimberly Friederichs

    Yes!! And glad you do!

  13. tina armenta


  14. Kathy G


  15. Kris B.

    Yes they do!

  16. Samantha

    They definitely do which is great for kids who can’t have it!

  17. Amy Casey

    Yes! ::)

  18. Janice Cash

    They most definitely do

  19. Jennifer Dysart

    They most certainly do another reason to love them!

  20. Carla Sandoval

    Heck yea! They are good too.

  21. heather smith


  22. Karla

    Yes, they certainly do!!! :)

  23. Evelyn Goettner

    Yes they do!

  24. May

    definitely!!!yes they do!

  25. Penny McPherson

    Oh yes you do and I love you for it.

  26. Jeana Piland

    yes on this site u can even find a gluten free chocolate chip recipe :)

  27. Farrah K


  28. shannon stroud


  29. Angela Kelley

    YES!! :)

  30. matthew hutchinson

    Yes they do

  31. Tina Bartunek

    Yes! Love it!

  32. Anna Cheung


  33. Jessica Johnson

    Yes :)

  34. Yes you do and that’s great!

  35. debra affrunti

    yes they do

  36. Courtney

    yes I want it

  37. heather kline


  38. Lori C.

    Yeeeeeeeeep! (Been watching a lot of Storage Wars lately) 😉

  39. Liz Zimmerman

    YES THEY DO :)

  40. terri Fults


  41. Jessica

    I want to build a house out of Mrs.Fields Cookie Cups! They are just amazing..I can never walk past Mrs.Fields without buying one! :)

  42. Sheila

    Oh yes (almond toffee & caramels)!

  43. Katie Posnik

    Yes you do!

  44. analissa cruz

    Yes they do!

  45. Amy

    Yes they do!!!

  46. nick pierce


  47. Dolores Downey


  48. sarah verdi


  49. stephanie lalonde

    Yes, they do!

  50. Tanya Pannucci

    MMM, I <3 cookies!

  51. Tanya Hauver

    Yes!! You sure do!!!

  52. Kim

    Yes they DO!!!! 😀

  53. yes they do they have ! lb Almond Toffee Caramel assort,32 piece milk and dark choc carm,and 3 different size almond toffee..Thanks hoping to win.Good luck all


    YUP!! YUMMY!!

  55. Carol Meyers

    Yes they do :)

  56. Brittany Tinaliga


  57. JoAnna Woods

    Yes you all sure do :)

  58. kayla

    Yes they do! We love Mrs. Field’s :-)

  59. kelsey pitterle

    Yes they do and they are fab! Yummmmmmmmmy yummmmmmy cookies!

  60. Pam long

    yes they do…this link takes you there to see for yourself! Thank you!

  61. Abby Murphy

    Of course! Yummy!

  62. alissa

    Yes!! : )

  63. Yes, they offer a variety of gluten free products.

  64. Marie Lujan

    Yes! 😀

  65. They sure do, and they are absolutely delicious!

  66. Rosa Martinez


  67. Tammy Warren-Alcorta

    Yes they do cause Mrs. Fields has sommething for everyone. That way no one is left out.

  68. petritia selvi

    yes sure there are gluten free products like the almond toffee,32 piece milk and dark choc caramels,almond toffee caramel assortment to mention :)
    love them

  69. kari fisher

    yes they have a varitey of them

  70. Loretta Kearon


  71. Yes they do! They have some yummy toffee and carmel GF options!! Mm!!!

  72. Bernice

    Yes! I saw that your Almond Toffee Caramels and Milk/Dark Chocolate Caramels with nuts were gluten free.

  73. mary

    yes you do carry them and im so grateful you do thank you for chance

  74. Angelique Drummond

    Yes, the toffee and the chocolate caramels. Doing a simple search of gluten free in the handy search bar rendered five results. Thanks muchly for the opportunity. :)

  75. Shawna O.

    Yes, and I’ve gotta have some of that gluten free Almond Toffee!! :)

  76. Vanessa

    Yes they do! Yummmmmmy!!!

  77. Irene Gonzalez

    Yes!!! Thank you…..

