A Sweet Story

It started with a caring teacher, Ms. Parker, who always refers to the students in her class as “smart cookies.” For Teacher Appreciation Week, each class decorated a door for their teacher. Ms. Parker’s class had no trouble at all coming up with an idea for their door.

That’s Aly Starbuck there. She’s one of the smart cookies.

Let’s zoom in for the close up, shall we?

So adorable!

We caught wind of this story and it thrilled us because we love teachers. And we love smart little creative cookies who do nice things for their teachers. So, we decided to surprise all of them with some gourmet goodies. Rumor has it that it took three students to carry this basket of cookies and brownies down the hall to the classroom.

But wait, the story gets sweeter. Much to our delight, we got our own surprise a few days later–hand-written cards and pictures from Ms. Parker’s class, thanking us for the surprise. It brightened the entire office!

Kindness begets kindness begets kindness begets kindness. It’s quite simple, isn’t it?

A big Thank You to Ms. Parker and her entire first grade class of smart cookies at Viewmont Elementary School! Keep up the good work.

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4 responses to “A Sweet Story

  1. Stefanie

    What a great story and a fun way to show teachers how amazing they are.

  2. Aww that is all too sweet! Happiness and cheer for everyone :).

  3. This is the coolest story I’ve read in a long time!! Ms. Parker was one of my university math methods’ (class to teach HOW to teach math) students and I knew from the first day that she was going to make a fabulous teacher. Then I had the opportunity to be one of her field placement supervisors and had the opportunity to see her in action!! There was no doubt that she would be one of those teachers student never forget. Congratulations, Ms. Parker on becoming an outstanding teacher!!! Hugs!

  4. What a creative way to honor a teacher…and how fun that you got involved by donating cookies + treats!