A Jar is Born

Without a doubt, the stars of every catalog we produce are the collectible cookie jars. Each one is exclusively designed by our Creative Director, Ronnie Kell, and custom made for Mrs. Fields, taking a lengthy journey from sketch to finished product before it is ready for its photo shoot and catalog appearance.

And every cookie jar has a story behind it.  

For example, the Creepy Cottage Cookie Jar in the fall catalog is the star that began in development over a year ago. Ronnie was inspired by childhood memories of the story of Hansel and Gretel who happen upon an enchanted cottage filled with delicious treats. Well, the idea of the cottage took hold and soon he was sketching dragon scale shingles, spider webs, black cats, and a crumbly chimney–a whimsical Halloween version of the cottage, with just the right amount of creepy and cute!

Below, on the left, is Ronnie’s sketch, which he turned over to the sculptor. On the right is the sculptor’s “rough clay” rendition of the image, made and photographed for approval. Pretty cool, huh?Creepy Cottage Sculpture(Seriously, this is like watching the making of Jurassic Park!) Once the sculpture has been approved, it is turned over to a mold-maker who begins a highly-technical and painstaking process of creating a mold. This particular jar actually required 15 different molds because of all of the attachments, such as the black cat and ghost on the roof. (Each little “extra” requires another mold.)

By the way, did you know that there are only a handful of factories in the world who employ mold makers skilled enough to make a jar such as this? It’s true. 

Back to the story: liquid clay is poured into the molds and left to set. Once dry, each mold is carefully cleaned by hand to remove any lines. This partially dried clay is now called “greenware” and all the attachments are now put together by hand (using water to create an adhesive). Next, it takes a six-hour bake in a 980 degree centigrade kiln. When it comes out, it is now referred to as “whiteware” because the green clay has turned white! The whiteware jar is now ready for color and more approvals from Ronnie. Skilled painters hand-paint each jar and send it to the kiln again for another six-hour bake before it gets a clear coat glaze (for that beautiful shine!) and one more trip to the kiln–this time at 1000 degrees centigrade! (Holy hotness, Batman!)

A sample jar is finally created! By the time it reaches Ronnie’s hands, he’s ready to wrap it in a baby blanket and feed it a warm bottle! It’s a real labor of love, from start to finish! But, eventually, all the hard work pays off and another beautiful, decorative piece is added to the Mrs. Fields collection.  And by that time, Ronnie has already started on his next design.  It’s the circle of life. Well, maybe not life, but the circle of cookie jar design! Isn’t it bee-yoo-tee-ful?Creepy Cottage Cookie Jar

Now that you know its story, how would you like this must-have cookie jar on your countertop for Halloween? Leave a comment answering this question:  What’s your favorite detail on the Creepy Cottage Cookie Jar? You’ll be entered to win one of your own, filled with delectable goodies, fresh from the Mrs. Fields kitchen!

(One comment per person, please. Comments must be received by midnight on Wednesday, October 21st. Winner will be randomly selected.)

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621 responses to “A Jar is Born

  1. I love the ghost holding a pumpkin on the roof–so cute!

  2. Maria

    The green, curly stem on the smiling pumpkin! Darling!

  3. Colleen Stadnick

    Oh, my! It’s so hard to choose just one, but the little ghost with the pumpkin on the roof is so cute. What a marvelous work of art!

  4. I like the spider and web… so cute!

  5. Elise

    love the “Ghost’s”1111

  6. Debbie Bell

    I think that the little black cat on the top of the roof that is screeching at all the ghoulish goings-on below is a delightful touch!

  7. Jennifer

    I like the black ghost coming out from the front door…the way his arm wraps around the front of the door. Awesome.

  8. Very hard to choose, but I do love the little ghost on the roof, holding the pumpkin. You can’t help but smile when you look at him!
    Beautiful work of art!

  9. Carol

    Very cute!! The smiling pumpkin at the door is just perfect!

