Mrs. Fields Trivia is HERE – Win FREE COOKIES!

Mrs. Fields Trivia – December 15th 2011

Here’s your chance again to win another amazing gift of FREE cookies from Mrs. Field

Enter the contest by leaving a comment on our blog.  If we pick you as our winner, we will contact you via the email you’ve provided.

We will draw 1 name from the correct answers given and that person will receive a FREE Mrs. Fields Holiday Memories Tin ($44.00 Value, with shipping). Answers will be accepted until midnight (December 15th, 2011). Limited to one win per month per entrant. Winner will be notified via email.

Prize Details:

The prize from now and for the next week is our NEW Holiday Memories Tin – item #11W423, a $44.00 value, including shipping. It contains 60 Nibblers® bite-sized cookies. Perfection!


Question: How many neighbors could you deliver smiles to with just one case pack of our Silver Polka Dot Best Bites Box?

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199 responses to “Mrs. Fields Trivia is HERE – Win FREE COOKIES!

  1. Maureen

    24 neighbors.

  2. melissa

    24! Unless I’m greedy.. then JUST ME!!

  3. Hollie Jahnke

    I could deliver to 24 neighbors

  4. Nicole Sorbara

    30 neighbors 2 nibblers each :)

  5. Kris B.

    Twenty if my kids don’t eat them all!

  6. Jennifer

    24 very happy neighbors.

  7. carla carr

    12, I dont want to give them just one each

  8. Nicole

    You can make 24 neighbors happy! Or if you really wanna be nice 576! Hope I win some cookies! :)

  9. Robbin

    It doesn’t matter how many are in the case….each neighbor has more than one occupant….so each gift is multiplied into many smiles!

  10. Alyssa Passer

    You can give a pack to 12 different neighbors :)

  11. Dave Kinney

    I would deliver them to my mom’s senior complex so she could make all her friends happy!

  12. Amanda wilson

    I think you could make lots of neighbors 24ish!

  13. Kyra

    12 or 24 depending on what size you buy

  14. evelyn


  15. Lynda

    if i gave two to every person in my family i could feed thirty people….and they would all have smiles on their faces….

  16. We always loved these cookies my dad always bought them what a treat for all 5 of us!

  17. Melissa Irene Potvin

    The case has 12 boxes but there are 48 cookies in a box. So technically you could make 576 people if you gave them each a cookie:) MMM cookies

  18. Melissa Irene Potvin

    The case has 12 boxes but there are 48 cookies in a box. So technically you could make 576 people if you gave them each a cookie:) MMM cookies. So the answer is 12 or 576 depending on how generous we are:)

  19. Beth

    12, my neighbors LOVE cookies!

  20. Carol

    Depends on portion size, I’d go with 576 if I want to cover everyone :-)

  21. Christine York

    2 they get 10 cookies each,you don’t want to be to greedy. But the rest to the family because you cannot keep your hands off them!!!!

  22. Sheila

    Well, I could give one cookie each to 576 neighbors. Hmmm, do I have that many neighbors? OK, I could give one box each to 24 neighbors. That seems more reasonable. But that’s a lot of houses to visit. How about I pick four neighbors and them each three boxes? Those four neighbors would definitely be smiling! And me too! I’m sure they would invite me in to have some tea and cookies!

  23. Emily Browning

    I could deliver smiles to 10 neighbors because they are “packaged in half dozens in a special wrapper to preserve freshness.” However, I need to make sure they do not have nut allergies because the products do come in contact with nuts or nut oils.

  24. evelyn delcambre

    well i guess it would be 24 neighbors..unless i have got a gallon of milk..then i guess it would be two haleybug and myself..just saying…

  25. Alisha Atkins

    I could give cookies to 30 neighbors!! Two a piece of course. You can’t eat just one :)

  26. Jill Waldren

    24 Very Lucky Neighbors!

  27. Tammy Powell

    24 neighbors and /or friends and more if I only give them one cookie each.

  28. Christina Gardner

    It all depends on how many neighbors you want to share them with, lol. I’m a good neighbor so I would say I have 24 very lucky neighbors!

  29. tiffany bailey

    for holliday miss field i give 9000 of our cook to my neighbors becors so sweet and thiy disve in our mouth like cotte cand it sece to give and love in peiss homme and to see the smill on the face when thiy take the frist baert of thos cook praisle …….

  30. Alexander Grushko

    That would make for 24 very good neighbors

  31. Holly macdonald

    I trilateral love your cookies my all time favorite!!!

  32. Kristen B.

    I would be able to share with 10 very lucky neighbors!

  33. elizabeth

    24 neighbors! I promise to do so, if I win! :)

  34. Anna Cheung

    24 neighbors

  35. Mary C

    576 if each neighbor gets just one little cookie. Or 24 if each neighbor gets one box. Just depends on how they are distributed!

  36. kathy sheets

    24 if I shared with each a box!!

  37. Erika

    60 neighbors, 1 nibbler each…and since I live in an apartment building I have said amount.

