5 Wonderful Winter Travel Tips

Sometimes beating the winter blues requires an exit strategy from your everyday life. Whether you’re going over the river and through the woods to visit grandma, or boarding a plane to escape to somewhere new, I’ve got 5 tips to keep winter travel easy, affordable and enjoyable for everyone.

Seek Off Season Savings. Many airlines, hotels, and resorts offer reduced fares and rates during the winter season. And unless you enjoy crowded spaces, off season travel can be much more enjoyable and relaxing. Do a little bit of research on the Internet to find out where the best deals are at any given time, and go for it. You can also sign up for airfare deal alerts, and use discount travel sites to score great prices onĀ hotels and rental cars.

Stock the Car. Keep blankets, water bottles, and cell phone chargers stocked in the car all winter long, but especially before taking a road trip. Being stranded in the car for a few hours in traffic or because of a flat tire is no fun, but you can avoid danger by having these staples on hand. Keep warm, keep hydrated, and keep connected to help at all times with a little preparation.

Wear and Wear Again. Bulkier winter clothing doesn’t have to equate to more baggage. Sweaters and sweatshirts can be worn twice or three times before washing and pants can easily be worn three or four times. This means that you can pack 2/3 less clothing for a week-long trip, which makes for a very light bag! Pack neutral-colored sweaters and pants, then use accessories like scarves and jewelry to keep your look updated and fresh each day.

Explore the Great Indoors. Take advantage of great indoor options like museums, theatrical performances, expos, and factory tours in the city you’re visiting. Off season travel might force you to dig deeper for some entertainment, but I’ve found that it pays off. You get non-touristy experiences, with no crowds, and usually for a great price. (Our Mrs. Fields factory tours are free, so keep us in mind if you’re ever in Salt Lake City.)

Gotta Get the Apps. Modern technology is making travel easier and easier. Check the status of your flights, avoid unnecessary traffic, and find the best spots to eat with great ( free!) apps for your phone or tablet.

Those are my best tips. What are yours? Share your winter travel ideas in the comments section!

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