Giveaway: Hoop It Up!

Talk about dream teams. Just in time for the upcoming playoff season, we’ve teamed up with the NBA to bring you the tastiest treats in the arena! Now you can surprise your favorite fan with a team tin filled with our delectable gourmet cookies. They can enjoy the treats during a game, and then use the tin to collect ticket stubs, autographs, and ¬†other memorabilia—SCORE! How about a preview?

For your Uncle Leon and his beloved Lakers:

For your sweetheart Stan and his San Antonio Spurs:

For your old college roommate Ned and his New York Knicks:

And don’t forget your coworker Bill and his Boston Celtics:

Every NBA team is represented at Mrs. Fields Gifts. Simply pick your favorite team, your preferred gift, and we’ll take care of the rest. I think it’s safe to say that this is going to go down in history as the NBA’s sweetest season ever.

Before the buzzer, let’s drive in for a giveaway! To enter, answer this question in the comments section: What was your favorite NBA moment of all time? One lucky winner will be selected to receive an NBA tin of their choice!

Comments accepted until midnight, April 4th. One entry per person, please. Winners will be chosen randomly and notified via email.

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34 responses to “Giveaway: Hoop It Up!

  1. Traci

    My favorite NBA moment.. hmmm.. I would have to say the Lakers winning in the one game they did in 2004.. I watched the whole game with my ex, it was the first time we realized we had things in common :)

  2. Christina Jones

    Michael Jordan scoring 38 despite him having the flu!! :)

  3. Leslie

    Michael Jordan’s lay-up where he changed hands in mid air and dunked the ball. He was amazing.

  4. neal trautloff

    When the lakers beat the super sonics

  5. Kristen G.

    The Celtics winning the 2008 Championship!

  6. Carol

    The olympics with the dream team

  7. Noel

    Celtics winning the championship!

  8. Marcie

    Love Michael Jordan’s reign!

  9. Diane Mason

    For me, it will always and forever be the Olympics Dream Team.

  10. Michele N

    Isiah Thomas 16 points in 90 seconds on a sprained ankle.

  11. Dave

    When the 2004 Detroit Pistons beat the almighty Lakers to win the NBA championship.

  12. Dale Fish

    Vince Carter’s under-the-leg windmill jam?

  13. Brandy


  14. Beth

    King James first game with the Heat!

  15. Tamara Regan

    My favorite NBA moment happened this week when it was announced the Sacramento Kings are moving to Anaheim, CA!

  16. Lucy

    Loved seeing Larry Bird and Magic together in championships!

  17. Will

    Definitely Larry Bird hitting 3 pointers in the 80s against Magic, classic!

  18. Jeane Simon

    Michael Jordan and Scotty Pippen in any game with the Bulls!!!!!

  19. Ellen B

    celtics winning

  20. Jan Purnell

    ….when I was given tickets in the second row on a Kings game! What great seats!

  21. Jason

    michael jordan flu game

  22. Wesley Chiang

    When Jordan hit that fadeaway on Russell in the finals.


  23. Stefanie

    My favorite basketball moment is every time the Lakers won a championship!

  24. Wanda Webb

    My favorite NBA moment was May 3, 1998! NBA Finals Chicago versus Utah. MJ shots over Byron Russell to win the game! He broke his ankle as we say when you cross over the guy trying to guard you!!! MJ ALL DAY!!

  25. karen

    I just went to my first Lakers game as a night out with the girls. Now I understand why you get hooked. Sorry husband, now I will not miss a game and yes you can eat dinner in front of the TV.

    Is not every moment a great moment with the Lakers.

  26. Connie

    my best moment was whenever shaquil o’neil played

  27. lisa

    Celtics versus Lakers in ’08! Down by a dozen shots, the Celtics came back & won that rivalry game.

  28. Kim

    GS Warriors’ Sleepy Floyd’s rainbow shots!

  29. Donald

    Celts v. Lakers throughout the years are my fave matchups

  30. Carolyn

    I’m not a huge sports fan, but my dad was and he really loved Dr. J, he would each every game he was in!

  31. Erica

    The last time the lakers won the championship, mostly because I was having a great time watching the game and snacking with my friends!

  32. susitravl

    My favorite NBA moment – when Oklahoma City got a franchise team!!!

  33. Melanie

    The night Jordan scored an NBA playoff-record 63 points against the Celtics in 1986.