  10. Samantha Daleo

    I love the look on the black cats face…too cute!

  11. Sarah Ritchie

    Definitely the green curly stem of the pumpkin greeting guests at the front door!

  12. Catherine

    I like the black cat stuck on the roof!

  13. Jennifer Sullivan

    I like the contrast of the friendly ghost on the roof to the scary ghost coming out the window.

  14. Kathie

    The best detail is the house itself – truly an old delapidated haunted house!

  15. Isabella

    Really? Just one thing? Everything is just adorable. I love the spider and web.

  16. nicole kaplan

    although i love the ghost on the roof i think my favorite is the really cool chimney.

  17. Agnes Nemeth

    Its all so cute! Just love the ghost with pumkin on roof. I love it all!

  18. Gerie

    Definitely love the black cat creeping around on the roof!

  19. Christina

    I like the way chimney looks like it’s about to fall off. It’s a really cute jar.

  20. Jennifer

    I really like that the house looks so old and crumbling.

  21. Colleen

    The vague figures of ghosts inside the window and then one actually coming through it is a clever touch and very detailed!

  22. Jan Stephenson

    I like the cat on the roof

  23. Denise

    I like the smiling ghost with the pumpkin on the roof.

  24. Aimee

    I like the black cat with it’s opened mouth so very cute!!!

  25. Jannette

    The spooky titled chimney

  26. Kelley

    The ghosts and pumpkins are all very cute, but my favorite is the black spirit coming out from the front door! Very cool. :)

  27. Laura Maklary

    My favorite part are the Mrs. Fields brownies, which I treasure, that are inside it!!!

  28. Paula

    I used to do ceramics so I know what is involved and oh my, the detail of the whole jar is amazing.

  29. Jamie

    I like the black ghost and crooked door

  30. Deborah

    I like the ghost hiding behind the pumpkin and the leaning chimney. Having a past at pottery and painting from the greenware and the bisque stage I appreciate all the work that goes into each jar. They are truely individualized pieces of art.

  31. Ashley

    I love the exposed brick, the cat on the roof, just every little detail, so cute!

  32. Carol

    I love the cat on the roof — not only is he cute, but it’s a perfect spot for a black cat! And what’s Halloween without a black cat?

  33. Ann Waddoups

    I love it black cat on the roof, how cute, and he looks like he’s just watching over everything. ann

  34. Lucy Cromas

    I love this.

  35. I LOVE the dark ghost coming out of the house – so mysterious and cute! :)

  36. Jackie

    I love the black cat on the roof! (I also love that even though it is all supposed to be creepy and scary, the ghosts and jack-o-lantern are all smiling!)

  37. Diane

    I Love the black cat!

  38. Dorothy Tatom

    The crooked chimney has to be the creepiest of all details on the cookie jar. Who would ever have a crooked chimney?:)

  39. Dayna Speed

    By far it’s the black ghost coming through the front door! He’s original because he’s a little scarier looking than normal ghosts, but he fits in perfectly with the motif. I LOVE this cookie jar!!! :-)

  40. Gerald Madsen

    All of the details are amazing, but the tiled roof and slightly crumbling chimney (perfect as a handle to open the cookie jar) are really impressive.

  41. Jennifer

    The whole thing is just awesome!

  42. David Dockery

    I love the black cat…Halloween is his time to shine and he looks great…

  43. Kathy

    That’s amazing! It’s food!

  44. Susan

    I love the bright colors and the little ghost holding the pumpkin on the roof is my favorite!

  45. Nalani Sheils

    The detail on the brickwork on the side of the house is just so detailed!

  46. Kelly

    I love the smiling ghost on the roof hiding behind the pumpkin!

  47. Jennie

    I actually love the details of the crooked chimney!

  48. Clifford Kalinowski

    I like the black cat on the roof.

  49. Shelly Reynolds

    I love the beautiful colors and the creativeness and wimsy of the haunted house! It makes me smile!

