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Mrs. Fields Trivia – February 16th 2012

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Question: President’s Day is celebrated in honor of which United States President?

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300 responses to “Mrs. Fields Trivia is HERE – Win FREE COOKIES!

  1. debra affrunti


  2. cathy kubacak

    George Washington

  3. melissa ahmed

    george washington

  4. it is to honor both birthdays of Washington and Lincon

  5. Chris Shari Alligood

    George Washington

  6. Kat Sibley

    George Washington

  7. Cassaundra Bass

    Washington and Lincoln

  8. Shamarah Prince

    George Washington, whose actual birthday is Feb, 22nd, 1732 :-)

  9. Nancy Stymacks

    The first President: President George Washington

  10. heather kline

    George Washington

  11. Angela Keller

    President George Washington

  12. Geetu

    President George Washington

  13. Leslie Brown

    George Washington

  14. Cheryl Chere

    George Washington

  15. Rae Ellen Holberg

    George Washington

  16. Diane Mason

    To honor “all past Presidents of the U.S.”, as signed into law by President Nixon in 1971.

  17. carla carr

    George Washington

  18. Nicole Toscano

    George Washington!

  19. Brianna Snell

    George Washington! :}

  20. Christina

    George Washington

  21. Tiffany Greene

    George Washington

  22. Ashley Hughes

    Is this a trick question? lol!
    I am going to say George Washington (His bday is Feb, 22nd, 1732) but I thought it was to celebrate both him and Lincoln’s bdays!

  23. Nicole Davis

    George Washington :)

  24. Carey Dorizzi Wright

    President’s day honors the birth of George Washington.

  25. Sara M.

    It’s to celebrate Abraham Lincoln born Feb 12 and George Washington born Feb 22

  26. Jennifer Scott

    george washington

  27. Kristen

    Both Washington and Lincoln

  28. Shannon Schleif

    Washington and Lincoln

  29. Amy L Casey

    George Washington, our first President

  30. Lisa Spitz

    George Washington

  31. jannet

    I would say it should be all the presidents but George Washington was the first president that’s why he is honor

  32. Good Ole George Washington!! Ty for contest!!

  33. Elizabeth Rostan

    It’s to commemorate both Lincoln and Washington’s birthdays.

  34. shirley m.

    george washington

  35. Tracy Haidle

    I thought both washington and lincoln, but since you asked one i will go with washington.

  36. Cindy

    George Washington, of course!

  37. Maame Gyiwuo

    George Washington :)

  38. Azalia Gonzalez

    George Washington =)

  39. lori clark

    george washington and abraham lincoln.

  40. Aleta Lilly

    George Washington

  41. Denise Murphy

    George Washington

  42. Kristen B.

    George Washington

  43. Eloise Carlson

    Good ole George Washington of course! Thanks so much for the chance to win your delicious cookies!


  44. elizabeth beltran

    George Washington :)

  45. Patricia

    George Washington.

  46. Frank Bragg

    George Washington

  47. rena

    The day honors presidents of the United States, including George Washington, the USA’s first president.

  48. Cheryl Lohrke

    Lincoln & Washington (combines birthdays 2/12 & 2/22)

  49. Ashley Compeau

    George Washington! :)

  50. Anna Cheung

    Abraham Lincoln & George Washington

  51. Jessica Johnson

    George Washington

  52. lee henderson

    george washington and abraham lincoln

  53. Shea Pitts

    George Washington is who the day originally honored. Although there is some controversy on who all it now honors today (answers vary from Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, to all the Presidents of the United States.)

  54. Pam Bareuther

    Actually it’s both Lincoln & Washington (combines birthdays 2/12 & 2/22)

  55. jessica sizemore

    George Washington… : )


    Back in the day it was for both Washington and Lincoln, but now it is just for Washington, Lincoln gets his own “day” lol

  57. Elizabeth

    George Washington

  58. matthew hutchinson

    George washington

  59. pattilee

    It is ment to honor Washington as his day but is now for all presidents.

  60. Sandra Hollis

    George Washington.

