Mrs. Fields Trivia is HERE – Win FREE COOKIES!

Mrs. Fields Trivia – January 5th 2011

Here’s your chance again to win another amazing gift of FREE cookies from Mrs. Field

Enter the contest by leaving a comment on our blog.  If we pick you as our winner, we will contact you via the email you’ve provided.

We will draw 1 name from the correct answers given and that person will receive a FREE Mrs. Fields Holiday Memories Tin ($44.00 Value, with shipping). Answers will be accepted until midnight (January 5th, 2011). Limited to one win per month per entrant. Winner will be notified via email.

Prize Details:

This week we’ll be giving away one of our Classic Mrs. Fields Tins – item #10025, a $44.00 value, including shipping. It contains 60 Nibblers® bite-sized cookies. Perfection!


Question: In light of the New Year… When did the first New Year’s Eve ball drop happen in Time Square?

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220 responses to “Mrs. Fields Trivia is HERE – Win FREE COOKIES!

  1. Breyone Burkett

    1907 but they didnt drop a ball 1942 or 1943 due to wartime restrictions :)

  2. Jackie Bode


  3. Helen

    december 31, 1907!! :) i love mrs. fields cookies!

  4. Erica Micheel

    1904 was the first year

  5. heather kline

    year 1907

  6. Erica Best

    year 1907

  7. Patricia

    1907 Thanks!

  8. Phyllis Cole

    First one was in 1907 in Times Square. :-)

  9. Debbie

    The first ball drop was in 1907

  10. Molly Saccoman


  11. Tawnya Peltonen

    December 31, 1907

  12. Ellen Cohen

    december 31, 1907!

  13. Sue Barney

    The 1st ball dropped in 1907! :)

  14. Adriana Wiley

    The first New Year’s ball drop happened in 1907.

  15. Amy Row

    It originally dropped one second after midnight, so technically it was 1908, but it is recorder as New Years Eve 1907.

  16. Barbara patrick


  17. Stephanie

    December 31, 1907

  18. Tiffany Greene

    It was first lowered on New Year’s Eve 1908 (December 31, 1907)

  19. Terri Seibech

    In 1907

    • ckuhn

      Our lucky winner of this weeks Mrs. Fields trivia question is Terri S…. CONGRATULATIONS!! One of our Mrs. Fields representatives will be contacting you shortly. Thank you to all those who participated.

  20. Bonnie

    December 1907, However they did not drop a ball 1942 or 1943 due to the wartime restriction.
    Happy New Year!

  21. Natalie Vandenberghe

    I saw this question previously (somewhere else) and answered 1907…then, it occurred to me that if the celebration was on New Year’s Eve 12/31/07, the ball probably didn’t drop until after midnight–making it 1908. I’ll be eager to find out the true answer ;)
    Happy New Year!

  22. Although the Times Square celebration began in 1904, the first ball drop didn’t occur until New Year’s Eve 1907.

  23. Rhonda

    1907, and no Dick Clark was not the host. lol

  24. Terry S.

    The first New Year’s Eve ball drop happened in Times Square in 1907!

  25. John O.

    December 31, 1907

  26. Lynn Wittner

    The first drop wasn’t until 1907, even though they began celebrating New Years at Times Square in 1904.

  27. Gennean Pidgeon

    1907 into 1908

  28. Holly Thomas

    It dropped in 1907 to ring in 1908!! :)

  29. Penny McPherson

    Answer 1907

  30. Dawn

    The first year that the ball dropped in Time Square on New Year’s Eve was on December 31, 1907. The ball is now in its sixth incarnation.

  31. Amanda ODair

    in 1907 :)

  32. Cheryl Lohrke

    1907~1st ball drop New Year’s Eve Times Square

  33. Renee Wapniewski


  34. gennean pidgeon

    It was first lowered on New Year’s Eve 1908 (December 31, 1907). It originally dropped one second after midnight. Though The New York Times would later move its headquarters to a larger building at 229 West 43rd Street, the New Year’s Eve celebration at One Times Square remains to this day

  35. Lisa Lee Cook

    In 1907 to ring in the new year at 12:00am 1908

  36. Linda Sanders

    The year of the first New Years Ball drop in Times Square would be 1907

  37. Jill Waldren

    December 31,1907 New Years Eve !!

  38. Maureen E

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  39. Brandi

    1907 was the year the first ball was dropped in honor of the new year!

  40. Nicole Davis


    I would love to win some free cookies! I’ve been trying forever :/

  41. Shea

    The first ball drop in Time Square happended in 1907 (to ring in the new year January 1st 1908)!

  42. jill williams

    was dropped december 31 1907

  43. Daniel

    I’d rather buy this cookie tin pack than waiting for this stupid trivia to end …and not knowing who would win this i can’t wait for such great cookies so i am going to the MALL to grab these in a quick ,because i don’t care how much they cost its not a biggie for me i love these cookies so i can pay any price.

  44. Chris Shari Alligood


  45. LaVonne Terrell

    New Year’s Eve 1907/New Year’s 1908

  46. daisy

    1907 Yum Cookies!!!!!!!

  47. Pamela Craig

    In 1907!

  48. Marsha R

    The first New Year’s Eve ball dropped in Time Square on December 31, 1907.

  49. Scot Weeks

    New years Eve 1907 into New years 1908

  50. Lauren Reynolds

    1907 :-D

  51. Gina Sandoval

    on the eve of 12/31/1907 for the new year of 1908, so ball said 1908

  52. Brandon S.

    new years eve 1907/1908

  53. Melanie Anderson


  54. Beth

    1907 is the year!

