Host Your Own Indoor Olympics

Turn your kids’ winter doldrums into indoor fun by hosting your own Olympic Games! Create teams, flags, and even choose a stuffed animal mascot before getting into the games:

Obstacle Course! Rearrange the furniture, set up some cones, and create an obstacle course for the kids to work their way through.

Luge! Gather up construction paper, empty paper towel rolls, scissors and tape and have the kids create a luge run for marbles or a small action figure taped to a car.

Paper Plane Toss! Let the kids fold and create their own paper planes, then toss them to see whose goes the furthest.

Hula Hoop! Toss an “Olympic ring” around their hips and see who can keep it going the longest.

Ice Cube Skating! Let your fingers do the skating on an ice cube on top of a baking sheet “rink.” Turn on some music and work your best moves on the rink.

Pillow Case Races! Create a marathon of epic proportions. Line up racers in the hallway, inside their pillowcases, and see who crosses the finish line first.

Discus! No need to locate a real discus, a paper plate will do just fine. Be sure to use proper technique to hurl the plate for most distance.

Wrap things up with a closing ceremony, feasting on Olympic Ring sugar cookies! (Use this recipe as a guide, then cut out circle rings.)

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2 responses to “Host Your Own Indoor Olympics

  1. Cathleen H.

    Love your cookies, Mrs. Fields!!

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