  61. DONNA

    it is for george washington and abe lincoln.

  62. Carolyn Martel

    George Washington

  63. Jonathan C. Diaz

    It’s a mixup of an answer since americans believe different things; either honoring Washington’s birthday or Lincoln’s birthday. But I think President’s Day is celebrated to honor the legacies of ALL the US Presidents.

  64. Stephanie G.

    ~*~ George Washington ~*~

  65. Rachel Byrne

    President’s Day celebrates George Washington’s birthday. Thank you for the chance to win! :)

  66. Ellen B

    Washington but now for all presidents

  67. noel

    Former PRes George Washington

  68. ronda garnett

    George Washington

  69. Michael M

    George Washington

  70. Terry S.

    Our first president, George Washington

  71. Barbara S.


  72. Amy Howard

    George Washington!! MMMMM Mrs. Frields cookies would make my day…….

  73. Caryn

    George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Woo hoo

  74. Cliff Angel

    President George Washington

  75. lisa timblin


  76. Mary Glover

    George Washington….now for all the Presidents.

  77. Alyssa Passer

    George Washington and I bet he would’ve loved Mrs. Field’s cookies :)

  78. Debra Thompson

    Both Washington and Lincoln’s Birthday are celebrated that day!

  79. Joan Gosselin

    Gee, let me take a stab at this one… Our very FIRST President: George Washington, ” I can not tell a Lie”!

  80. Joan Gosselin

    It is also my Birthday Month… On the 11th!

  81. Michelle Smith

    George Washinton

  82. Lorraine

    George Washington and Lincoln

  83. Britni R

    George Washington

  84. M Cowan

    Abe Lincoln and George Washington

  85. Svitlana V. Lozovskaya

    George Washington

  86. Suzanne Bourgeois


  87. Angela Brandon

    I cannot tell a lie, it’s George Washington.

  88. Pam

    George Washington and Abraham Lincoln

  89. PamelaAljoe

    George Washington

  90. Angela Brandon

    I cannot tell a lie, it’s George Washington, Lincoln. Both of their birthdays are this month. I love your cookies.

  91. S. Burley

    George Washington

  92. Christina

    President George Washington

  93. Clare Reyes

    It is in honor of George Washington’s birthday.


    George Washington

  95. Tricia Martin

    George Washington in celebration of his birthday

  96. Kellie Kluger

    Abraham Lincoln and George Washington

  97. Holly Thomas

    George Washington!!

  98. Jackie Griebel

    George Washington

  99. tamanna

    The first President: President George Washington

  100. Laurie Morton

    President’s Day is actually observed to celebrate George Washington’s birthday, although it is not actually observed on his birthday. Several states do use this day to observe both Washington and Lincoln’s birthday.

  101. Roxann Dell

    Well some state use the day to celebrate George Washington birthday while some celebrate both Abraham Lincoln and Washington birthdays. But I my self celebrate both.

  102. barbara patrick


  103. Ashley Hilborn

    Presidents Day is for both Abraham Lincoln and George Washington

  104. Dorothy Walters

    George Washington and Abraham Lincoln

  105. Holly Blue

    George Washington, it’s on his birthday.

  106. Kristen G

    George Washington

  107. Murielle M Gillet

    George Washington

  108. dolores downey

    George Washington

  109. Sarah Verdi

    George Washington!

  110. Jill Waldren

    President George Washington

  111. yamilet cubias

    George Washington

  112. tawnee heeter

    George Washington :)

  113. Janette Rudder

    George Washington =)

  114. Alexander Grushko

    George Washington

  115. Courtney Keen

    George Washington

  116. Alla Grossman

    George Washington

  117. Julie Her

    George Washington

  118. Melody Pearson

    George Washington

  119. Susan

    Lincoln’s birthday but to celebrate both Lincoln and Washington.