  78. crystal

    Yes you do!! Jt wish they made some special ones 4 my daughter or pple wit pku!

  79. Roxann J Dell

    Yes you do.

  80. Barbara S.

    YES! :)

  81. Michelle


  82. Kate S

    Yes, almond toffee in 1 pound box is gluten free and in stock

  83. Rhonda Calvert


  84. kelli

    Yes,of course,I don’t eat anything but ms fields,absolutely love cookies!!

  85. Frank Bragg

    Yes, and they are great!

  86. Mary Glover

    YESSSSS!!! Yummy toffee & assorted caramels!! <3

  87. cindy

    Of course!

  88. Murielle Gillet


  89. Zoltan Zentai


  90. Natalie Vandenberghe


  91. melinda strable

    Yes they do, they keep up with what their customer’s need/want!

  92. Vivian Beane Weant

    Yes they do. I just had a Mrs Field cookie.

  93. Lisa Cook

    Yes Of course!!!

  94. Nashea

    Yes Mrs. Fields does offer gluten free cookies.

  95. Andria Reid

    Yes! Almond Toffee & Choc Caramels!

  96. elizabeth beltran

    Yes, she has Almond Toffee Caramel, Milk and Dark chocolate caramel and 3 different sizes of Almond toffee. /

  97. Jill Waldren

    Yes,Mrs. Fields offers gluten free items!

  98. Debbie


  99. Ashley F

    Yes they do! My fave cookies in the whole world!! My mom used to take me as a kid every Saturday to get cookies, and now I continue the tradition!

  100. Christine York


  101. Robin Harris

    Yes, Mrs. Fields does offer gluten free items. As a side note I would like to see you guys add a link to gluten free items on the website. Maybe under the products drop down. My wife has ordered gluten free items from Mrs. Fields before and had a tough time finding the items.

  102. Claudia Ellis

    thank you for this giveaway! love mrs. fields cookies

  103. Lorraine Reza

    yes, the 1lb almond toffee sounds good :-)

  104. Pam Bareuther

    Yes, they do!…..

  105. cheryl


  106. Alla Grossman

    Yes it does!

  107. Rae Ellen Holberg

    Yes! And I bet the almond toffee is delish! Ordering some for my cousin!

  108. Alexander Grushko

    It sure does

  109. Melody Pearson


  110. annemarie canu

    yes they do!!! love them!

  111. Kris stice

    Yes,and I’m so happy because my husband is gluten free and it’s very hard to find good tasting baked goods.

  112. Lori James

    Yes! :)

  113. Patti T


  114. Kristen G

    Yes, they do and the Almond Toffee Caramel Assortment looks so good!

  115. Sara Logan


  116. Kelly

    Yes they do and thank goodness for that because a close friend of mine loves mrs Fields (and so do I) but I have to get her the gluten free goodies :)

  117. Maria Worrell

    Yes for sure!

  118. Dorothy Walters

    yes they do

  119. melissa potvin

    yes they do yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. Vicki Wascher

    Yes they do!!!!

  121. paul

    Yes they do. Hopefully they increase the amount of products though!!!

  122. Tiffany Murr


  123. Julie Her

    YES you do!

  124. Sarah Rapaport

    YES they sure do!!!! ALL the cookies look so good!

  125. Azalia Gonzalez


  126. Denise Murphy


  127. Sue Cogan

    Yes, they do.

  128. Christine Jessamine

    yes they do

  129. Melinda Mckinney

    Umm …..I don’t know …..but I Love your cookies :-)

  130. Barbara Mayes

    Yes..and I am gluten free, would love to try the Dark Chocolate Caramels!

  131. Holly Thomas

    Of Course they do!! :)

  132. Teddie hAYES

    YES! YES! YES!

  133. Julie S

    Yes, Yes, Yes!!

  134. Betty

    I love the white chocolate and macad.nut cookies.

  135. Jami

    YES!!! :-) toffee and caramel

  136. Betty

    Yes!!! The Boston stuff looks great and I’d love to win some of those!!

