Giveaway: Free Mrs. Fields Cookies for Halloween Handouts

The topic of Halloween handouts usually generates a lot of energized discussion. We all seem to have pretty strong opinions (founded in our young trick-or-treating days, no doubt) about the best and worst Halloween offerings. I still remember the confusion and disappointment of receiving a toothbrush from one house while trick-or-treating. Really, I thought, a toothbrush? And then there was the rumor one year about a house giving away king-sized candy bars. My friends and I scoured an entire  neighboring subdivision, knocking on every door, but never found that elusive jackpot.

Today I am ridiculously excited to announce our latest giveaway and your chance at becoming the coolest house on the block on October 31st. We’re giving away a box of 100 individually packaged Mrs. Fields cookies for you to hand out to your trick-or-treaters! Can you just imagine the surprise and delight on their faces? I can and it’s making me giddy!

100 Individually Wrapped Happy Halloween Cookies

100 Individually Wrapped Cookies with Halloween Stickers

To enter to win this amazing prize, please answer the following question in the comment section: As a child, what were your most favorite and least favorite trick-or-treating handouts? Take a trip down memory lane and share your thoughts. One lucky reader will be (randomly) selected to win this prize, which will be sent fresh to their house in time for Halloween!

A warning to the winner, however: We cannot be held responsible for the mob of trick-or-treaters—including poorly disguised adults—that may find their way to your door once the rumor gets out that you’re giving out Mrs. Fields cookies!

(If you’re not feeling lucky, you can always order your own supply of cookies on our website. While you’re there, check out our favorite trick-or-treating accessories, including our adorable totes, satchels, and pouches. Our entire Halloween line of gifts is worth checking out, too.)

Let the commenting begin!

**Giveaway closed.**

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106 responses to “Giveaway: Free Mrs. Fields Cookies for Halloween Handouts

  1. Marcie

    My favorite treat was always candied apples! They were awesome. My least favorite were toothbrushes!

  2. Lori

    My favorite treat was always Hershey bars. Nothing is better than pure, untouched chocolate. Least favorite? No contest. Mounds and Almond Joy. We always traded candy after trick-or-treating, and nobody ever wanted the poor, unloved coconut candy bars. I feel kind of bad for them now, but yeah. They’re still my least favorite.

  3. eileen

    My favorite was a lady always handmade marshmallows with roasted coconut on top with drizzled chocolate and least would probably be an old man who left his light on but just yelled at us for trick or treating.

  4. Melissa Williams

    My favorite has always been any small chocolate bars! Least favorite was the Brachs mix candies..yuck! 😉

  5. Holly Thomas

    My favorite was any name brand full size candy bar,my least favorite was fruit!! :)

  6. Dave

    My favorite was Double Bubble bubble gum . Least favorite was popcorn balls.

  7. Cheryl Lohrke

    My favorite was bubble gum; my least favorite was sour balls.

  8. Spirit

    Most favorite would be anything chocolate least favorite were toothbrushes or suckers

  9. christina w.

    My favorite was any and all full sized candy bars. My least favorite was 5 pennies wrapped in plastic wrap tied together w/ yarn.

  10. elizabeth anderson

    favorite, hmmm… CHOCOLATE, although there was the house over the hill that passed out cans of pop, an dif you waited long enough, and they ran out of cans you could score a whole 2 liter for yourself!! that was exciting!!! but really chocolate.
    and least favorite, was those black or orange wrapped peanut butter, or whatever they were, chews. I HATED THOSE, but my mom liked them, so she got them from me and my 2 brothers!!!
    and i trick or treated in the late 80s early 90s, when it started getting rediculous with having to check candy for razor blades, so no home made anything, unless made by family or one of the rare neighbors we knew well enough, and they all bought candy, cause whats the point in making it, when 99% of the kids wont be allowed to eat it, even if you didtn mess with it!!

  11. Joann Kirkland

    My favorite was candy apples and my least favorite was peppermints

  12. Jennifer Basler

    my favorite was tootsie rolls and my least favorite was apples.

  13. Mary

    My favourite treat to get was the candy kisses (The black and orange wrapped candy). I would trade my brother my chocolate bars and chips just to get his from him. I never ate them myself but I would mail them to my grandma who lived 1500km away from us it was her favourite candy. She use to say to me that when she opened one up it was like getting a kiss from me everyday even though I was far away for her.
    My least favourite would be pennies!