  38. Marsha R

    576 of my neighbors would smile.

  39. Ramsey Luke

    24 I imagine, but ideally as many neighbors as I can fit into one house…and CERTAINLY A LOT MORE NEIGHBORS THAN FAMOUS AMOS CAN SATISFY!!!


  40. Alla Grossman

    It would be enough to deliver smiles and to say “Thank You” to 24 neighbors

  41. Amy Casey

    You can’t just give one cookie, so 24 of my neighbors would receive a package of cookies, then they can share with their family! :)

  42. Liz Zimmerman

    You can give to 24 neighbors-that’s alot!

  43. Cheryl Lohrke

    12 verrry happy, smiling neighbors :)

  44. Christina Cannon

    24 neighbors

  45. Sara Phillips

    12 neighbors!

  46. Well the answer would be 24, but in all honesty…It would be 23..Cause of course I need a snack to

  47. Nyeasia Pippin

    I’m going to say 24 because: “Now Mrs. Fields® can be your perfect handout gift! We are offering HUGE savings when you buy a case of 12 or 24.”

  48. megan ortega

    The Best Bites Box case holds 24. Assuming there is just 1 person in each home at the time, I would be able to deliver 24!

  49. debra Affrunti

    just one I only would she is always nice to me

  50. Barbara R.

    I would share with 24 my neighbors, who would be so happy.

  51. jason Goodwin

    24 neighbors

  52. Blaire M

    24 very happy neighbors! :)

  53. Frida Fatalla

    24 neighbors!

  54. heather kline

    60 neighbors 1 each

  55. Julie Cutshaw

    24 happy neighbors :) yum!

  56. Kristina A

    24 neighbors

  57. I could deliver a numerous amount of these to quiet a few people. I really think I would have to go to the shelter here locally and hand them out to the people who dont get cookies or even food for that matter.

    Thanks for doing great giveaway

  58. Diane Mason

    24 neighbors…allegedly. But on the way, um….let’s just say ‘munch,munch, munch”.

  59. Steven G

    24 neighbors



  61. dawn moccio

    I could deliver smiles to 24 neighbors.

  62. melissa mastrototaro

    23.. lol id so have to keep one for my niece… <3

  63. Jon

    24 neighbors with one box. 576 neighbors with all 24 box’s! Just depends on how many neighbors you have. lol

  64. Penny McPherson

    This is a time for giving so probably 18

  65. Daisy

    576 if I were to give everyone just one cookie.

  66. Patsy Clark

    I would have say 24 neighbors would be kinder to you!

  67. Claire

    12…how excited and happy they would be :)

  68. amanda williams

    576 neighbors would be very happy with a cookie…or 12 neighbors can get a box of cookies…

  69. Katrina

    24 if I had that many neighbors in lonely in a small town in Maine

  70. Alexandra A

    24 neighbors!

  71. 23 neighbors, cause I have no idea where that last yummy, delicious box went! :) *gobble, gobble*

  72. Brittany Tinaliga

    24 neighbors, although I do enjoy having the occasional cookie with a glass of milk, so the number might have decreased. can’t blame the cookie lover

  73. Norman

    24 neighbors could have them.

  74. Donald Tansor

    24 people as we all share in a little joy together

  75. kim adams

    I want to be my own neighbor!!! lol… I would feed as many as I can actually I would like to win this and donate it to a small homeless community here so they can share your wonderful cookies and the great xmas cheer they bring when you eat them. Thank you Mrs.Fields I love your cookies!! Good Luck to everyone. Merry Christmas

  76. Carol Meyers

    24 neighbors, if I can get them out of the house.

  77. sherine

    25 neighbors would be really happy :)

  78. Kelly Lique

    24 neighbors

  79. David

    You can place a smile on 48 of your neighbor’s faces. :)

  80. Teresa Harrell

    I would share with all of the cute neighborhood children, my grandchildren, and nieces & nephews.

  81. Angela Akinniyi

    24 Sweet neighbors!

  82. Jenna Smith

    I would give a box of these to every single person I know and then everyone I came in contact with just to see someone smile. I love seeing people smile! Merry Christmas to everyone!

  83. christine steinmann

    24 neighbors but I would take it up to the VA hospital and give it to the soldiers.

  84. Donna Yost

    That is easy..576 neighbors if they got one cookie each. Or 12 family’s could get a tin of 36 cookies each. They are a family of 4 each person in the family would get 9 each. How ever in my family there is 5 adults so they would get 7.2 cookies :D

  85. i would deliver i tin to each neighbor,so they can share with family and friends that drop by.because you know they will be ordering some .once they take that first bite,their 24 i each.and i will have the one i win so i don’t need 1.thanks

    • ckuhn

      Our lucky winner of this weeks Mrs. Fields trivia question is Barbara S…. CONGRATULATIONS!! One of our Mrs. Fields representatives will be contacting you shortly. Thank you to all those who participated. Visit us next week for your chance to win FREE COOKIES!!!

  86. Jenna Smith

    I would be able to give 44 neighbors 1 cookie!

