Oscar Party Menu Ideas

Put a Hollywood Spin On Your Favorite Party Foods

Are you hosting a watch party for this year’s Academy Awards? I love the idea of putting together a creative menu based on the nominated movie titles, actors, and actresses, or Hollywood in general. How do you do it? Simply rename some delicious party-friendly recipes to incorporate movie themes. Here are a few ideas based on the nominees for Best Picture this year:

The Artist
Recipe: The Artist ‘Not So Silent’ Martinis
The perfect cocktail to kick off your not so silent evening.

The Decendants
The Decendants Chocolate Decadance
Easy, delicious, individual chocolate treats for your guests.

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
Extremely Spicy & Incredibly Sweet Snack Mix
A popcorn-based snack mix that’s perfectly balanced for noshing while watching the broadcast.

The Help
Recipe: The ‘Help Yourself to More Chocolate Pie’ Pie

Those who have seen the movie or read the book will appreciate this completely harmless tribute to Minnie’s famous dish.

Recipe:  Hugo Jell-O Yummo Cake
Hot raspberry Jell-O drizzled over a freshly baked cake is a wonderful, creative creation Hugo would be proud to eat.

Midnight in Paris
Midnight Pudding in Paris
Rich, chocolatey, and even perhaps a little bittersweet—kind of a Woody Allen-type recipe.

Moneyball Meatballs
This is a crockpot classic party dish with a few simple inexpensive ingredients that really knocks it out of the park.

The Tree of Life
The Ants in Trees of Life
This fabulous Asian noodle dish (that some people might find hard to understand) is best served hot and fresh.

War Horse
Recipe: ‘Hungry As a War Horse’ Carrot Cupcakes

Okay, maybe this is a stretch (horses love carrots!), but these cupcakes are not. I recommend making miniature cupcakes.

And the winner is? You’ll have to decide for yourself! Invite your friends over, dress up (or dress down), fill out your ballots, and enjoy a delicious evening together. Check out my party ideas from last year for even more inspiration, and share your own creative ideas in the comments section!

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