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Trivia Thursday – March 17th 2011

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Question: What color was originally associated with St. Patrick’s Day?

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101 responses to “Mrs. Fields Trivia!!!

  1. Anna Cheung


  2. Gary B

    St. Patrick’s BLUE is a name applied to several shades of blue considered as symbolic of Ireland.

  3. Denise

    Blue not green is the color originally associated with St Patrick. “St Patrick’s Blue” is used on Ireland’s Presidential Standard or flag, while the Irish Guards sport a plume of St Patrick’s blue in their bearskins.

  4. lisa

    Blue…and I believe it’s a light shade of blue, not a dark one.

  5. Helen Stockwell


  6. Lorraine

    BLUE :o)

  7. Evangelos


  8. Kevin Bell


  9. Raelyn Warner


  10. Blue was originally associated with St. Patrick’s Day!!!!!!!!

  11. Jennifer Peters

    Light Blue

  12. Jennifer

    Blue !!!

  13. Kristen B.


  14. Deborah Curran

    Blue –
    The color of St Patrick is Blue. Green is Ireland’s national color. Green has been gradually accepted over time as the color of St. Patrick’s day for numerous reasons. Most famously, the 3 leaf clovers St. Patrick used to teach Christianity, less known (but set the standard) the Irish Rebellion of 1798. Irish soldiers wanted to get the attention of the government and wore bright green uniforms. Last but not least, when the color fades, it tends to turn into a shade of green. Green is easily accepted for how green the land is, but Blue is the true color of St. Patrick.

  15. Desiree


  16. david

    Blue : )

  17. machell smith


  18. Esmeralda


  19. Dana Rodriguez

    Blue! :)

  20. Nancy Stymacks

    “St Patrick’s Blue” is used on Ireland’s Presidential Standard or flag, while the Irish Guards sport a plume of St Patrick’s blue in their bearskins. The emphasis on green is thought to be linked to “wearing the Green”, a symbol from the 18th century on, of sympathy with Irish independence.

  21. destiny


  22. Kristen G.


  23. Pat Rhoads

    Blue was the original color of St. Patrick’s Day.

  24. barb heideman


  25. Carl Mizell


  26. Lisa Grassetti


  27. Stephanie Frost

    Blue, like UK blue. Go CATS!!!

  28. carmine daddario


  29. Wesley Chiang


  30. Leanna Schmidt


  31. Dave Kinney


  32. connie lopez

    the original color was blue!

  33. alex barclay


  34. Derek Maruyama

    St. Patrick’s BLUE

  35. Barbara S.

    BLUE :0

  36. Kathy Quisenberry


  37. Molly Gomillion


  38. michelle

    Blue was originally associated with St. Patrick’s Day.

  39. Tracy Robertson


  40. Jennifer W.


  41. Jennifer


  42. elissa piascik

    light blue

  43. Tearsa Keith

    Blue! at gmail dot com

  44. Erica Best


  45. Natalie J. Vandenberghe

    I know better than to rely on Wiki for my answer…but if Fox News says it’s BLUE, that must be the correct answer :)
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  46. Maureen

    In fact I asked that of others I was with at an Irish establishment I went to. I was wearing blue and green.

  47. arlene robertson


  48. Dave S

    Blue. LOL this was all over the radio today. Every DJay thought he new something no one else did.

  49. Linda Bundrick

    ♣ The color Blue was first associated with St. Patrick’s Day ♣

  50. Cheryl Billings


  51. margaret porter


  52. Gail

    Blue is the original colour.

  53. Carla Wiegand

    St. Patrick’s blue is a name applied to several shades of blue considered as symbolic of Ireland. In British usage, it refers to various sky blue shades associated with the Order of St. Patrick.[1] In modern usage in the Republic of Ireland, it may be a darker shade.[1] While green is now the usual national colour of Ireland, “St. Patrick’s blue” is still found in some symbols.[2]

  54. Kay

    The color blue.

    • ckuhn

      CONGRATULATIONS to Kay!!!! You are the winner of our Thursday Trivia question! One of Mrs.Fields representatives will be contacting you shortly. Thank you to everyone for playing! Come back next week for more Mrs. Fields trivia and your chance to win FREE cookies!

  55. christina


  56. Tiffany G

    Blue ! :)