  14. Brian Johnson

    My favorite treats were unique things like when I received bags of chips or pretzels, bubble gum, and even a dollar.

    My least favorite were knockoff sour or fire balls in clear plastic. Sketchy.

  15. Stephanie Gooch

    My favorite were the popcorn balls made by a retired school teacher down the street. It seemed like everyone in town stopped by her house to get one! They were so fresh and I’ve never had one come close to hers! My least favorite as a child were Raisinets. I would have rather had just the raisins!

  16. Tamara R.

    My favorite as a child was the Nestle Crunch bar and my least favorite “treat” was the little stickers with “googly” eyes.

  17. Melanie Anderson

    My absolute favorite was ending the night at a restaurant in our home town. We got hot dogs. Yum.. they were hot with steamy buns. My least favorite was anything hard.. hard candies are the WORST!!!

  18. Vanetta Harris

    My favorite candy to get in my Halloween bag was Reese cups! My least favorite was Dum-Dum suckers.

  19. elizabeth beltran

    My favorite treat was the Hershey’s miniatures the ‘fancy’ house down the street handed out, because they used a golden ladle to scoop them from a bowl and drop them into your pillow case! My least favorite was getting a nickel! :)

  20. Noel

    My personal fave was always peanut butter cups–still is!

  21. Cj

    Having had some form of braces for most of my childhood anything hard, taffy, gum, anything with nuts or apples were my least favorite!

    My very favorite thing of all? 3 Musketeers Bars or Almond Joys (I pick off the almonds) :) or back in the days there were these colorful coconut candies – they came in pink, white and chocolate colored. Those were good too! I’d trade all the stuff I couldn’t eat for the stuff I could! WIN! :)

  22. LeAnne Baldwin

    My favorite treat was and still is butterfingers! and my least favorite was pencils or stickers.


    My absolute favorite was Hersheys Bars. My least favorite was apples. I love apples now though!

  24. Elizabeth thomas

    Well my fav was full size candy bars cause not eveyone handed them out and the worst was those little taffy things gross i hated them

  25. My favorite thing had to be , from a neighbor that lived down the street and every year he would have a dance off and we would have to show our best moves , and the best dancer would get 5 full size candy bars and all the runner ups would get 1, my least favorite had to be from this old lady that lived in a creepy house and she handed out vaneltines day candy on halloween lol I never wanted to eat is cause I was scared of how old it would taste.

  26. Rhonda

    My favorite halloween candy or treat was chocolate, and popcorn balls one of the neighbors made every year. I could take them because she was my babysitter. Least favorite items was the religious pamplets and toothbrushes with toothpaste one family handed out.

    With 3 sisters we traded for things we liked and disliked.

  27. Jennifer J.

    I loved getting chocolate (butterfingers especially) I didn’t like getting the chocolate coins and such because my parents made me throw them away! (not sealed wrappers :(

  28. Dawn Peck

    My least favorite was the hard caramels. My most favorite was all the change (pennies, nickels, dimes) from people who must have forgotten and then it was the big chocolate bars.

  29. Katelyn Norton

    I loved getting the full size candy bars from trick or treating, I can remember getting so excited when my sisters and I scored one. I hated getting the Dots candy!! So gross

  30. Lisa Babcock

    My fave treat was always M&Ms(plain or peanut) and my least favorite was tootsie rolls :) I sure hope I win, and then, someday when asked, a trick or treater that visited my house can say their favorite was a pkg of Mrs. Fields cookies! 😉

  31. Maureen

    My favorite were the medium sized Snickers or Milky Way bars. Least favorite were the bag of nuts that we also received.

  32. Jami

    Mmmmm my Favorite has always been homemade gooy popcorn balls but, since I grew up during the time we started checking our candy, I didn’t get to eat those unless our families knew each other. So my second favorite is anything chocolate. Even though I never enjoyed any of the candy that was not chocolate, I still appreciated getting it. Being able to dress up and use our imaginations, laugh and have a night of adventure made it ALL the worthwhile!! It is soo fun to relive those years with my own kids now!! A great night of dress up for the whole family and lots of laughs make for GREAT memories!! :-)

  33. Carol

    I always liked gum as a treat but hated popcorn balls

  34. As a child, my most favorite handouts were candy corn and jolly ranchers. I only eat candy corn at Halloween and to this day still look forward to it! My least favorite trick-or-treating handouts are Mary Jane Peanut Butter Kisses. I use to play card games with my parents and we would use these as money. I was thrilled when they would beat me, though I could not show it.