  50. Erika

    I think it has a “Nightmare Before Halloween” feel….great decor piece, not just for cookies!

  51. Kendra

    I love how the front door looks like the top of a coffin

  52. Kimberly Jones

    I love cookie jars, they are a work of art in themselves. The house is clasic with brick still showing, but the plaster underneath coming thru. It reminds me of an old house out in the woods when I was a child that had been abandoned. We all were afraid to go inside!! Spooky yet perfect for your counter & candy or cookies.

  53. I like the creepy spider web with the spider in it on the facade of the house.

  54. Kathy

    I love the vibrant colors. My favorite is the black cat on the roof top.

  55. Becki

    The smiling ghose on the roof behind the pumpkin is absolutely adorable! Very cool for the holiday, but not dark & scary. I love it!

  56. Pam

    I especially like the crumbly chimney; the black ghost coming out the door is especially creepy.. I love it! Amazing process!

  57. Becky

    Great cookie jar! My favorite detail is the jack-o-lantern with the big smile ready to greet you at the doorway.

  58. jeanine

    I love the detail and art work in the rickety chimney. It looks so real!

  59. Cassandra Williams

    I love that cat on the roof it looks just like my zoey

  60. Karen Cameron

    I like the way the orange/brown chimney twists and curves just like a old scary house would in the woods :)

  61. Jennifer Matteo

    It is a tough choice, it’s all so cute.. but my favorite detail would have to be all those little bricks, from the front (showing through the purple plaster) to the chimney crumbling.. It’s a true haunted cottage, that had to take some work.. great job!!!

  62. Patricia Ziegler

    I love the facial expression on the ghost above the doorway. He has that “Ah,hah! I’ve got you!” look.

  63. Chrissy Robinson

    I love the intricate bricks of the house and the chimney…the best part is that they are all random sized and sticking out here and there for the perfect effect of an old haunted house.

  64. Ann Ibarra

    I like the ghost coming out the front door. The door looks like the lid of a coffin coming off. Very cute. Loads of love went into making this.

  65. Sue

    I love the detail in the house itself…the crooked chimney, the cracking stucco with the bricks exposed on the corners. Very cute!

  66. Nora

    I think it’s wonderful. It shows the child in all of us never leaves!

  67. Beth

    I love the way you can’t even tell it’s a cookie jar, the top blends seamlessly! It makes it like a Halloween sculpture. And if I don’t tell my boys, maybe they’ll never discover there are yummy cookies inside and I’ll have them all to myself!

  68. Dawn

    The detail of the shingles on the roof and the bricks on the chimney.

  69. Mark Lammlein

    Halloween is great and what a lovely compliment to everyones home display !!!

  70. Karen

    Hey – It’s Halloween so I like the scary black ghost waiting to greet his victims…oh I mean guests!

  71. Mac

    I’m a batty person! I love the bat!

  72. Brandie McCaleb

    This cookie jar is so cute it does kind of remind me of the hansel and gretel story.

  73. Jennie Romine

    I love everything, but i especially love the crooked door and the black figure standing in the doorway.

  74. Graylee

    I like the Black kitty…looks just like mine… MEOWWWWW (~_~)

  75. Gloria Pope

    I love the house design. The underlying brick showing through and the cracks. It seems real. Also, I like the fact it is a Happy holloween house. the emphasis on each part is excellent. the design was very well thought out.

  76. Eileen Girvin

    I think the detail of the door being half off with the black ghost being back lit…this is my favorite as it really shows artistic detail!

  77. Sadie

    I like the exposed brick on the front of the house. Nice detail!

  78. Karen C

    I love the ghost coming out of the upstairs window with a look of mischief in his eyes!

  79. Elizabeth S

    The chimney is adorable with the details of the crooked bricks.

  80. Solomon

    I like the black cat on top of the house. I love cats.

  81. Christian

    The Black Ghost at the front door is the best!

  82. Susan Craig

    The real live cat is trying to be as scary as the supernatural ghouls and goblin… but we know better!

