Giveaway: What’s Your Lucky Charm?

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up this weekend, which means that it’s time for another giveaway! Today I’m thinking about luck and lucky charms. Horseshoes, rabbits feet, pennies, and four leaf clovers—what do you think of them? Do you believe in luck? In charms or objects that bring it? I’d love to hear your thoughts, and in return, I’ll test your luck with a little giveaway. Sounds all scientific and exciting, doesn’t it?

How to enter: Leave a comment and tell me about your lucky charm, why you believe in luck, or a lucky experience you’ve had. Don’t wait to enter! This giveaway is a quickie! Entries must be received by midnight March 14.

Three random winners will be selected to win one of these lucky-duck, lip-smacking prizes:

Our delectable St. Patrick’s Day Tin with 28 bite-sized cookies. Mmmm!

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28 Nibblers Tin

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60 Nibblers Tin

60 Nibblers Tin

Nothing would bring more luck than our St. Patrick’s Day Big Cookie Cake.

St. Patricks Day Cookie Cake

St. Patrick's Day Cookie Cake

And here’s a bit of luck for everyone—shop all of our St. Patrick’s Day gifts, and receive 15% off by using code 12EE2 at checkout.

**Giveaway closed.**

{Image found via Pinterest.}

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90 responses to “Giveaway: What’s Your Lucky Charm?

  1. maureen

    I wear a miraculous medal around my neck next to the Irish cross my husband gave me. I also wear a pair of earrings that I think have bought me luck.

  2. dianne

    My lucky charm is a friend who seems to always bring me luck after talking to him. I call him my good luck charm :)

  3. Jamie C

    Honestly, my 2 year old Giana is my good luck charm!!! Great things have been happening ever since she’s been born :)

  4. Dashana

    I don’t think I have any lucky charms (ha) but my husband does. His lucky number is 13. It shows up everywhere and has proven to be a good luck charm for him.

  5. joy norsworthy

    I believe in luck, in lucky charms, but I dont have one right now. Maybe that is why my luck is so bad! When i was in college, I had this little tiny moose that was so cute, that I kept in my backpack, but Im not sure where he went. He’s around here somewhere!

  6. Christina

    I believe in good luck. I wear a my cross necklace that was given to me by great aunt and I also have a lucky charm bracelet that was given to me 10 years ago from my mom.

  7. Katie

    I have a lucky ring. I’ve noticed when I wear it I have good days and I’ve been lucky on those good days :-)

  8. Kim

    I think everyone should have a lucky charm regardless of if it’s real or not! I honestly believe our luck or fate boils down to the vibes that we put out into the world so if it means rubbing a rabbit’s foot or having a special coin nearby that induces positive thinking I don’t think you can wrong! Like attracts like so if we THINK and truly believe that we are going to come into good fortune it will be bestowed upon us. My lucky charm is a necklace I was given when my father passed away (14 years ago tomorrow)!

  9. Nicole T.

    I believe in luck because it clears the mind that hope will help with you’re situation no matter how you look :)

  10. Marion

    I don’t really use a good luck charm because I haven’t noticed anything giving me luck, but my boyfriend uses a shirt I bought him for his favorite team for his exams and whatnot!

  11. Joe Nemeth

    Lady Bugs bring good luck let them land on you and your lucky for the rest of the day. I know first hand I had such good luck for the rest of the day.

  12. Claudia Ellis

    no I don’t believe in the “luck of the Irish” or any lucky objects at all. I believe in creating your own opportunities!

  13. Jackie Griebel

    My lucky charm is my grandmother’s Jade Ring from Japan!

  14. Kim forston

    I am the luckiest person ever! I got married on St. Patrick’s Day to my soul mate and he is my lucky charm!

  15. Terri Fults

    I don’t have one

  16. Susan

    my kids are my lucky charms!

  17. Carol

    My lucky charm is a ring I won many years ago from a vending machine game. It has been present in many lucky situations–meeting my husband, passing tests, graduation! It’s always sure to bring lucky things my way!

  18. Shelley

    My lucky charm is my wheat penny that I keep in my shoe, I have had it for years and whenever I wear those sneakers I always have good days!

  19. Robin P.

    Mine is a ring I got at a rennaissance faire….I believe we all need us hope whether a religious person or not..we all need hope and its one thing we have in common no matter skin color, gender or religious beliefs….I hope all reading has a ton of luck coming to them!!

  20. Melanie Anderson

    I don’t really believe in luck. I believe that our choices dictate the good and bad in our lives. And that ultimately God is in control.

  21. Melissa McIntyre

    I have a manatee charm that I wear on a necklace whenever I go into situations when I could use some extra luck! It hasn’t failed me yet!