    Happy Halloween everyone!

  35. Rebecca R

    My favorite candy was Snickers all the way. I never liked getting erasers or pencils; it’s Halloween – give out candy!

  36. Cristina

    My favorite hallooween treat has and always will be snickers bars, the bigger the better but I do not dicriminate against the mini size–those are a great treat when you are on a diet!! My least favorite has to be taffy.

  37. Chris Maria

    Most favorite- Hershey’s chocolate bar Least favorite- anything w/ coconut such as a Mounds bar

  38. Beth

    My mom used to be the mom who served cider, donuts and candied apples to trick or treaters and we stocked the king size bars so our house was VERY popular! My least fave candy has always been starburst, too sticky and sweet!

  39. Jean M

    My favorite was homemade popcorn balls and least favorite was tootsie rolls.

  40. Silvia Estrada

    My favorite candy where The sneakers!!!! My
    Least where When people gave fruit, it went
    Straight to the trash….

  41. Cheryl M

    Our favorites were if someone had the full sized candy bars – baby ruth to be exact. My least favorite were the hard sugar candies or anything with raisins or nuts.

  42. Cristina

    My favorite treat are Almond Joy or snickers bars!! Yummy!! My least favorite is taffy.

  43. Maria S.

    My favorite treat were the king-sized candy bars coupled with a toothbrush from the dentist that lived on our street! He was the bomb!

  44. Jean Hupke

    I loved kit kats and I would always trade anything with coconut.

  45. Laura

    My favorite candy was almond joys–even though everyone else hated them! My least favorite was bottlecaps and they still are.

  46. Lucy

    I always liked the hersheys bars best and couldnt’ stand the Nerds, they always got stuck in my teeth

  47. Andrea Hadfield

    My favorite was plain Hershey’s chocolate bars hands down. My least favorite were apples & homemade popcorn balls neither of which my parents would let me eat anyway not knowing exactly who they came from. Sad that even way back then (not giving away my age lol) we couldn’t always trust people.

  48. Anissa

    My most favorite were Almond Joys and Snickers and my least favorite was Jaw Breakers or any other non-chocolate candy. :-)

  49. I think the worst ever treats were the people who gave us kids the handful of mints. Nothing more depressing that getting excited to eat your favorite chocolate and you see 1 million mints in your bag lol. The best treats ever were the people who took their time to make a special Halloween decorated bag, I didn’t care what it was in it, it made me happy just to see they cared :)

  50. Carrie Cunningham

    Any chocolate mini candy bars were my favorite! They always taste better when they’re little lol. The worst, candy corn! I always hated the stuff and even as an adult I can only eat one or two pieces even if it looks good lol.

  51. Beth

    My favorite Halloween treat was a homemade popcorn ball from a neighbor lady at the other end of our street. We always had to get two extras to bring home to our parents. The lady has not been well enough to make them for the last few years, but the memories will last forever!

    My least favorite Halloween item would be Mary Jane’s. My sisters and I would run home, sort our candy out, and give all the Mary Jane’s to our parents.


    My absolute favorite thing to get in my bag was the orange and black wrapped mary jane peanut butter taffy candy.Those were so awesome and they don’t make em’ like they use to. The worst thing I dreaded getting was the pecans ( yes, I said PECANS ) some people would put in there.

  53. Donna

    My most favorite treat to receive while trick or treating would be the reese cups!! My least favorite was the dum dum suckers ( or other suckers) with a tissue over them with eyes drawn with a black marker to make them look like a ghost!!

  54. My favorite Halloween treat was Reese’s peanut butter cups and my least favorite trick-or-treat handout was those fireballs! I remember sorting threw the candy and giving my Dad all the candy I didn’t like.

  55. paul laufer

    My favorite handouts were homemade cookies with M&M ‘s in them with sprinkles on top. My least favorite handouts were the treat bags full of shaving cream that were stapled shut. That is not really a food item though. My least favorite food item was any left over candy saved from a previous Halloween, What a nasty treat!!!

