3 Unique Easter Eggs

MF Easter Eggs It’s already time to start thinking about Easter eggs, and I’ve found a few great ideas to share. The only problem with these eggs is that they are almost too pretty to crack open.

1. Rubber bands create colorful stripes on these eggs, and don’t they look smart? Tutorial found here.

2. Naturally died eggs with flowers, and leaves, and onion skins are an age-old practice with stunning results. Tutorial found here.

3. These silhouette eggs are created with contact paper and careful exacto knife skills. Tutorial found here.

Not sure how to boil a perfect egg for decorating? Here are some simple, no-fail instructions that will give you a beautiful yellow center without the grayish ring.

Perfectly Hard-Boiled Eggs

Place eggs in a saucepan and fill with cold water until just covered. Cover with a lid, and heat the water and eggs over medium-high heat on the stove until water comes to a boil. Turn off heat and allow eggs to sit, covered, for 10 minutes. Immediately transfer eggs into a bowl of ice water to cool completely.

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2 responses to “3 Unique Easter Eggs

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for linking to my tutorial for the Natural Dyed Easter eggs. That #2 photo however is not the photo that accompanies my tutorial. Here’s my photo. Thank you for the link!

  2. Jenny Nordstrom

    Love these suggestions for coloring easter eggs. I’ve done the same old thing for 30+ years and am excited to have some new ideas to try with my own kids.