  137. Yes you sure do and those are some good looking chocolates!!

  138. Kay (@ACSKay)

    Yes they do. I’m craving cookies now!

  139. mary meyer

    Yes she does almond toffee

  140. Linda Niehaus

    love your cookies

  141. Jeanette

    Yes they do!

  142. Pamela

    Yes they do..great cookies

  143. shannon w.

    Yes! I love you Mrs. Fields Cookies

  144. BARB


  145. John O.

    Yes they do!

  146. Jennifer

    Yes, and Why not, even the Gluten allergic should be able to enjoy her cookies too!!

  147. Jennifer K.

    Yes you do and I would be happy to try them all!

  148. Melissa Dealmeida

    Yes they do!

  149. Michelle P

    Yes, Gluten-free varieties are offered on the website.

  150. Kellie Kluger

    yes they do!

  151. Tricia Martin

    Mmm Yummy! Yes, they do. =)

  152. Tiffany Johnson

    Of course, silly!

  153. hanley wong

    yes Mrs. Fields does offer gluten-free yummy products

  154. Carla Halvorson

    Yes. YUMMMMMMM!!!!!

  155. Steph C

    yes they do!!!

    Example: 1LB Almond Toffee Caramel Assortment

  156. Christy

    yes because they are hip like that!

  157. Janice K.


  158. Kathleen K.


  159. Maribel Hernandez


  160. Shalonda Davis

    Yes, of course they do!!

  161. Mary Pippin

    Yes it’s the 32 Piece Milk & Dark Choc Caramels 1/2 With Nuts!

  162. Elizabeth Vaughan

    YES!!!!!!!!! AND THEY ARE YUMMY!!!!!!

  163. Cristina


  164. Jose Vasquez


  165. Maribel H


  166. Yes, the almond toffee and the chocolate caramels


    Yes! And I will love to have a taste of these cookies. As Cookie monster will say cookies yummy yummy cookies

  168. Jennifer H.


  169. Michael Heithaus


  170. Kim James

    Yes :)

  171. Debbie C

    Well of course she does! YES!

  172. Tracy Haidle

    of course they do!!!

  173. kathy

    yes of course they do!

  174. Abby Kraynick

    Yes ♥

  175. SunRae

    Yes they do – always looking out for us :)

  176. Lety

    Yes they do:)

  177. Diana Stanhope

    Yes 😀

  178. Vien ton

    You betcha bottoms!

  179. Tasha

    They sure do!

  180. Jennifer De La Cruz

    Wow! Thanks for the chance.. YUM!

  181. Alyssa

    Yes they do :)

  182. Jamie C

    Yes they do!!!

  183. gina sandoval


  184. Roberta

    win cookies

  185. Pauline Gray


  186. Christina Cannon

    Yes they do :)

  187. Terri Warwick

    Yes Mrs.Fields carries them♥♥:)

  188. yes almond toffee caramel assortment, almond tofee and 32 piece milk and dark choc caramels

  189. Jennifer


  190. Nicci Tapp

    Yes, they doooooo! :)

  191. Desiree Dunlap


  192. Lorie Glowania


  193. Jennifer Herbst

    Yes! Cookies are yummy!

  194. Jeannie Buechele

    Yes they do carry Gluten Free products and I would love the Almond Toffee Caramel Assortment :)

  195. Kim Tsai


  196. Sarah Phelps

    Yes they do

  197. irene

    of course! plenty of options for everybody!

  198. teresa harvey


  199. Sykeena Mitchell

    Yes :)

  200. alex

    definitely yes

  201. beth kelsay

    Yes they sure do!! Thankful for that too as Mrs Fields everything is soooo good!!

  202. Megan Clements


  203. Marilyn


  204. Yes, there are several gluten free choices at Mrs. Fields!

  205. Mary Cummings

    Yes, like her 1lb Almond Toffee.


  206. tracy webb


  207. Sara


  208. Shelly

    Yes they do!

  209. Luisa Mannarino

    YES thank goodness!!!!!

  210. Kathy McCrae

    Yes, and I can’t wait to try some! TY!!!!