  87. Lisa Walker

    24 happy neighbors if you give them one each. THank you so much for the giveaway!

  88. John Adricula

    24. But I’m pretty sure that is not enough.

  89. Denise Bell

    Give each neighbor 2 tins, so they can give 1 to someone. Pay it forward

  90. 23 lucky neighbors and 1 for me!

  91. matt

    24 that’s my lucky number

  92. kimberly bullman

    24 neighbors! most are family lol

  93. Holly Thomas

    24 very happy neighbors!! :)

  94. Sharon

    Doesn’t matter how many as long as my neighbors are happy


  96. melanie anderson

    24 with one box. 576 with a case

  97. Michael M

    24 neighbors unless my kids saw them first then they wouldn’t make it out of my house!

  98. Natalie Vandenberghe


  99. pat j

    24 of my sons neighbors which would be alot of very happy college kids!!!

  100. angelina jacobs-howell

    23 but I would make my neighbors that get taken for grant smile …care givers,police department ,firedepartment, animal shelter, etc…

  101. Rebecca Xavier

    I love to share with family and friends… as many as possible.

  102. Adriana Wiley

    24 neighbors

  103. thomas howell

    24 very happy little kids :)

  104. angelina jacobs-howell

    24 I meant !

  105. Brad Goodrich

    24 neighbors with a box of 24 cookies each, of course. Giving out 576 cookies to the same amount of neighbors would be tedious. (And since I live in a rural area, quite impossible!)

  106. SANG T

    24 Neighbors, each one will get one box so they can share with their friends and family.

  107. Melissa Herrera-Spaulding

    24 very lucky neighbors!

  108. daniella

    #60 one for each neighbor

  109. Diana Koehne

    1 for me and 23 for my neighbors!!

  110. Andrea Hadfield

    24 neighbors, unless I ate some first :)

  111. Jo Griffin

    24 neighbors would be very happy!

  112. Stephanie

    I would be able to share them with 24 neighbors, which in return I’ll receive smiles upon their faces. In return will make me smile as well. :)

    So 24 neighbors!

  113. Kimberly Flickinger

    I could feed my entire neighborhood and two other neighborhoods. Thank you for the contest!

  114. Terry

    24 happy neighbors

  115. I love Mrs. Fields cookies..My favorite cookie is the chocolate chip cookie!!

    Happy Holidays!!!!

  116. Shannon W.

    24 unless my sister finds them

  117. shannon w.

    60 is what i should have said

  118. Julie Santaruck

    Probably should share with 24 neighbors, but I don’t guarantee there would be any left once it got into my home!

  119. Christa A de Veyra


  120. Ellen B

    24 one of my favorite numbers

  121. Becky Cole

    576 neighbors with one cookie each or one box to 24 neighbors

  122. Shawna O.

    I’d make 24 of my neighbors smile.

  123. Sara M

    I would take those 24 boxes to our local food bank to cheer up those in need this holiday season :) caring is sharing.

  124. Blanca Torres

    23 neighbors + myself we’d all have big smiles ;)

  125. elizabeth anderson

    well, 12 boxes come in one case, so 12 boxes for twelve nieghbors, OR 12 times 48 cookies in each box = 576 cookies, if you have a party, but then again you cant tell them how many cookies to have!!!!

    im going with 12, one box for each nieghbor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. Lisa

    Well, 24 boxes in a case…but if everyone gets one cookie, that’s a lot of smiles :) ‘Course, if you send it to the troops, they can eat more cookies than you’d believe!

  127. Lisa Puckett

    24 Happy Neighbors. :)

  128. beth kelsay

    24…well actuall 23 neighbors plus 1 for me!

  129. sarah McGough

    12 neighbors. After having the first cookie, you just got to have another one.

  130. Cristina

    576 neighbors would be very happy with a cookie…or 12 neighbors can get a box of cookies…

  131. Angelica

    24 neighbors

  132. Stefanie

    24 neighbors

  133. Sandy

    the smiles are endless so every neighbors.

  134. Nicole G

    12 happy neighbors.

  135. aw* my neighbors would be my best friend if they received this! The answer is 24! (but if my sweet tooth gets the best of me, 23 haha)

  136. Merri matalon

    576 neighbors would get one cookie 24 neighbors with a case pack.

  137. Neal Trautloff

    20, I have to keep 4 for me & my roommates

  138. Sadaf Mohsin

    A lot of neighbors! I’ll have to say about 576!

  139. Victoria Tong

    24 neighbors! Then I would buy more to spread the job! :D

  140. Sophia

    None! I would attack them before I left the house :/

  141. Tomika

    None. For over 15 years I am yet to arrive home with any cookies left from my purchase. In fact they wouldn’t even make it out of the shopping centre! YUM

  142. Angela H.

    12 very happy neighbors!

  143. Jennifer Skojac

    24 YUMMY!!!!!

  144. Melanie Caples

    12! But I would buy 2 cases because I have a LOT of neighbors. :-)

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