  120. Tan Whitney

    George Washington

  121. mary meyer

    George Washington

  122. D. Broderick

    George Washington

  123. Tammy alcorta

    George washington and abraham lincoln are both celebrated in the month of february

  124. Allyson croxford

    I love love love nibblers they are my absolute favourite, some might say I’m addicted to them, wish there was a Mrs Fields in ever shopping centre, but them again I would just be so much more addicted :)

  125. Terri Montgomery

    George Washington

  126. Lenina

    Presidents Day is in honor of all US Presidents . . . of course!!!! Why not? It’s the American way!!!!!

  127. Cristina

    George Washington

  128. Patti T

    George Washington

  129. Jeanette

    George Washington! It’s George Washington’s birthday (2/22)! Also, Lincoln is celebrated too (2/12)!

  130. theresa stinson

    George Washington

  131. Brenda Combs

    All Presidents.

  132. Michelle Bartley

    Originally,George Washington.

  133. Maureen

    It is a combination of George Washington and Abe Lincoln but it is usually celebrated closer to George Washington’s actual birthday.

  134. jennifer luce

    President George Washington

  135. nicole lewk

    george washington

  136. Natalie Vandenberghe

    Created to honor George Washington, many choose to honor the legacy of other past presidents as well.

  137. Jennifer K.

    I was taught it was to celebrate both Washington’s and Lincoln’s birthdays. Maybe they only say this in Illinois where I’m from???

  138. saminder gumer

    george washington

  139. April Schaack

    George Washington

  140. nancy reid

    Both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln

  141. Martina

    George washington

  142. Martina

    Both George Washington and Abe Lincoln

  143. Merri Matalon

    Both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.But it honors all US presidents!

  144. Penny McPherson

    Good ole George Washington

  145. Presidents’ Day is intended (for some) to honor all the American presidents, but most significantly George Washington and Abraham Lincoln! ;)

  146. curly randall

    George Washington

  147. Caroline Hertzog

    George Washington

  148. Nicole Philavong

    George washington

  149. Jim Iverson

    George Washington

  150. Joan Roods

    President George Washington

  151. Its meant to honor Washington as his day but is now honoring all presidents.

  152. Michelle Quan

    It is in honor of George Washington.

  153. Stephy Sumner

    All the American presidents, but More Significantly George Washington and Abraham Lincoln! :)

  154. Rachel Rohde

    George Washington

  155. Ang

    Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.

  156. Belinda

    George Washington

  157. Tamma Borzotra

    Presidents day is to honor all Presidents but mainly President George Washington and President Abe Lincoln

  158. Kris B

    Honors all US Presidents but mainly George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

  159. April Lane

    George Washington

  160. Pamela Craig

    George Washington

  161. Traci goodwin

    George washington

  162. Dashana

    George Washington

  163. jill williams

    both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln

    • ckuhn

      Our lucky winner of this weeks Mrs. Fields trivia question is Jill W…. CONGRATULATIONS!! One of our Mrs. Fields representatives will be contacting you shortly. Thank you to all those who participated.

  164. lynn botos

    orginally washington and licoln’s birthday but now all presidents

  165. Washington’s Birthday is celebrated as a federal holiday on the third Monday in February. It honors the first President of the United States.

    Today, some states also honor Abraham Lincoln and other Presidents on the third Monday in February and call the holiday Presidents’ Day.

  166. Karen lavino

    george washington

  167. Angel Blue

    as it was celebrated in our home & school, it was the 1st presidents birthday being HONORED.. so, it goes, it was a big 4th of July moment in the dead of winter… dada, dadadaaa da da da… George Washington!

  168. Happy Birthday, GEORGE WASHINGTON!

  169. Christine

    george washington

  170. May Mayoush

    Idk if this is a trick or not , lol….but here is my answer:
    Because both Washington and Lincoln’s b-day was too close to each other, a day which was in the middle of both days were chosen and signed for to be the one, but still kept the name Washington’s day!

  171. georgann rizzo

    Washington and Lincoln

  172. Lori C

    George Washington’s Birthday, also known as Presidents’ Day

  173. Josh Hwang

    George Washington

  174. Erica Best

    George Washington

  175. Chrisann Christian

    George Washington

  176. Hannah B

    George Washington

  177. chickie

    washington and Lincoln

  178. Lisa Puckett

    George Washington! :)

  179. Teresa Wilkins

    George Washington. From – The official designation of the federal holiday observed on the third Monday in February is, and always has been, Washington’s birthday.