  211. Maria Rodriguez


  212. yes and thank goodness they do. my family cant eat gluten and this company has helped us enjoy cookies and other baked good again.

  213. yamilet cubias

    Yes and they are so yummy.

  214. Laura Emerson

    Yes they do and they taste as delicious as those which are gluten-free!

  215. rocky

    of corse [:

  216. Lisa Puckett

    Yes they sure do!! :)

  217. Penny Snyder

    Yes, they sure do! :)

  218. Joy Berni

    Yes :)

  219. janna martinez

    Yes, they do. Its wonderful for those who must watch it. Its wonderful for people who must watch thier diet. Do I get brownie points for having Fields as my madem Worth a shot.

  220. Nancy Apilado

    Yes! :)

  221. Ena Olwin

    Yes, they carry some very yummy gluten free items.

  222. Jennifer Sagan

    Yes They Do!!!!

  223. Jennifer Hedden

    Yes Mrs. Fields does have gluten free products.

  224. jeevon kay


  225. Nicole G

    Yes, of course they do.

  226. jesenia

    Yes and I ordered them for Valentines day for my hubby to be at the NYPD house awwww and he brought my fav home too.

  227. Mary Sorrells

    WOO HOO Yes they do!!!! YUMO!!!!! :)

  228. Judy Hugh

    Yes of course they do! that’s what makes mrs. fields the best!

  229. Ann Hengst

    Yes and its great that they do : ]

  230. Yes Mrs. Fields does offer gluten free products.

  231. Linda Barron

    Yes they do carry gluten – free products and they are just as tasty as the ones with . Quality product yummy taste ! ! !

  232. Stephanie Childers

    They look soo good! I hope I win :)

  233. Jaleel Harris


  234. Sarah McGough

    Yes they do :)

  235. Laura

    You betcha! :-)

  236. Bridgette Drelling

    Yes. & thank you for it.

  237. Crystal Oring

    Yes they do! :) Thanks!

  238. Katherine Briggs


  239. Avishan Vakani

    Yes they doooo!

  240. Pamalot

    yes and my family thanks you that they do!

  241. Melissa Baker

    Yes they do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  242. Nicole

    It definitely does…..and it’s all delicious!!

  243. Dawn

    Yes, they do! The Almond Toffee Caramel, the Milk & Dark Choc Caramels & Almond Toffee are all gluten free.

  244. Nicole Mahalo


  245. Kay Z

    Yes they do and they are the same great quality and taste as ALL Mrs. Fields products!

  246. marina cepeda

    YESHHH!!! i would love to win this <3

  247. john Carrabino

    yes they do


  249. Jennifer Perry

    the white chocolate macadamia are my favorite! I love smelling them fresh baked in the mall

  250. Lisa Grassetti

    Yes you do carry them :)

  251. Lorraine B.


  252. Jennifer Donnelly

    Yes they do! Milk and dark chocolate caramels, almond toffee, and almond toffee caramel…Sounds good to me!

  253. Diana Velilla

    yes they do :)

  254. Eather Henry


  255. Tara smith

    They most certainly DO :)

  256. Alyssa P.

    Yes, they do! I’d love to try Almond Toffee Caramel :)

  257. Laura D

    They sure do! Good to know in case I ever need to get some to satisfy the dietary needs of my company.

  258. theresa stinson

    YES THEY DO!I can taste the cookies now!SO GOOD!

  259. Crystal Platas

    Yes indeed!

  260. Rhonda Cunningham-Phillips

    Yes, they offer the gluten free cookies. I love your products, and thanks for offering this giveaway!

  261. cathlene dantuono

    Yes! Sure do.

  262. Svitlana V. Lozovskaya


  263. maryann b

    Yes and I am glad they do. Yum

  264. rybecca abbott


  265. Dana Rodriguez

    Yes they do!

  266. Linda Bundrick

    Absolutely !!
    1lb Almond Toffee Caramel Assortment
    32 Piece Milk & Dark Choc Caramels
    1lb Almond Toffee
    3lb Almond Toffee
    Case Of 5 Ounce Almond Toffee

    yummy :)

  267. saima hussain

    Yes, you do offer Gluten Free items.

