Your Gifting Tips and a Giveaway

If there’s anything I’ve learned from this blog, it’s that our readers are smart, savvy and full of great ideas. I’ve shared some gifting tips with you (find them all here), but now I want to hear from you! What gifting tips do you have to share? ¬†What are your tips, tricks, and secrets that make your gifts and parties extra special?

Leave your ideas in a comment and be entered to win our Top Notch Thank You Box. You know, as our way of saying thanks! Plus, earn extra entries by spreading the news on facebook, Twitter, or your own blog. (Leave a comment for each thing you do.) Let the ideas flow!

Top Notch Thank You Box

Top Notch Thank You Box

Comments will be accepted until midnight, Sunday July 18th. One entry per person. Winner will be selected randomly and contacted via email.

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28 responses to “Your Gifting Tips and a Giveaway

  1. Marcie

    I always send guests home from a late night dinner party with a box of muffins for the following morning, along with the muffin recipe!

  2. Carol

    I like to knit, so I’ll often wrap guests in a homemade sweater or blanket–it’s functional and fabulous!

  3. My favorite gifting tip is to give gifts when they are least expected…on non-occasions and/or to celebrate small milestones.

    For example, I love giving baked goods anytime EXCEPT November-January (because people get so many cookies and cakes in those months).

    I also love giving small gifts throughout the year – just because. I know how exciting it is to get a special gift or card in the mail as a surprise so I love to create that feeling for others.

  4. Maureen

    I like to have something handmade be part of the gift. The recipient then is aware that love and thought went into the gift.

  5. Bill

    I really like to host a party, like a brunch, and send guests an email with event pictures and thanking them for attending.

  6. Don

    I love to surprise people with random kind acts, like leaving a basket of flowers or cookies on a neighboor’s doorstep anonymously…The best gifts are from the heart (and from Mrs Fields!)

  7. Maria

    Lots of cellophane. I use it to make gifts look extra fancy…oh, and curly ribbon…let’s not forget that.

  8. Stefanie

    I think gift giving is all about being personal and not how much money you spend. I love to bake cookies and cupcakes for friends, and will always make their favorite flavors. For hostess gifts, I love to bring something that they can use, such as a tool for the kitchen, or a pretty candle to fragrant their home. For holidays and birthdays I always keep a few small presents on hand in case I have to give something at last minute and I shop year round if I have a gift idea for someone to find the best deal. I also love to give gifts for no reason, just to make someone smile. I don’t think there is a wrong gift, as long as it is personal and thought out. The best gift ever of course is Mrs. Fields which makes everyone smile =)

  9. I think my biggest gift giving tip is to listen to your friends and make mental notes of their likes/preferences – I always find special items unique to my friends that fit their personalities to a tee!

  10. Kristina Crank

    We love to make handmade gifts. For teachers we decorate hand sanitizer bottles with school themes. We also love to make up candy/muffin/fruit baskets for new moms and just for a random gift.

  11. Gifting tip:
    A little something for everyone. I know for children’s parties the other attending children are often sent away with little goodie bags. When you have a party that’s more centered around adults, it’s nice to have a little something to take home with us as well. Or even something like a picture taken of the group or a mini album put together to be sent later.

  12. Shared on Facebook.

  13. I love to surprise my friends with meaningful gifts. If I am out shopping or traveling and see an item that is perfect for someone, I pick it up and give it to them immediately.

    At the holidays, I start making my list in early November so I can take advantage of early season sales and also avoid the mall during the crazy months of December! If I order online ahead of time, I can also use economy shipping to save money.

  14. Hopefully this isn’t a repost, but i’ve refreshed and can’t find my last post. Here it is again:

  15. Carolyn

    I make sure to have a present for each family member–if I order cookies for the family, I always have a batch of doggie treats for the family pet! If I buy a present for a friend, I always include a little something for their daughter or son…peope and animlas love to be remembered

  16. Donald

    I definitely over decorate my gifts with tons of ribbon, bows and pretty paper–my friends and family love the wrapping as much as the present

  17. Beth

    The thought counts–choc chip cookies for my chocaholic friends, nut free for some or gluten free if necessary!

  18. Jocelyn

    I’m not very good at doing this, but I like to keep my gift “closet” full of things that I have found on sale. That way it takes the stress out when I need a gift. Instead of going out and buying something over priced, I just head to my closet :)

  19. Amanda

    I love to have homemade cookies or muffins for the host to have the next day, not to share at the party but just for her and her family after a successful party.

  20. Katie

    I’ve found that spending a little bit of extra time to nicely wrap a gift (with all the bows and trimmings) can make even a small gift extra special. And if I’m mailing a gift, I’ll even take time to decorate the outside of the package too–I especially like to put cute paper cut-outs on the box!

  21. Katie

    tweeted. :)

  22. susitravl

    I’m not very creative so no great tips from me. I keep things on hand to give as last minute gifts and if I don’t have the perfect thing, then I cook. And my 17 yr old DD is very artistic, so she does all the packaging, wrapping so everything at least has a beautiful presentation.

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  24. I love the idea of cookies and a keepsake container as a gift. This box is beautiful.