  180. Patti Fields Matthews

    George Washington of course!

  181. Andrea Julian

    George Washington

  182. John Lectroman

    Yes it’s George Washington :)

  183. Nicole G

    George Washington.

  184. Barbara Mayes

    George Washington

  185. Debbie C

    I guess it depends on what state you are in. The Federal holiday of President’s Day actually honors George Washington. But in some states it officially honors both Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

    In any case and in any…celebrate with cookies!

  186. Janice Cash

    George Washington

  187. Deborah Curran

    George Washington

  188. Kelly Garner

    George Washington

  189. Alisha Atkins

    In honor of George Washington

  190. Rosa Martinez


  191. Stephanie C

    It was believed that Presidents Day celebrates both Lincoln and Washington, but today most people believe that it is only to celebrate Washington.

    I believe that it should celebrate all presidents for what they have done for our country because we wouldn’t be were we are today without any one of them.

  192. Ambka S.

    It’s George Washington since it is his birthday!

  193. arlene robertson

    George Washington

  194. Krystal Ramirez

    George Washington!!

  195. Connie Barham

    President George Washington

  196. will nance

    georgy poo washington

  197. crystal

    Its to celebrate all presidents but it started because of George Washington.

  198. Melanie Martin


  199. Maribel Hernandez

    George Washington!

  200. Jose Vasquez

    George Washington!

  201. monique molina

    George Washington

  202. michelle lee mckay

    George Washington

  203. Melissa Shupe

    President’s Day was designated for many years as George Washington’s day…the day has now become a celebration day for ALL President’s.

  204. Christiana Crabill

    It’s supposed to celebrate Washington’s Birthday, February 22. But since Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday is February 12, there was no sense in having those holidays so close together, so they were lumped together into President’s Day, celebrated on the third Monday of February.

  205. gail major

    George Washington

  206. Heather Palmer

    The birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.


    George Washington/Abraham Lincoln

  208. Shannon W.

    George Washington

  209. veronica

    washington and lincoln!

  210. Sheryl E

    George Waahington

  211. diana yee

    To all the american presidents, but most significantly GEORGE WASHINGTON AND ABRAHAM LINCOLN!

  212. angela b

    George Washington

  213. Becky Cole

    George Washington

  214. Ashley

    to honor the birthdays of both Washington and Lincoln

  215. George Washington And then they combined Washington and Abe Lincoln

  216. Stefanie

    George Washington

  217. John O.

    George Washington

  218. It is for Washington’s and Lincoln’s birthdays.

  219. rhonda

    washington and lincoln

  220. karen b

    George Washington – but they include honest Abe too

  221. Kim Vk

    It honors George Washington & Abraham Lincoln

  222. Daisy Co

    George Washington

  223. analissa cruz

    George Washington

  224. paul

    George Washington slept in too many places thats all I know!!!

  225. Jaleel Harris

    George Washington

  226. Veronica

    George washington and abraham linconl

  227. The Uniform Monday Holiday Act officially lists it as (George) Washington’s Birthday.

  228. Anissa J.

    George Washington

  229. Bernice

    Presidents’ Day is intended to honor all the American presidents, but most significantly George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

  230. matt pleem

    Mr. George Washington

  231. Jenn G

    washington and lincoln

  232. Jeanne

    George Washington, but it should be all the Presidents.

  233. Valerie G

    George Washington

  234. jennifer a zeug

    it started with george washington and lincoln birthdays but today it is to honor all presidents.

  235. Mileibi Sanderson

    George Washington

  236. Mary Pippin

    George Washingtom and Abraham Lincoln.

  237. Tara VanNeuren

    George Washington

  238. President’s Day is celebrated in honor of two US Presidents. George Washington (Feb. 22, 1732) and Abraham Lincoln (Feb 12, 1809.

  239. Terra

    George Washington and Abe Lincon!

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