  83. Karen C

    I love the ghost in the second floor window with the look of mischief in his eyes.

  84. Nancy

    I’m impressed by the ‘distressed’ look of the bricks and wood framing of the roof and around the door and window sill. Looks so real.

  85. Kym E

    I like the ghost with the pumpkin on the roof.

  86. Frances Bilotta

    All the colors and details on the house are wonderful but I really adore the black kitty on the roof because I have 2 black kitties. Black cats really live up to their reputations; they are all (my current black kitties are the third ones I’ve had)very mystical, peculiar and have distinct personalities. So I especially enjoy the expression of this black cat on the roof, it’s perrfect!!!

  87. Joanne Tuckman

    I love the detail of the house, especially the exposed brick on the two corners and on the chimney.

  88. karen

    I like the little ghost coming out of the broken front door, just what you would expect in a haunted house.

  89. Krys S

    I love the detail on the chimney and corners of the house to simulate bricks and the vibrant colors! Way to go Mrs Fields for a terrific looking cookie jar!

  90. Heather Karlsberg

    It’s really all lovely. I do love the chimney though. The details are amazing.

  91. Shirley Hodge

    Although everything including the cottage itself is a work of art and picking one specific part is difficult but I guess I would choose the black cat. I love cats, have 3 of my own so that seems the most natural. It is really a great prize and now I will go and cross fingers. Boy would my grandaughters be jealous and would probably fight over who would get it in my will. Ha! Ha! Happy Fright Night.

  92. Wilma Wong

    I love the whole cottage thing – the cookie jar captures everything Halloween (black cat, ghosts, jack ‘o lantern/pumpkins, bat, spider/spider web, broken door, leaning chimney and all the Halloween colors!!

  93. Sandy

    Love the black cat on top. Adds just the right touch for Halloween

  94. Barbara Wilson

    As I love cats, I like the little black kitty on the roof, also the crooked chimney! It is really cute, more than a cookie jar, it is holiday decor.

  95. Diane

    I like all the colors of it, they blend so nicely. Plus the bat and the spider add those finishing touches!

  96. Linda Rusch

    I love the crooked chimney. It give the house an aged spooky look. It looks like it might crumble and fall off at any time. It’s also handy for getting at the goodies inside!

  97. Elise

    My favorite is the black cat on the roof. It is so cute and it makes me think of all the black cats in our neighborhood.

  98. Lisa Chauvin

    I just love the roof shingles, and the chimney. It’s very cartoonish, and I love the style. Very whimsical and fun!

  99. Kim

    I love the spider on the front of the cottage. There is nothing scarier than a big black spider.

  100. Martha Hudson

    I love the cat and the ghost on the roof..too cute !

  101. Adele Holman

    I love the whole idea of a halloween cookie jar. I collect them and would love this one. But, my favorite part is the ghost on top with the pumpkin, so happy and cute.

  102. Brian Flatley

    I love it! Especially the mischievous looking ghosts!

  103. Jill

    I think the ghost holding the pumpkin on the roof is adorable. I also love the way the ghost cookies are placed on the cookie jar!

  104. B Justen

    This is very striking – the colors, the shape of the cottage, and the fun childlike characters jump right out at you.

  105. Ravi

    If I had to choose one thing about the jar, it would have to be the chimney. It adds such a fun 3-dimensional look to the jar. In addition, it’s fabulous that it’s not just a straight up and down chimney, it makes the jar very fun….like a fun house/scary house, something you’d go into at a local fair. Great job!!

  106. Michele

    If it comes to details, it has to be the chimney! To be able to show all the bricks and have it bend is incredible!

  107. Kathy

    I love the little laughing ghost hanging out of the front window.

  108. rose r

    Thanks for the contest. The details in the cookie jar are pretty incredible. Very vibrant colors also.

  109. Tara

    I love the crooked chimney n door. The way things are not in their traditional “places” gives the cottage that extra special spooky feeling!

