Mrs. Fields Trivia is HERE!!!

Trivia Thursday – March 31st 2011

Here’s your chance again to win another amazing gift of FREE cookies from Mrs. Fields

You can enter the contest one of two ways:

1. Leave your answer on our Facebook page along with your email address, either under the trivia post as a comment or on our wall.

2. Leave a comment on our blog where your email address is private.

We will draw 1 name from the correct answers given and that person will receive a FREE Mrs. Fields Embossed Sliver Tin ($38.00 Value, with shipping). Answers will be accepted until midnight (March. 31st, 2011). Limited to one win per month per entrant. Winner will be notified via email.

Prize Details:

The prize is the Embossed Silver 48 Nibblers® Tin – item #9EV317, a $38.00 value, including shipping. It contains 48 Nibblers® bite-sized cookies.  Perfection!

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Question: Guess our top selling Mrs. Fields Gift Basket this month…

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103 responses to “Mrs. Fields Trivia is HERE!!!

  1. Lisa

    Maybe advance orders for the Happy Easter basket?

  2. Jennifer

    Happy Easter Basket!!!!!

  3. Lisa L

    Since it’s Spring….I’ll go with the “Petite Perfection Basket”

  4. sharmila Sil

    The Easter delights basket!

  5. debra affrunti


  6. Rajat Sil

    Dots & Delights!


    Since it is March still..I am going with the Happy Birthday Tin of cookies

  8. heather kline

    Delectable delightd basket

    • ckuhn

      CONGRATULATIONS to Heather Kline!!!! You are the winner of our Thursday Trivia question! One of Mrs.Fields representatives will be contacting you shortly. Thank you to everyone for playing! Come back next week for more Mrs. Fields trivia and your chance to win FREE cookies!

  9. Monica S

    easter delights basket

  10. Kristen G.

    Easter Delights Basket

  11. Brandy

    easter delight basket

  12. Summer

    Dot and Delights Basket

  13. Raelyn Warner

    Easter Delight Basket

  14. Lauren Reynolds

    Easter delight basket

  15. Lorraine

    Hippity Hoppity Pail :O)

  16. Amanda

    The Happy Easter Basket.

  17. Hollie

    Easter Delights Basket

  18. Andrea

    I think the “Easter Delights Basket” is your best seller!

  19. Ashley Griffin

    easter delight basket

  20. Esmeralda Gomez-Arroyo

    Easter Delight Basket

  21. Christina Jones

    Easter Delight Basket?? :)

  22. Dale Fish

    Easter Delight Basket!

  23. Rhonda

    Easter Delight Basket

  24. Mary Camp

    Easter Delights Basket!

  25. Darren

    Easter Delight Basket

  26. julie

    Easter Delight Basket

  27. Vanetta Harris

    Easter Delights Basket

  28. carmine daddario

    Easter Delights Basket

  29. pam masters

    springtime tin

  30. Desiree Rinedoller

    Easter Delights Basket

  31. Lorraine B.

    Easter Delights Basket

  32. Neal Trautloff

    Easter delights basket.

  33. Natalie Vandenberghe

    Spring Seeds Tin?

  34. mandi c.

    happy easter basket

  35. Jennifer

    Easter delights basket

  36. Violeta G.

    Easter delight basket!

  37. Ellen B

    Easter Delights Basket

  38. Molly Gomillion

    Easter Delights basket

  39. Erica Penner

    Dozens of Delights Basket

  40. Laura Leich

    Spring delights. If not I would say birthday delight tins

  41. Jane Sandona

    Easter Delights Basket. I hope!

  42. destiny

    It has to be the Easter Delights Basket :)

  43. Derek Maruyama

    Delectable Delights Gift Basket!

    – Since we are talking about the month of March, not April, I don’t think the Easter basket was the best seller. It will probably be the best seller in April, which is next month.

  44. Anna Cheung

    Delectable Delights

  45. stacy cornelius

    i love mrs fields cookies, im a mum expecting baby number 3 id love to win some free cookies,

  46. Leanna Schmidt

    Easter Delights Basket

  47. Helen Stockwell

    Dots and Delights Basket

  48. Demarrous

    Easter Delight Basket

  49. DEME

    Delectable Delights Gift Basket

  50. Nancy Barlow

    Delectable Delights Gift Basket

  51. Tingping

    Delectable Delights

  52. Crystal Platas

    Easter Delight Basket

  53. Mary C

    springtime tin

  54. Lori

    The Easter Delights Basket!! Perfect for Easter!

  55. christina

    Happy Easter Basket

  56. Tonya Fasshauer


  57. Tamara

    Top selling gift basket for April…….Easter Delights Basket

  58. Zan

    Easter Delights basket

  59. Aubrey Poggioli

    Delectable Delights

  60. Kristina

    Easter Delight Basket

  61. Jan Purnell

    Easter Delights Basket

  62. Mark

    easter delights basket

  63. meg

    Precious Present Box

  64. sandy j

    dots and delights basket

  65. arlene robertson

    easter delights basket

  66. elissa piascik

    sunshine collection

  67. Wendalyn Prather

    Easter Delights Basket! :)

  68. Diana M.

    Petite Perfection Basket

  69. Selena

    Easter Delights Basket

  70. Jeanne A Simon

    Delectable Delights

  71. Lisa S

    Nibblers Basket

  72. Maureen

    Carousel Bunny Box

  73. Reva

    I think the SpringTime Tin.

  74. Nancy Stymacks

    Easter delights basket

  75. Karen Knight

    Easter Delights Basket

  76. Leslie

    Easter Delights basket.

  77. Stefanie

    Easter Delights Basket

  78. Jeannette chevere

    Dots and delights?

  79. Barbara S.


  80. Connie

    Easter delights basket

  81. Tiffany G

    Easter Delights Basket

  82. Ashley

    dots and delights gift basket :)

  83. Michele

    any occasion gift basket :>

  84. ERICA B.

    Easter Delights Basket

  85. Cheryl U

    Delectable Delights basket

  86. Lori C.

    Easter Delights Basket

  87. Odessa Frey

    Springtime Tin

  88. kk

    Nibblers Basket. Thank you :-)

  89. Diane

    Easter Delights Basket

  90. Gail

    This was posted on March 31st. Assuming you mean best-selling for the month of March, I’m going to guess the Delectable Delights basket.

  91. karen

    Easter Delights Basket

  92. Shelley Johnson

    Easter Delights Basket

  93. Tracy Robertson

    Easter Delights Basket

  94. Dave

    Dots & Delights Basket

  95. Darnell Burrows

    For THIS month in March….the Delectable Delights.

  96. rachael k

    Delectable Delights

  97. Beth

    Easter Delight Basket

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