The Best Easter Baskets (Plus, a Giveaway!)

What is an Easter celebration without a beautiful basket? If you’re looking for inspiration, let me recommend a few of my Easter favorites that are guaranteed to delight the dear ones on your list.

Wanna see something irresistible? Bite-sized cookies, brownies, and candy in this colorful Easter Edibles Basket–perfect for sharing!

Easter Edibles Basket

Easter Edibles Basket

Our Carrot Patch Basket features our melt-in-your-mouth frosted cookies in this classic wicker basket. Festive and delicious!

Carrot Patch Basket

Carrot Patch Basket

The Coming Up Daisies Basket features a mixture of our classic original cookies and frosted cookies. It’s the most beautiful pairing since sugar and butter.

Coming Up Daisies Basket

Coming Up Daisies Basket

And, finally, I’m smitten with our Hippity Hoppity Pail–filled with a medley of cookies and candy–my favorite pick for little ones who are ready for the hunt!

Hippity Hoppity Pail

Hippity Hoppity Pail

In fact, I love the Hippity Hoppity Pail so much, I’m giving one away! Enter by leaving a comment answering this question: Do you eat your decorated Easter eggs? (I do! I love them with butter, salt and pepper!)

(Entries will be accepted until midnight, Thursday, March 25. One entry per person, please. Winner will be selected randomly and announced Friday, the 26th.)

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27 responses to “The Best Easter Baskets (Plus, a Giveaway!)

  1. um…YESSS!!!! 😀

  2. Marcie


  3. Carol

    Yes, we make toad in the hole with them, the kids love it!

  4. Jennifer

    We actually blow the yolk out of the egg through 2 small holes at the top and bottom so we can enjoy them as decorations longer!

  5. JL

    Nope, they are too pretty to eat!

  6. don

    Yup, they are yummy!

  7. Bill

    We make ham frittatas with leftover Easter ham and the Easter eggs

  8. Jan

    I do eat the Easter eggs — and we love our egg salad sandwiches, too!!

  9. Katherine

    My family always eats our decorated Easter Eggs–but we leave the prettiest ones for last. :)

  10. Blogicious

    No, I don’t.

    They are so pretty-ful that I leave them out ages after Easter and they go bad.



  11. maureen

    As long as the eggs haven’t been out of the frig too long of course I would eat the hard boiled eggs.

  12. Christine

    I like to put them on display until they go bad or my mom eats them. :-)

  13. Debbie Welchert

    Yes. We make potato salad, add them to our salads, and just plain eat them. Yummy…

  14. Stefanie

    What cute baskets! I definitely eat the decorated eggs because something about making scrambled eggs from a beautifully dyed egg makes them taste so much better! We save the prettiest ones and use them on the table as a centerpiece and then enjoy the rest.

  15. Judith Greenberg

    It depends on how they’ve been handled and how long they’ve been out. So, my answer is sometimes!

    I love the pretty baskets you’ve shown in this blog.

  16. Yes, though i’ve never tried them with butter. I just may now.

  17. Pat

    Yes with a little ketchup, salt & pepper!

  18. Amanda

    Of course!!! we love them!

  19. Stephanie Grant

    Yes after we hide em’ for the kids and they find em’ we all eat em’ with salt and pepper!

  20. Austin

    We decorate and eat them in the same night!

  21. Maria

    You mean, people don’t eat their decorated eggs? Well, indeed we do! In the form of egg salad…delish!

  22. Tina Fisher

    I personaly prefer the plastic eggs. :)

  23. Kaitrin Miller

    Yes, we love eating our decorated eggs – usually as deviled eggs. But candy eggs are our favorite!!

  24. Claudia

    Absolutely! something about the vinegar in the dye bath makes them taste even better. And that lovely crackled dyed look. Yum.

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  26. Susie Crabill

    YES I DO!