20 Valentine Party Ideas

Conversation Heart Boxes

Conversation Heart Boxes

1. Heart shaped cookie cutters can turn all of your party foods into Valentine foods. Use them to cut melons, sandwiches, cheese slices, brownies, anything at all to make a heart-y spread.

2. Red velvet cupcakes are perfect for sweethearts. My recipe is unmatched.

3. For a couples-themed party, serve one plate of spaghetti and two forks for each couple. Recreate movie moments with a lucky slurp on the same noodle.

4. Create a matching game using famous couples from history.

5. Chocolate fondue is a perfect place for guests to gather and dip favorites sweets and treats.

6. Use romantic quotes from movies to post as decorations.

7. Dim lights and slow dancing are Valentine’s Day favorites. Bonus points are yours if you locate a disco ball.

8. Allow couples to choose and affix matching tattoos (fake, of course). Fun for the moment, and no regrets later.

9. Pottery isn’t the only romantic creative activity. Arrange a simple cooking class for couples to create and eat something delicious together.

10. Croon out everybody’s favorite love songs with some power ballad karaoke.

11. Use tea lights and candles to light your party space and set a romantic ambience.

12. Ask guests to come in costume, dressed up as famous couples.

13. Instruct guests on proper foot rub techniques and pressure points, then practice them.

14. Set up a photo booth for guests with silly props and backdrops.

15. Pull out the construction paper, stickers, glue and markers for guests to make their own valentine cards.

16. Pedicures, manicures, facials, and skin treatments are a great way to entertain guests and make them feel pampered.

17. Set the right tone by creating a mix of your favorite love songs to play in the background.

18. Play a game by giving guests handfuls of conversation hearts and then ask that they only converse using at least one conversation heart in each sentence. If someone speaks a sentence without using a candy heart in it, the person who calls it out gets to take a candy from them, therefore increasing his or her own “vocabulary.”

19. Test guests on their knowledge of aphrodisiac foods with a list of true and false items. The top ten foods are: asparagus, almonds, bananas, avocados, basil, chocolate, figs, garlic, honey and oysters.

20. Delight guests by sending them home with a sweet handout. My favorites include our Sweet Heart Tote (below) and our Conversation Heart Boxes (above). The perfect way to end a fun evening.

Sweet Heart Tote

Sweet Heart Tote

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