  56. Ada Miller

    My favorite Halloween treat was snickers,the small snack size ones because they tasted so good.

    The things i didn’t like to get was laffy taffy & candy corn.

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  57. Robin D

    Loved chocolate candy, hated hard candy.

  58. karen

    My favorite is chocolate – but I would like to do the trick or treaters at Red Cross, the wonderful donors who come to donate.

  59. Cherish McCarron

    My all time favorite of course chocolates!

  60. Melissa W

    As a child, my favotie candy was Snickers or any other chocolate candy. I didn’t like the little pieces of hard gum.

  61. Will

    Anything chocolate was my favorite (and is to this day!) and my least favored treat is definitely raisins!

  62. Stefanie

    My favorite treats were always the Reese’s peanut butter cups as well as popcorn balls. My least favorites were the fresh fruit, especially the persimmons because we could never eat them.

  63. Shannon Gammon

    My favorite trick or treat handout was M&M’s and my least favorite was Jawbreakers. Thank you so much for the Chance to win!:)

  64. Sheila

    Favorite: Kit Kats! :)

    Least favorite: Mary Janes! :(

  65. My favorite was Reese cups. My least favorite was Twizzlers. I always tried the Twizzlers to my brother 😉

  66. Maria Coria

    My favorite treat were snickers
    My least favorite were recycled easter chocolate eggs.

  67. Ashley

    Kit Kats and Reese Cups were my absolute fave. I’d start eating them as soon as I got them. I used to hate when people would give out sacks of candy corn-ew, I hate candy corn!

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  69. Back in the 60″ early 70’s I love the homemade treats the best.
    I know that is not much of a safe option now. But then it was the jackpot of treats!
    Least fav was my uncle’s whom conspired via the phone to each put a rock aka Charlie Brown in my bag. Hey I knew they did it but if it gave them some crazy fun… so be it ; )

  70. Dominique

    My favorite would have to be chocalate of course and my least favorite would be candy corn ewww :(

  71. Amber Hand

    My favorite treat has always been Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups, and my least favorite treat was always Tootsie Rolls. Cookies would be awesome!

  72. Jeannine

    My favorite Halloween treat were faux and kitkat bars :o), and my least favorite were pennies :o(

  73. Jeannine

    My favorite Halloween treat were twix and kitkat bars :o), and my least favorite were pennies :o(

  74. Ally

    My favorite is a tie between two! There was a house that gave out full sized candy bars (and they were always a favorite) but there was also a house that gave out cartons of orange drink. I always loved both (and orange drink still makes me think of happy Halloween memories).
    My least favorite? Probably Dots. They stuck to my teeth and didn’t taste very good and made me unhappy.

  75. Kristen

    My favorite candy was anything chocolate, especially Kit Kats. My least favorite was anything fruit flavored, particularly Smarties.

  76. Dorella Phipps

    My favorite was Mary Jane’s peanut butter candies and least favorite was popcorn balls.

  77. Michele

    As a little girl I always love to get Snickers candy bars. ooooh with that chocolate,peanuts & carmel my best candy treat at helloween candy ever & at 49 I still love them. the worst trick one year this man gave out cant eat a penny..Think he was a little crazy

  78. Erin

    Hersheys bars and candy corn were the best – taffy and now & laters were definitely the grossest

  79. Jen Parker

    My least favorite Halloween treat was without a doubt Pennies! (why would anyone do that to a child on Halloween that is looking for a treat?) My favorite, even to this day, is KitKat. I even give them away now as an adult so that I could have the leftovers.

  80. i loved snickers candy bars. i still do! that was the best holloween candy ever….. but i got my chocolate tooth from my mom… at holloween she would try to eat my chocolate first! it was hard for her, as it is for me, to stay away from chocolate candy (especially candy with nuts). the absolute worst holloween treat was not even a treat. it was an apple! sometimes the old people did not go out to buy candy and where i lived, the elderly gave fruit! fruit….. yuk! not a good holloween treat for a child!

    truth be told, i love chocolate cookies with nuts. had they given out cookies wrapped individually then, i would have loved that. but as they say, its never too late…. welcome holloween chocolate cookies!!!!

  81. Sarah McGough

    My favorite would be Hersheys or any small chocolate candies. Lease favorite would be licorice. Never did like licorice.