  110. Kathy

    I love the detail in the painting. Each line accentuated on the pumpkins, the spider webs….such great art work. The coloring is magnificent. These remind me of the ceramic houses my grandmother used to display over the holidays.

    Thanks for the contest!

  111. barb

    I love the roof with the cat and the ghost.

  112. Tami Powers

    I absolutely love the pumpkins and their details. They look real! A really cute cookie jar.

  113. Quynh

    Love the intricate details of this cookie jar, but the the smiling jack o’ lantern is the cutest!

  114. cathy

    Lovin’ the chimney…all of those individual bricks and the funky angles-very cool.

  115. Gloria Johnson

    My favorite detail on the Creepy Cottage Cookie Jar is the brick work. It is so detailed. The whole cookie jar is beautiful.

  116. Dyanna

    I like the fact that the ‘paint’ is peeling exposing the brick underneath. It’s a nice detail.

  117. Dana

    adorable!I like the Ghost on the roof with the pumpkin too though the whole thing is cute :)

  118. Marjorie

    Looking at the top photos of the before painted cookie jar, it looks like there is more detail on the sides and back of the house. are those headstones? if they are I like the way it looks like a graveyard in the back of the house. What I like about the entire cookie jar is the spider which the body is raised up a bit cool effect! The roof looks like its made out of small stones. nice!

  119. SuzAnne Keith

    I love the bat in the Attic!

  120. Maureen Peters

    I think the haunted cottage jar is adorable! The ghost on the roof with the pumpkin is my favorite, but the cat and crooked chimney are worth mentioning for the added charm.

  121. Nancy

    I love the friendly ghost on the roof!!!

  122. Ronda

    I cannot pick just one detail, the entire cottage is spooky, but fun for kids of all ages!

  123. I just love the way the entire cottage makes me laugh like a kid again! The colors are so full, the characters look like they are having so much fun! It makes me giggle! My favorite detail is the black cat.

  124. Kathy Silva

    I love the colors – nice and scary!!!

  125. Lisa

    I think everything looks great! My favorite part of the cottage are the cracks, just below the black kitty. The cracks give the cottage the old, creepy appearance.

  126. Rebecca

    I actually like the use of black and white ghosts. I know it sounds odd, but my elementary school aged son asked me the other day why ghosts were always white and I didn’t have an answer for him that seemed appropriate. Now I can show him this adorable cookie jar and tell him that there are ghosts of many colors. :) And they all come bearing delicious treats!

  127. Stacy Hinton

    Definitely the bat at the top. My son (4 years old) is obsessed with anything Halloween…especially bats!

  128. Brenda Riley

    My favorite is the black cat, because I used to have one named Savage. I wouldn’t let him out of the house on Halloween.

  129. Vicki Truax

    The bricks are even fun!

  130. Marcia Mantei

    I love the spider perched on his spiderweb on the front of the house but I especially like the black goblin coming out of the front door! It screams Halloween!!!!!!!!

  131. Kristy

    The entire jar is great but I especially like all of the attention to the details. Such as in the bricks, behind the window upstairs, in the roof, it the purple background behind the ghosts, the tip of the cats tail and in the grass. Maybe it is because I used to build models in college and I appreciate the attention to detail or maybe because it is just that cute!

  132. Susan

    I’m a cat person, so naturally, it is the black cat on top. But the entire cottage its great. It would blend in so well with my lighted Halloween village.

  133. Cindy Galindo

    I love the cottage! It’s so cute! It depicts everything about halloween.

  134. kim

    I like that cat on the roof looks like he is into some trouble!!!

  135. Kristine

    I love the scaredy-cat on the roof.

  136. Elisa

    I love the howling black cat! They still always scare me a little!

  137. It’s got to be the black cat! It’s just not Halloween without a scary black cat.

  138. Dan Hamond

    We love the Ghost and Cat on the roof. Yum

  139. Mary M

    I love everything about this cookie jar! It puts me in the “Halloween Spirit” just by looking at it.

