Mrs. Fields Trivia is here – WIN FREE COOKIES!

Mrs. Fields Trivia – December 29th 2011

Here’s your chance again to win another amazing gift of FREE cookies from Mrs. Field

Enter the contest by leaving a comment on our blog.  If we pick you as our winner, we will contact you via the email you’ve provided.

We will draw 1 name from the correct answers given and that person will receive a FREE Mrs. Fields Holiday Memories Tin ($44.00 Value, with shipping). Answers will be accepted until midnight (December 29th, 2011). Limited to one win per month per entrant. Winner will be notified via email.

Prize Details:

This week we’ll be giving away one of our Classic Mrs. Fields Tins – item #10025, a $44.00 value, including shipping. It contains 60 Nibblers® bite-sized cookies. Perfection!


Question: Guess this years top selling Mrs. Fields Holiday themed item…

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178 responses to “Mrs. Fields Trivia is here – WIN FREE COOKIES!

  1. Sheila

    I say Snowflake Tin of Cookies

  2. april

    Snowflake Tin of cookies

  3. Debbie C

    I am guessing, the Festive Greeting Gift Tin.


  4. Debbie Garrett

    Flurry Snowman Bundle

    • ckuhn

      Our lucky winner of this weeks Mrs. Fields trivia question is Debbie Garrett…. CONGRATULATIONS!! One of our Mrs. Fields representatives will be contacting you shortly. Thank you to all those who participated. Happy New Year everyone!

  5. Cindy C

    I think the Winter Wishes Bites box

  6. Joe

    I would guess the Traditional Bundle.

  7. Patsy Clark

    I would say the Season’s Greetings Tins.

  8. carol

    Holiday Memories tin

  9. Summer

    Holiday Circus Cookie Jar

  10. christina w.

    Holiday Memories Tin

  11. Alea

    Holiday Memories Tin

  12. Mrs. Fields Holiday Memories Tin



  14. tiffany ard

    The Golden Ribbon Box!

  15. Denise V

    Mrs. Fields Holiday Memories Tin

  16. Michael


  17. Marie

    Snowflake Tin of cookies

  18. Christine

    Shimmering season’s greetings tin

  19. Christine York

    Flurry Snowman Cookiejar it so cute and you can use him for a half a year!!!

  20. Jack Fitzpatrick

    Best cookies to share with everyone for the holidays!

  21. Marcie

    Holiday Memories tin

  22. Noel

    Snowman cookie jar

  23. debra Affrunti

    Snowflake Tin of Cookies


    Holiday Memories tin


    The Seasons Greeting tin

  26. barbara patrick


  27. Dave

    Holiday Memories Tin

  28. Holly Thomas

    Holiday Memories Tin! :)

  29. Carol Meyers

    The Holiday Memories Tin

  30. Diane

    Holiday Memories Tin

    (Please choose me, it would make my holiday!)

  31. Joelle Diamond

    Holidays Memory Tin.

  32. Debra P

    I think the Holiday Memories Tin (fabulous!)

  33. Anissa J.

    Season’s Greetings Tin

  34. Ambka

    Holiday Memories Tin

  35. Lisa Janson

    Season’s Greetings Tins

  36. gita prasad

    Mrs.Fields Holiday Memory Tin

  37. Natalie Vandenberghe

    Would it be too obvious to guess that your top-selling holiday item is the same one you’re giving away? Probably…
    so, I’ll guess:
    Best wishes for the New Year!

  38. Donna Yost

    Snowflake Tin

  39. Will

    Definitely the Holiday memories Tin

  40. May Mayoush

    Season’s Greetings Tins is my guess!!

    tyvm for the chance =)

  41. Amanda Sakovitz

    the Snowflake tin!

  42. Meryl seibert

    snow man tin . but cant rule out your original awesom chocolate chip cookies. cant get enough. would love to win some. thanks. Coupon Cousins. you rock!!

