Happy Houseful Cookie Jar Giveaway

Happy Houseful Cookie Jar

Happy Houseful Cookie Jar

Welcome, March, it’s so nice to see you!┬áLet’s start the month off on a great note, shall we? That’s right, with a fabulous cookie jar giveaway.

I love everything about our Happy Houseful Cookie Jar, featured in our Easter catalog–the colors, the incredible form, the characters, and the overall emotion. I love that it represents a humble home filled with love.

Once again, our Creative Director Ronnie Kell has designed a one-of-a-kind keepsake for us filled with intricate detail, emotion, and character. Similar to our other collectible cookie jars, this jar underwent an extensive creation process–multiple ceramic molds and firings and color tests before it was hand-painted and glazed and ready for production.

Of course, my favorite thing about Ronnie’s cookie jar designs are all those little details. It seems that every time I look at one of these jars, I find a new little component to appreciate. As you can see, this jar is truly a work of art. My favorite detail? I’m drawn to that smile on the Mama Bunny’s face–so subtle and sweet.

How would you like this keepsake (filled with my gourmet cookies, of course) for your countertop? I’m giving one away to a lucky reader. Enter to win by leaving a comment that answers this question: What’s your favorite detail on the Happy Houseful Cookie Jar?

Bonus! Earn extra entries by spreading the word about this giveaway. How?
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Please leave a new comment for every entry!

(Entries will be accepted until midnight, Sunday, March 7th.)

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22 responses to “Happy Houseful Cookie Jar Giveaway

  1. Maureen

    I love the mushrooms on the roof/lid of the jar.

  2. Jennifer

    I love all the mushrooms on the cookie jar!

  3. I love how all the baby bunnies are all looking at mamma bunny.

  4. Maria

    So, I LOVE the bunnies…sniiiiiiif!

  5. Maria

    I posted on The Facebook…and I still LOVE the bunnies…sniiiiiif…again!

  6. Maria

    Again, I STILL love the bunnies…and, I’ve tweeted!

  7. Stefanie

    My favorite part of the cookie jar are all the bunnies, especially the little ones holding the eggs and peeking out the windows. I would love to win this!

  8. Marcie

    I love the vibrant colors

  9. Carol

    Love the mushrooms on the roof, so cute!

  10. Don

    Those bunnies are adorable, each is unique!

  11. JL

    I adore this jar, and the cookies that would fill it–the detail is incredible, I love how each bunny is doing its own activity, so clever and perfect for spring!

  12. Beth

    Really love this house, my children would take good care of it–and wouldn’t mind the cookies either. My favorite part is the mushrooms on the roof, the detail is just incredible, truly a work of art and I would be most proud to display it in my home!

  13. Bill

    I really love this jar, those bunnies are TOO cute, would love to win this, thanks Mrs. Fields!

  14. kat

    i love the bunny peaking out of the upper window. darling.

  15. Christine

    The mom bunny with her children are absolutely adorable!

  16. adrian

    the flowers are a great detail

  17. Katie

    I love the bunny in the window!

  18. Katie

    I just tweeted about this post. That cookie jar would be such a cute Easter gift!

  19. susitravl

    Love the little bunny in the window – so cute!

  20. Susan

    This is such a cute cookie jar! The bunnies are so cute, and I love how there’s even little flowers on the side of the house.

  21. Debbie Welchert

    I love how the baby bunnies on the bottom are looking at their mommy like she’s the whole world. Great Cookie Jar.

  22. Claudia

    Love the little guy hanging out the window. He will know where EVERY egg is hidden. Naughty, just like me.