Bring Your Home to Life for Halloween

Here’s a great idea brought to me by one of our staffers. It’s a clever way to decorate your home for Halloween and it couldn’t be easier.

That’s right; add googly eyes to chairs, lamps, clocks, mantels, walls, etc., and watch your enchanted house come to life! Be sure to have a gaggle of these googly eyeballs on hand because the kids will really get into this activity. (Remember to use masking tape to avoid damaging any surfaces.)

Pretty witty, don’t you think?

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3 responses to “Bring Your Home to Life for Halloween

  1. I’ve seen those beady little eyes before….I loved that idea the first time I saw it and I love it still. In fact, every time I see googly eyes, I think my friend who is far, far away! :)

  2. Mia

    Oh I do love the googly eyes!

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