Birthday Sale for Blog Readers

Happy Birthday Tote

Happy Birthday Tote

I’m going to make a psychic prediction for you. Ready? Here goes: you need to buy several birthday presents during August and September.

You’re shocked at my accuracy, aren’t you?

Alright, I’m not really psychic. The fact of the matter is that there are historically more births in August and September than any other months. (Hmm, now we know what’s going on during those cold November and December nights, right?) And as you know, it can get stressful to find the perfect birthday present for each person on your list, not to mention expensive. I’m here to help you in both areas!

Exclusively for our wonderful blog readers, we’re offering a sale on nearly all of our birthday items. You’ll save 20% off our wide range of birthday gift boxes, totes, tins, and Big Cookie Cakes. You simply can’t go wrong with a Mrs. Fields birthday gift–fresh, fabulous, and always the right size. Shop the entire category and use special code BBDAY20 at checkout to receive your discount.

And did you know that you can pre-shop for any gift and select the exact date you want it delivered? That means you could take care of all your shopping now and go relax at the pool, stress-free. All your gifts will be delivered right on time.

Wait. I feel another psychic prediction coming on: you’re going to make a lot of people happy in the coming days. Guaranteed.

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One response to “Birthday Sale for Blog Readers

  1. Stefanie

    I love giving cookies for gifts, Mrs. Fields tastes so good!