  43. larissa foster

    Holiday Memories Tin

  44. Shannon Pickin

    Holiday Memory Tin :)

  45. Elisa Palermo

    I would have to say the Holiday Memories Tin!
    Thank you for the chance to win, Love your cookies! :0)

  46. kelly Lique

    Holiday memories tin

  47. Sarah Weiss

    Holiday Memories Tin

  48. Morgan Dias

    I LOVE Mrs.Field’s cookies!!! If I had to count how many cookies I have bought from you, well, there isn’t even a number that high!!! Wonderful! :) <3 Words cannot say how delighted I am. I just bought 4 cookies last night!

  49. melinda

    I think it is the Precious Present Box because it is very pretty & afordable!

  50. Elena Smith

    I would say the Precious Present Box. Good Luck everyone!

  51. Honey Horn

    Golden ribbon box

  52. Jennifer

    Precious present box.

  53. Lucy

    Seasons Greetings Snowman Tin

  54. Jennifer Sagan

    Alpine Bear

  55. pamela jester

    Snowflake cute

  56. angela dupree

    Classic Mrs. Fields Tins

  57. elizabeth beltran

    Holiday Memories Tin! :)

  58. Sue Barney

    I think the Seasons Greatings Tins :)

  59. jennifer wexler

    holiday memories tin

  60. Anela Robison

    I will guess the decorated cookie cakes.

  61. All your cookies are sooooo Yummy.Id love to win this.My guess would be the TIns.

  62. Pam long

    I guess I will go with the holiday memories tin (I Hope!I Hope!)

  63. Christina Gardner

    Holidays memory tin.

  64. Ty A

    I think it’s the Holiday Memories Tin!

  65. Terry

    Holiday Memories Tin

  66. Betty Neale

    The Holiday Memories Tin

  67. Angel Hunnell

    Precious Present Box!

  68. Amie Boland

    the snowflake tin

  69. Melissa miller

    Holiday metmories tin. I love cookies!

  70. Gina Dreher

    I will guess the Holiday Memories tin

  71. Patti T

    Season’s Greetings Tins

  72. melisha kenney

    Season’s Greetings tin

  73. Angela Kelley

    Holiday Memories tin! :)

  74. Angeline Coburn

    The Holiday Memories Tin

  75. melissa wallace

    the snowflake tin

  76. Dorothy E.

    Holiday memories tin

  77. Gail

    Season’s Greetings Tin.

  78. Gary

    The Holiday Memories Tin.

  79. Lilly

    Holiday Memories Tin.

  80. Meryl

    Season’s Greetings Tin.

  81. Megan McKean

    Holiday Memory Kit

  82. Tina M

    Snowflake tin.

  83. Louis

    Holiday Memories Tin

  84. rena s

    Holiday Memories Tin

  85. rhonda grisham

    The Elegant snowman

  86. Sharmila

    Holiday memories tin

  87. Nicole Davis

    Holiday Memories Tin :)

  88. Jonathan F. Davis

    Holiday Memories Tin

    Some free cookies would be great!

  89. Ashley Brassell

    Season’s Greetings tin

  90. Fran

    I think it’s the alpine polar bear cookie jar. Too cute!

  91. Julie S

    The Snowflake Tin

  92. cristin miller

    Seasons greetings tin!

  93. gina sandoval

    Elegant Snowman Cookie jar

  94. Diane Ver Hey

    Snowflake Tin

  95. Natasha Culberson

    I’m thinking it’s the Season’s Greeting Tin

  96. kim culbertson

    Snowflake Tin of Cookies

  97. Michael Heithaus

    Holiday Memories Tin

  98. Jennifer H

    Snowflake tin

  99. Michelle L.

    Hmmmmm, my guess is the Season’s Greetings Snowman Tin.

  100. Jeanette Lippy

    Holiday Memories Tin.

  101. Stephanie V.

    Precious Present Box – beautiful and affordable, tasty gift

  102. Mary Fortunato

    Happy Holidays Book Tin

  103. Pamela Craig

    Holiday Memories Tin!!!

  104. Charity S

    Snowman’s Top Hat

  105. Maureen

    holiday Wreath Tin

  106. Seasons Greeting Snowman Tin

  107. Carly Wiegand

    The Classic Silver Tin! :)

  108. JEANNIE

    Holiday Memories Tin..

