Greek Fro-Yo Giveaway from TCBY


If you love the taste of Greek yogurt and you love frozen yogurt, your world is about to get rocked!  Next week, TCBYs across the country will be celebrating the arrival of new Greek Frozen Yogurt and offering incredible giveaways! But before I get to all the loot, here are some exciting facts about Greek Frozen Yogurt:

  • It’s the healthiest TCBY yogurt to date (and that’s saying something!)
  • It has twice the amount of protein as Super Fro-Yo, which makes it filling enough for a meal replacement
  • It has four grams of fiber per serving
  • It has zero grams of fat
  • It’s loaded with vitamins, calcium, and probiotics
  • It has the smooth and tangy flavor of Greek yogurt you already love

We want you to be among the first to try this incredible treat, so we’re giving away 10 of these adorable TCBY “Share the Love” totes, filled with a $5 gift card to TCBY! Opa!


How can you win? Leave a comment below answering this question: Who will you share the love of new TCBY Greek Fro-Yo with? (Comments will be accepted until midnight, April 2. Winners will be chosen randomly and notified via email.)

But wait, there’s more! If you’re a social media butterfly, you can enter to win a free trip for two to Greece with TCBY’s Greek Challenge. The more Greek Fro-You you eat, the better your chances of winning additional prizes like TCBY gift cards and Amazon gift cards. Check it out and start eating, tweeting, and posting! Or in other words, start sharing the love!

**Giveaway closed.**

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38 responses to “Greek Fro-Yo Giveaway from TCBY

  1. Marcie

    With my hubby!

  2. Robin

    With my boyfriend or my sister!

  3. Anne

    My nephews are turning three next week, so I’d treat them to a little birthday treat.

  4. Carol

    My daughter would love this!

  5. Noel

    This would be a great summery treat!

  6. Rhonda

    With the hubs!

  7. Jill E Waldren

    I would share the Greek Fro-Yo with my husband Tom! He is the best!

  8. jeevon kay

    I will share the love with my parents, my grandparent, my sister, my brother, my husband, my kids, my friends, my colleagues. Basically, everyone that I know and I love!

  9. kris

    i would bring my fiancee. he’s an accountant and barely gets out these days!

  10. Alisha

    My Almond Joy aka bestfriend/boyfriend (:

  11. I would share the love with my hubby! :) Looks delish!

  12. I have a few reasons to share. One is the fact that this is actually healthy and tasty. Having most of friends in body building, causes diets to say “NO!” to treats. But, now I can get them to join me for a tasty, cool, treat in this Texas heat.
    Most important, is my family. My wife is a paraplegic and diet means everything. Greek Frozen Yogurt is actually recommended by her Doctors. It has that natural bacteria in it that aids in her digestion, and tastes good. That tastes helps her to eat something good for her, while not feeling like she has to. My other family members will definitely enjoy sharing with me and their friend. My Grandson thinks he has to try everything I do. He is 8 months old and it so funny to watch the facial expressions when he tries something, because it is the first time. I can’t wait for the fun this will bring to my Family , my friends, and myself. many great summer pics to add to my FB page.

  13. Tiffany Johnson

    My boyfriend. He cooks with greek yogurt (so I know he already likes it).

  14. Tony

    Sorry, don’t think I could share such a delicious thing.

  15. Beth

    Great giveaway, I’d share it with my twin sons!

  16. Claire

    My sister!

  17. Adriana Wiley

    I would share with my <3 Hubby <3 and <3 son <3

  18. I will share the love of TCBY Greek Fro-Yo with my boyfriend in celebration of our 2 year anniversary! Plus, Greek yogurt is all we eat so the frozen one will be awesome!!!!

  19. Sandra Ganey

    I would share this with my family. We all need to be a little healthier!

  20. Lucy

    My sister and best friend

  21. I’ll share new TCBY Greek Fro-Yo with my sweetie pie!

  22. will sulivan

    my wife would love it!

  23. Raquel

    with my sweetheart… :)

  24. Jennifer J.

    I would SO share this with my sister!!!!!! Our fridges are always stocked with greek yogurt… this would be a perfect treat!

  25. Liz Whitney

    I will share it with my hubby. We are newlyweds and we’ve been doing our best to eat healthy and stay in shape. Thanks :)

  26. Ashley Sylvester

    With my 2.8 yr old son ,he is a big fan of course

  27. kk

    my mom who loves anything yogurty

  28. Brad Goodrich

    I’d share it with my 7 cats. Just kidding, maybe they’d get a little. Of course I’d share it with my boyfriend of 12 years. I love Greek yogurt and frozen yogurt so either way I’ll be trying one as soon as possible!


    With my siblings.

  30. Jordan D

    With my mom!

  31. Stefanie

    I’d share it with my best friend because we both love TCBY so much!

  32. Sophia

    With my family. We are all fro-yo and Greek yogurt fans!

  33. Sarah S.

    I’d share with my grandkids.

  34. Svitlana V. Lozovskaya

    With my little daughter.

  35. Katie H.

    I would share it with my sister :)

  36. Gary F.

    I would like to share the TCBY Greek FroYo with my girlfriend.

  37. Janice K.

    With my sister!