  140. Cheryl

    I love how it looks as if the plaster has actually fallen off the house which has left the brick showing, which makes it look old and creepy but yet inviting.

  141. Rose Nevison

    I totally love the whole concept of the Creep Cottage Cookie Jar. Awesome work. I just imagine the “Pumpkin Cookies” inside.

  142. Mary Edmiston

    I really love the whole house every detail is so unique from the dragon scale roof top to the offset bricks. It give the appearance of a spooky old haunted house but with such beauty. It makes me smile and takes me back to my childhood and how much I enjoyed halloween!!!!

  143. Kelly

    I like the black ‘phantom’ in the doorway. He’s spooooooky.

  144. Actually, the characters are all great , but I was drawn in by the shape of the cottage…very artistic and almost cartoon-like..very fun!

  145. Nancy Montgomery

    I like the spider and the web on the wall. II have those at home.


  147. Erica Greca

    I like the spider. Thanks!

  148. Gayle Oreluk

    I love the cat on the roof. It just adds the right amount whimsy and charm to the Halloween house.

  149. Heather

    My son, who is turning 5 in November, thinks it is wonderful! I work by a Mrs. See’s and once a week purchase him some cookies as a treat and all this will kick off our Halloween adventure!

  150. Desare Burdick

    I want this cookie jar!!! I LOVE all the detail in it. Love the little pumpkins

  151. Melanie

    It’s definitely hard to choose. At first I thought I, too, liked the roof top best of all. Then I decided that I really like the way the door entrance is made and the black ghost appears from the door. It’s all really creative.

  152. Deborah

    I love the details of the entire jar. But what I love the most is the happy/scary ghost coming out of the window!

  153. Brandy

    I like the whole thing. Its very old haunted house. With just the right touch. But what makes this jar are the Mrs. Fields COOKIES. Really the cookie jar is great. But none of us would be on this sight if you would’ve never made those delicious cookies…

  154. Ingra Williams

    My absolute favorite which I don’t think anyone mentioned…how about death at your door…creepy!!
    At first I thought is was a black ghost but no…it’s death! Go away…

  155. Karlene

    I love the spider and the web. Nothing scarey is complete without a spider. LOVE the entire jar!

  156. Leslie

    I love it! When I read that it is made from 15 different molds makes me realize that what hard work was put into this to come up this beautiful haunted house! :)

  157. Cara

    So funny that I got this email today. My mother in law’s birthday is next week and every year we send her a creepy boquet or arrangment of some sort because she loves Halloween. I saw this on FTD’s site and went to Mrs. Fields to order it. She’ll have it on Monday! I love this jar, its the perfect combination of spooky and cute, truly. I had no idea that much work went into the making of it, it makes it that much more special. I would love to have one of my own!

  158. Susanne

    Truly love the entire concept. It’s a beautiful piece that will spook up anyone’s Halloween counter. My favorite part would be filling it with cookies and watching the faces of all who wonder as the stick their hand inside!Will it be a trick or a treat?

  159. Diane

    The crooked chimney and crooked little house are so cute and give it that “homey” feeling.

  160. Luana

    My favorite detail on the Creep Cottage Cookie jar is the spider and its web. I live an area where there are spiders everywhere. I appreciate the detail. As a matter of fact, this one looks like it could be real.

  161. Lisa

    Love it! The goblin at the doorway! He/She is awesome!

  162. Darcy B

    I love the black cat on the roof—I also love the general tone of it–scary things–but friendly–smiling ghosts and jack-o-lanterns.

  163. Sharon Jones

    I love that it has all the things that represent Halloween such as bats, cats, pumpkins, ghosts and a haunted house!

  164. i like this because it brings out the joy of holloween and the fall also mrs. fields cookies are really good so the cookies go with this kind of cookie jar

  165. I love the ghost on the roof holding the pumpkin; the whole cookie jar presentation looks great!

  166. Merrie

    I love the ghost coming out of the window. The whole cottage is so cute for Halloween.