  109. Brenda

    Snowflake tin cookies Really Great

  110. Esmeralda

    Snowflake tin

  111. Tara F.

    Snowflake tin of cookies

  112. Melissa McIntyre

    Holiday memories tin

  113. Georgeann Greco

    Holiday Memories Tin

  114. Julie

    Holiday Memories!

  115. aline smith

    snowflake tin

  116. Amanda Owens

    My guess is Holiday Memories Tin!

  117. Valerie Vining

    The Festive Holiday Gift Box

  118. LaVonne Terrell

    Holiday Memories Tin.

  119. Margaret

    Holiday Memories Tin

  120. Karen Knight

    Holiday Memories Tin

  121. kelly caudill

    Festive Holiday Gift Tin

  122. charise shorty

    Season Greetings Snowman Tin. Happy Holidays! :)

  123. Andrea Hadfield

    Seasons Greetings Tin

  124. Dale Fish

    Mrs. Fields Holiday Memories Tin!

  125. saida

    I guess the Holiday memories tin!

  126. Shawna O

    The Classic Silver Tin.

  127. MargeR

    Holiday Memories Tin… I’d really love to receive some Mrs. Fields instead of always sending them to someone else!

  128. Rae Ellen

    Precious present box is my guess

  129. Suzette

    I would pick the snowflake tin

  130. Diane Mason

    Help me create Holiday Memories while I’m here visiting relatives 750 miles from home! I love Mrs. Fields’ cookies!!!

  131. Lorraine

    Snowflake Tin :0)

  132. Gracie N.

    Seasons greetings tin

  133. Ellen B

    Holiday Memories tin

  134. Jenna Nicholette

    The Season’s Greetings Tin!

  135. Merri matalon

    Holiday Memories tin

  136. Philip Wiegand

    Holiday Memories Tin -

  137. Jill Waldren

    Holiday Memories tin is my guess.

  138. Terri Warwick

    Frosted Cookie Tin?

  139. Carly Stuver

    Holiday Wreath Tin

  140. Jason Phelps

    Holiday Memories tin.

  141. Lisa Walker

    I would guess the Snowflake Tin.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  142. Frank thomas

    The Snowflake Tim

  143. yvonne rainwater

    My guess would be the Holiday Memories Tin.. There is so many memories to be had on Christmas…

  144. Sandra P.

    Season’s Greetings Tin is my guess! Thanks for the giveaway!

  145. Sharon

    holiday memories tin

  146. Holly Manweiler

    I loooove the alpine bear tin! !

  147. joy

    I’m going to go with holiday memory tin!

  148. Nyeasia Pippin

    Im going to say Mrs. Fields White Pine Delectable Bites Holiday Gift Box

  149. Shannon M.

    Holiday Memories Tin

  150. shirley m

    Holiday Memories Tin

  151. Nicole Vosburgh

    Holiday Memories Tin

  152. Joe N

    Holiday Memories Tin!

  153. Christine Jessamine

    holiday memories tin

  154. Alla Grossman

    Season’s Greetings tin

  155. kk

    Holiday Memories Tin.

  156. Alexander Grushko

    Confetti Cookie box

  157. pati m

    Holiday Memories Tin

  158. Jaleel Harris

    I’d say the Snowman tin.

  159. Lashawn Hill

    Holiday Memories Tin

  160. Brad Goodrich

    Holiday Memories Tin

  161. Pat

    embossed snowflake tin

  162. Michelle Simons

    Season’s Greetings Tins

  163. Sara Phillips

    Snowflake Tin!

  164. Janice

    Holiday Memories Tin

  165. willis flanagan

    the snowflake tin

  166. Shakti B

    The Holiday Memories Tin!

  167. Stefanie

    Mrs. Fields Holiday Memories Tin

  168. arlene robertson

    snowflake tin

  169. Sarah Slade

    These cookies are the BEST EVER!!

  170. Darlene Calhoun

    My favorite, the snowflake tin

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