  82. Andre

    Always been allergic to chocolate, so my favorite treat was candy corn…and least favorite was anything chocolate.

  83. Gerald

    Favorite= mini mounds and almond joys
    Least Favorite= apples

  84. Devon

    Favorite was M&Ms, and least favorite were pennies

  85. G.Kyle

    My favorite was and still is Kit Kats and my least favorite is pennies :o(

  86. Tod

    I remember when I was little getting PENNIES while Trick or Treating. Those were my least favorite things to get. My Favorite was getting big candy bars. Not these mini candy bars. We were lucky because we got to go to so many houses we might have 2 or 3 of those.

  87. Michelle Bury

    My favorite treat had to be from my own mom. My mom has made about 300 cinnamon rolls for every Halloween. She hands them out to all of the parents who come with their kids. She even gave them out to some of her students and I always made sure that I got one. My least favorite hand out was Twizzlers. I’ve never liked them!

  88. Katie Jwanowski

    My favorite Halloween treat was and still is Reese’s cups. With two brothers, one younger and one older, I had to hide my candy bag so they would not come steal Reese’s cups … savages. The least favorite had to be bags of chips. On Halloween I expected all this free candy just for dressing up in a ridiculous costume, and I get a bag of chips. Chocolate is much more satisfying than a bag of Lays.

  89. Amanda Mcdonald

    My favorite treat was a homemade popcorn ball by a lady in the neighborhood; my least favorite was the 2nd plastic spider ring of the evening ~ you only need one! :)

  90. My absolutely favorite candy to get and hoard as a child were Snickers, they have a little bit of everything. I really hated anything cinnamon and peppermint when I was little.. and would push those aside to “share”. lol* Passing out cookies for Halloween would GREAT, and full disclosure, one, two or a handfull of those cookies may end up in my tummy 😉

  91. Jeremy

    Favorite: Clark Bars
    Least Favorite: Fruit

  92. Christine

    My favorie were any person who gave out Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I was never a fan of people who gave out halloween pencils.

  93. Lisa Puckett

    My favorite was any kind of chocolate candy bars and my least favorite was pennies. :)

  94. As a child my favorite thing to get were candy apples.That was still during the time when you knew and trusted your neighbors weren’t trying to hurt your children, and bobbing for apples and Halloween parties were still popular (I miss those days). My least favorite thing was black liquorice but, that was fine… My mom would eat it..YUCK!! lol!!

  95. Rebecca D

    My favorite treats were always the homemade popcorn balls! My least favorite treats were either candy corn or pennies. Who gives out pennies??

  96. Merri Matalon

    My favorite was peppermint patties and least favorite was jawbreakers.

  97. Shey Eugenio

    When I was a child till now my favorite is peppermint patties and marsmallows

  98. Peggy

    My least favorite Halloween treat was tootsie rolls. My favorite Halloween treat was anything chocolate!

  99. Andrew

    My least favorite treat was chocolate and my most favorite was sour gummies.

  100. Austin

    My least favorite was anything pure chocolate. My most favorite was (and still is) the sour gummy candies!

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  102. Julie

    My favorite was any peanut butter cup, twix, or anything chocolate, really. I hated licorice, but my dad loves it, so, luckily for both of us, he always got my share of it!

  103. Lisa

    My favorite was peanut butter cups, as we didn’t keep candy in the house & that was my favorite! My least favorite was anything malt-flavored…just didn’t get into it, and my siblings didn’t like it, either, so we couldn’t make a trade!

  104. Dee

    Favorite: Little bags of Sugar Daddys…a caramel type of candy. Yellow and Red packaging. Small candy size easy for a child to eat.
    Least favorite: Dried out Moon Pies with a marshmallow spread covered in fake chocolate. They were scary and we used to throw them around in the front yard as fresbies after trick or treating.

  105. Gretchen

    I have 3 favorites: 1. the popcorn balls made by our school librarian who lived down the street, 2. french fries from the neighbor across the street who set up their french fry stand in the driveway and gave out freebies for trick-or-treat (until the whole town started coming), and 3. Reeses peanut butter cups. My least favorite were pennies and the orange and black taffy that several people already mentioned.

  106. Julie D

    I LOVED a little Halloween bag full of oven caramel corn mixed with nuts and m/m’s and pretzels. The bag was tied with twine. YUM! I had forgotten this memory until seeing this! Thank you!