  268. ronda garnett

    yes :)

  269. Yvonne

    YES!! yes!!! :)

  270. Walt Medin

    Of course they do. It’s Mrs. Fields!

  271. Jessi Taylor

    yes!! :-)

  272. kelly garriosn

    of course! :-)

  273. Margaret Porter


  274. Dave Stambol


  275. Yes u do an i think this is wonderful as i k a laaaot of peeople whom r diabetic an love ur cookies i would love to win this an share the delicious cookiies u have..thank u

  276. Jessica Glendon

    Absolutely! :)

  277. Laurie Morton


  278. katie coriston

    Yes, and thank you!



  280. Sara Wilson

    Yes and I think it is wonderful to see that Mrs. Fields has gluten free products so people that can’t have gluten can still enjoy them

  281. Sarah

    NO. Haha, just kidding….YES! Just wanted to see 1 “no” amongst all of these Yeses! Mrs Fields has a wide variety to choose from, thank goodness!!

  282. Juli Kipper

    Yes they do!!!

  283. jacki

    yes!!! COOKIES~

  284. mimmo gaglio

    I love your cookies!!!!!!!!!!!

  285. Rae Ann Higley


  286. Amy Klinebough

    yes you do and i am so hanksful for that my baby sister is gluten free

  287. Betty Canterbury

    Yes and thanks for the giveaway hope to win and good
    Uck everyone

  288. Christina Ives

    Yes, they offer 1lb Almond Toffee Caramel Assortment, 1lb Almond Toffee, a case of 5lb Almond Toffee, 32 Piece Milk & Dark Chocolate Caramels, and 3lb Almond Toffee…All of which are Gluten Free!! :)

  289. Tina Hortenstine

    Yes, of course they do!!

  290. TERESA Vincent

    yes, they do offer gluten free products

  291. amy c.

    yes, thanks for the awesome giveaway

  292. maureen

    Yes like the 1lb Almond Toffee Caramel Assortment

  293. April Sausville

    Yes !!!

  294. Stefanie


  295. Yes! They sure do! Thanks so much for the chance! ♥

  296. Holly Caudle

    Yes you do! You have Almond Toffee and Almond toffee caramel assortment and milk and dark chocolate caramels.

  297. Kris

    yes: toffee and assorted caramels

  298. Jason

    Yes, but you might as well pick someone else as the winner. If I win, all the cookies would be gone in a day and make my family beg me to buy more.

  299. Evie Turner

    Yes! The toffees and caramels are gluten free! Yum!

  300. Janice Wei

    absolutely yes!

  301. Sandy Mattox

    Yes, Gluten Free products are available on

  302. Jamie Kennedy

    They sure do!!! :) whoop whoop

  303. jd

    ITS my birthday

  304. Bruce King


    • ckuhn

      We had over 300 entries in our trivia contest AGAIN! So we’ve decided to pick two winners AGAIN…. CONGRATULATIONS May & Bruce K! One of our Mrs. Fields representatives will be contacting you shortly. Thank you to all those who participated.

  305. Emily Dunfee

    Yes :)

  306. debra pearlstein

    oh yes!

  307. Kathy Kamio

    1 lb Almond Toffee Caramel Assortment
    1 lb Almond Toffee
    32 piece Milk & Dark Choc Caramels 1/2 with Nuts
    3 lb Almond Toffee

  308. Sadaf Zaidi

    Yes, Mrs Fiels do offer Gluten Free items.

  309. Helene Tienda

    Yes! They offer Toffees and Chocolates that are ‘Gluten Free’! Yeah Mrs. Fields for that!

  310. christina w.


  311. Erica Best


  312. Lisa Smith


  313. Judie

    Yes! Mrs. Fields has gluten free GOODIES!!!

  314. Sarah Chow


  315. Edwina Moorman

    Yes, just type in “gluten free” in the top right search bar and options will pop up.

  316. Carri

    Yes, absolutely!!

  317. Yes! gluten free cookies are offered