  55. Christine Mayfield

    December 31st 1907

  56. Jennifer

    Dec 31, 1907

  57. Carol Meyers

    1907 into 1908 :)

  58. Salman Shahid

    1907 it is.

  59. Judith Delaney

    New Year’s Eve 1904

  60. Amanda wilson

    1907..70 years before Debbi and Randy Fields started Mrs. Fields

  61. Jackie Kravitz


  62. marissa delprince


  63. kathy

    The first year the ball dropped on New Year’s was 1907. I would love to win your cookies..I love bringing cookies to my grandchildren when I visit them I am visiting this month and my grandson always asks if I will bring him cookies cause “I like cookies Grandma” and I would love the cookies to be yours they are the best..thank you…

  64. Cheryl M

    1907 into 1908

  65. Nikita Nik

    The first New Year’s Eve ball dropped in 1907, December 31. :)

  66. Jennifer Verdi

    december 31, 1907!



  68. Stacey Perritt

    The 1st Ball dropped in Times Square at 11:59pm on December 31,1907 to bring in the New Year 1908

  69. kim minton

    the answer is 1907:)

  70. Mary C

    Dec. 31, 1907

  71. Shannon W

    First lowered on New Year’s Eve 1908 (December 31, 1907)

  72. Nyeasia Pippin

    December 31, 1907.

  73. The first ball drop in Times Square in 1907!

  74. Courtney Benoit

    It was first lowered on New Year’s Eve 1908, but technically its recorded as December 31, 1907

  75. Jonathan C. Diaz

    Time Square’s first ball drop happened in Nineteen-O-Seven :)

  76. Merri matalon

    December 31, 1907.

  77. christina lavoie

    dec.31 1907

  78. Kristy Tucker

    December 31, 1907

  79. Anna Cheung

    Dec. 31, 1907

  80. will

    1908, one sec after midnight (dec 31st 1907)

  81. daniella

    december 31 ,1907

  82. Debbie C

    1907. Love Mrs. Field’s!

  83. SANDY

    1907newyears eve /1908 new year

  84. Elizabeth Beltran

    1907! ♥

  85. Patti T

    Dec. 31, 1907

  86. Ashlyn Bangert


  87. Alvin Macale

    The ball dropped on December 31, 1907.

  88. they drop the ball for the first time in 1904

  89. LeAnn V

    They dropped the first ball in 1907.

  90. Lynn s

    started to drop pm Dec.31st1907/then am Jan.1st 1908 touch down… ;)

  91. Vicki Nittinger

    Gonna go out on a limb and say 12/31/1907 LOL I love me some Mrs. Fields!

  92. Charise Shorty

    It was lowered on New Year’s Eve 1908 ( but recorded on December 31, 1907).

  93. Michelle Dufrene


  94. Tiffany

    December 31st 1907

  95. Sue Ellison

    December 31, 1907

  96. Maria Coria

    Started to lower down on December 31, 1907 was completely down on January 1, 1908

  97. Jessamyn D

    Dec. 31, 1907

  98. carol

    New Year’s Eve 1907

  99. Michelle L.

    The first Ball Drop in Times Square happened on New Year’s Eve, December 31, 1907 to ring in 1908.

  100. Krissie Stroud

    12/31/1907!!! RINGING OF 1908!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR Y’ALL!!! <3

  101. 1/1/1908 12:00 A.M. New Years Day in Times Square~

  102. Maureen

    The Times Square Ball is a time ball that has been lowered or “dropped” from the flagpole of One Times Square nearly every New Year’s Eve since December 31, 1907 in Times Square, Manhattan, New York City.

  103. Alison

    1907. I love Mrs. Field’s cookies!!!

  104. Neal Trautloff

    it was 1907

  105. matt hutchinson

    December 31 1907

  106. Stephanie V.


  107. Richard He

    First dropped in 1907

  108. Kelly Lique

    December 31, 1907

  109. donna drew

    The first ball drop was in 1907. Mrs. Fields cookies are AWESOME!!

  110. arlene robertson


  111. Margaret

    1907 and finishing in 1908.

  112. Mike Mitres

    New Years Eve 1907 (midnight so going into 1908)

  113. Molly Gomillion

    December 31, 1907

  114. Mary Ennis

    1904. But the first Ball Drop didn’t happen until 1907. Since 1907, the ball has been dropped from One Times Square every year, except in 1942 and 1943 due to wartime restrictions on lighting in New York City.

  115. Paula Gillespie

    December 31, 1907

  116. Bethany

    it was 1907 when the first ball dropped : it always happens every NEW years in NEW york city

  117. Stefanie

    The 1st ball dropped in 1907!

  118. Courtney Roberts

    1907!! Was The First year! Thanks for the chance!!

  119. Carly Wiegand

    New Years Eve 1907! :)

  120. Philip Wiegand

    The year 1907

  121. Pat J

    It dropped for the first time in 1908!!!

  122. Justine Marie Gooding

    The first ball drop in Time Square for New Years was in 1907. Thanks for the contest.

  123. Gaile Gray

    December 31, 1907.

  124. Gary Gray

    If you want to get technical, it started to drop on 12/31/1907 and ended at the final minute of that date (since the next day begins at 12:01 AM and not at Midnight like most people believe).

  125. Alla Grossman

    December 31, 1907



  127. Michael Heithaus


  128. kathy blouin-potvin

    1907! :)

  129. Sara Rosebery

    sooo, over a Century ago my jaw dropped! lol!

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