  22. Svitlana V. Lozovskaya

    I don’t believe in luck.


    I carry a picture of my two daughters everywhere I go

  24. marybenack

    My children r my lucky charms they inspire me whever things r goin wrong they pick me up an i do believe in luck sometimes when i dont have money to pay a bill ill stress then all of a sudden good things start happening an it almost always works out for the good

  25. Robin Ladd-Stramba

    As a child I always carried a rabbit’s foot for good luck!

  26. Stefanie

    I have a silver necklace with a dolphin charm that is my good luck charm. My best friend gave it to me five years ago when I moved to a different state to take on a new job. I still have the job and love my new city.

  27. Shea Pitts

    For my husband and I the number 11 is our lucky charm. The number has been his number in sports all his life. This number has shown up many times in our relationship. We also got engaged and married in 2011! I have an amazing husband so I am so thankful for the number 11!

  28. Nicole Toscano

    My 16-month-old son!!!

  29. Samantha

    My lucky charm is my pencil. As silly as it sounds I have gone two semesters without sharpening it and I used it for every single test I have taken. I’ve never gotten below an A!!! One of my friends threatened to sharpen it and I almost had a heart attack! No one messes with my lucky pencil :-)

  30. jeevon kay

    I have this lucky panty that everytime I wear it, I’ll win some prize from lucky draw. So, I’ll wear it everytime there’s a lucky draw in my company event. :p

  31. Cindy Apana

    My lucky charm is a heart locket necklace my husband gave my when we were dating on our first valentines together which was 8 years ago. I haven’t taken it off since & it’s lucky because I have our 2 daughters pictures in there. :)

  32. Nicci Tapp

    My lucky charm is my fiancee! Every time he’s around, I swear, I get “lucky.” Haha.

  33. gina sandoval

    I think I’m my own lucky charm 😉

  34. Allie Wells

    I believe in lucky pennies. Whenever I see a penny on the ground that is heads up, I pick it up. I swear I am more lucky if I pick up pennies, for example the one time I picked up a penny and a few days later I won some money on the lottery! I’m always keeping my eyes peeled!

  35. sheena brinnick

    My lucky charm is my Buddha necklace. I wear it whenever I need some extra good vibes. Though nothing creates a good feeling like a delicious cookie!! ;•)

  36. My favorite Lucky Charm would be my Kids Without them I would not have a Family to love and learn and grow from. Go through Happy times and sad times.


  38. Lynn

    i have a lucky teddy that sits on top of my head board to bring me good dreams, good sleep, and a better next day.

  39. M Cowan

    I don’t really have a lucky charm. If something good happens, I figure it’s about time!! and if something bad happens I figure it happens for a reason!!

  40. Michael H

    My lucky charm is my son. He was born on 10/10/10. What a great day!

  41. My lucky charm is a necklace that my boyfriend got me for our second anniversary. It features an elephant and a black pearl. Lovely! While it’s a great necklace, it reminds me about how lucky I am to have him in my life.

  42. tina swineford

    The only lucky charms I have are magically delicious

  43. Ellen B

    I don’t really have a good luck charm but I always wear the necklace my husband gave me. I never take it off and it just broke – very sad.

  44. Francie-Sue

    My husband and very best friend David is and always will be my lucky charm! We are lucky to be in each other’s life!

  45. Lisa

    My lucky charm is my dog’s pawprints that I put in clay. Even though he is gone, he walks with me everyday.

  46. Bernice

    I’ve always said my “lucky charm” has been my son. Whenever he’s with me or whenever he wishes me “good luck”, I do well or win something!

  47. Kathy

    My lucky charm is a small stone that my daughter(she was 3 at the time) found at the beach and gave to me for safe keeping 20 years ago.I carry it in my pocket everyday.In May she will be getting married.I plan on giving it to my new son in law that day !

  48. Kris

    I have my lucky ring

  49. Aubrie

    my lucky charm is my four year old adorable nephew

  50. Sharon

    I don’t have any lucky charm but my friends and family tell me that I always have good luck when it comes to winning stuffs. I don’t know if it’s really good luck. But if I were to own a lucky charm, I would like to own a four leaf clover.

  51. Meryl

    My husband is my lucky charm.

  52. Louis

    my wife.

  53. Gary Ferguson

    I believe that luck comes in threes. For example, I won $10,000 in May, $2000 in June and $3000 in July of 2011 just by entering contest. Also, I enter about twenty to thirty contest a day and I manage to win at least one thing a week.

  54. Noel

    My daughters, they always bring good luck!

  55. Gary Ferguson

    I believe luck comes in threes. It happened to me recently.

    Saint Patrick Day would be a good day to win chocolate chip cookies!

  56. Jill Waldren

    My lucky charm or good luck is always picking an even number when given the choice! Odd? No good!

  57. Elizabeth

    My luck charm is my husband.

  58. Wehaf

    I believe in luck – it just means there’s a stochastic element at play in the universe.

  59. Nyeasia Pippin

    My kids are my lucky charms! I always listen to them and they are a good judge of character. If something or someone rubs them the wrong way, I take heed to it!! I must say that because of them we have been blessed by not getting into car accidents and caught up with the wrong crowd of people!

  60. Jennie

    I actually don’t believe in luck, but that does not make me not superstitious! I know that is not consistent!

  61. staci wells mefford

    my hubby and son are my good luck charms..thank you

  62. May

    no lucky charm here =(

  63. OMAR

    I don’t believe in lucky charms much.

  64. Danielle Nelson

    My fiancee is my lucky charm.

  65. Pamela L. Lewis

    I like lucky charms…it’s magically delicous…oh….sorry! lol My “luck” comes from my granddaughters…..they can brighten any day with their smiles…..who could be down after that!

  66. lisa timblin

    I don’t believe in Luck because I feel All things happen through God our Father…not Luck. But what I am so called Lucky on is my Kids…I thank God for them as they are my world and Love them to death<3

  67. I don’t have a lucky CHARM but my children always seem to make things better. So, I give them a BIG hug and kiss before taking on something I need luck with and it helps me!

  68. yes lucky charms I believe but lately it’s a bit weak lol

  69. Lola Gail Taylor

    I think my hubby is my lucky charm!!! Each day I wake and see him I feel lucky to be alive :o)

  70. Shannon Weaver

    My good luck charms are my children and God. During one of the three surgeries I had this past year I almost died on the table. I truly believe that God made sure that I made it through to still be here for my children. I feel that he made me a walking miracle!

  71. carolynn ferraro-king

    my daughter kaitlynn is my lucky charm.

  72. Tory LeCompte

    Good things happen to those that wait, I firmly believe in paying it forward! Each and every time I have paid it forward wonderful things have always happened to me in return.

  73. Jessica Beyer

    singing “Cherry cherry bo berry banana fanna fo ferry me mi mo merry be bi bo berry Cherry!”

  74. amy linderman

    sounds weird, buy i always keep ponytail holders in my pocket….

  75. Heather Galbraith

    I would have to say my daughter! I think I push myself harder because of her:)

  76. Tenielle Stanbrough

    I don’t know what my lucky charm is but all my friends say I have a lot of luck :)

  77. Paula Gillespie

    I don’t really know if I believe in “luck” but I do believe in God and feel that I am blessed by God for so many things and any time I win something or something good happens or something goes right I thank God for it and I continue to live my life according to God’s word and I feel I am being rewarded for my beliefs and actions in life.

  78. Ginger Ross

    I am so blessed because recently my daughter Kelly and son-in-law Clint and my 5 grandchildren moved nearby. Where as before they were over 2000 miles away from me. I am so very blessed! And Praise the good Lord above! ::)

  79. christie spaeth

    Lucky charms are everywhere , someone who can make your day better or a smile or kiss from your child when you are down, to a comfy pillow or shirt.Mine is a winnie the pooh sleep shirt i have had forever because I remember all the good that has happened every time I put it on

  80. Krystal Ramirez

    I don’t have anything for luck to wear but if something bad happens while I’m wearing something I dnt put that outfit/jewelry back on or if I do I never match it with exactly what I was wearing on that day!!

  81. Hollie Jahnke

    My lucky charms are my kids!

  82. Janice

    I have a horseshoe charm which has brought me luck

  83. Kathy K.

    My cat is my lucky charm

  84. Beth

    Definitely a hat that my great grandpa gave me, always brings me luck!

  85. Janice K.

    I have a horseshoe charm which has brought me good luck.

  86. Emee Nisperos

    I got curly lobg hair to my banana walnut now i got short straight hair in my muffin.see attach picture.Mrs Fields review ur operational so dissappointed.

  87. Will

    My good luck charm is a penny I found in 8th grade–it was the day I got my first girlfriend andn got my braces off

  88. Margaret

    I always carry with me my lucky dollar bill. It was the first one I ever earned.

  89. beth kelsay

    My goodluck is my 3 yr old grandson Steven who is named after my firstborn his Uncle Steven. He is a little redhead and shows all his Irish heritage everyday! When i lost my hair from chemo as you can see in my profile pic he said granny me love you and i KNOW that on May 22 2008 he brought luck and love forever into my life.

  90. My lucky charm is the #13, usually anytime this number appears in abundance, some thing happens. This number has followed me all my life and it seems that when I see it recurring, multiple times in a day, week, or month is when I usually win something or have some sort of unexpected surprise.