  167. Clydia

    Ghosts look so real , but the door half fallen
    over appeals to me most!

  168. Margaret

    I love the smiling pumpkin next to the front door. Also, the ghost on the roof with the pumpkin is oh so cute. It’s nice to have smiles on Halloween.

  169. Cathy

    I love the little ghost on the roof. Looks like he is going to push it over the top or he thinks he is able to hide from the other ghosts.

  170. Cris

    I just have to go with the black cat on the roof. How could I choose anything else, when I am the proud owner of a 9-year-old, black kitty?

  171. Joan Stasiak

    My favorite detail is the black kitty on the roof!!

  172. It is hard to pick one thing, so I picked the roof top. I absolutely love the chimney and the ghost coming out of the roof. Of course, being an animal lover the cat is nice touch too. All the detail shows so well.

  173. soha sahwan

    It is gorgeous cottage jar, every thing fantastic.. I like the black cat on the house roof, also the spider is soo scary.The broken door with the ghost is scoopy thing.

  174. Definitely that sweet little ghost on the rooftop!
    He rocks!

  175. Melissa

    I like the simple touch of the crooked chimney!

  176. cheri

    I like the woobly chimney. It give the house character!

  177. I love the haunted house design in general. I like the fact that it is whimsical and not scary. The ghosts coming out of the front door and the upstairs window look really neat.

  178. Patsy Payne

    My favorite is the authenticity of the entire product. Too cute!!

  179. Pat Baier

    I LOVE the “Creepy Cottage Cookie Jar”!!! Total “Halloween” experience, ghosts, pumpkins, spider with web, I especially like the Black Ghost at the front door!!

  180. Margaret Smith

    I love the black cat on the top of the roof

  181. Dede

    The tilting, almost crumbling, chimney adds to the rustic charm of this Halloween cottage, and I love the cat and ghost seemingly playing tag on the roof.

  182. Shelbie Johnston

    The black cat on the roof!

  183. Katmagick

    I love it all but my favorite would have to be the black cat on the roof. She looks like my black cat. That really is adorable. Halloween is definitely my favorite holiday. Its just so much fun.

  184. Maureen

    The detail of the roof and broken windows give that spooky feeling and the characters of the smiling ghosts and pumpkin are an excellent contrast.

  185. kathleen gollis

    I think the whole house is wonderful. The design is what attracts me the most you can see the time that went into creating the mold to make this house look so authentic. Hats off to the artist.

  186. Barbara Ray

    I love the little black cat on the roof!

  187. mike

    I like the spider on the front of the house and the ghost on the roof!!

  188. cindy

    I loved the house part of the cookie jar!

  189. G

    I like the spider web… it adds an extra touch of creepy!

  190. Kristen

    It is really hard to pick just one thing! I think all of the details are what makes it so cute! My favorite, I think, is the spider and web. It looks like a black widow. Creepy!

  191. Its adorable – but what I really love what comes in it! Mrs. Fields’ COOKIES – Yeah!!!

  192. Rhonda Sawyer

    I love the black ghost in the door way trying to be scary as you enter. I love the entire cookie jar, it is a beautiful piece of art.

  193. Rhonda

    I love the cat on the roof! I once had a black cat so have a special fondness for them.

  194. Debbie

    Besides the cookies inside? My favorite detail is the crooked chimney and its realistic texture — it sets the Halloween mood spookily…

  195. Sylvia

    I love where the purple paint is peeling off the house & you can see the brick, it’s such great detail!!!

  196. Susan

    Love the black kitty on the roof….looks just like my Bubba!

  197. Scott Mc

    You can’t see it – but it has to be the Mrs. Fields cookies inside, of course!

  198. Judy

    The bat in the attic – true to life, but still a bit scary!

  199. Jean

    My nephews and I think the black ghost in the doorway is the coolest!

  200. the cracks in the stucco overlay; so authentic!

  201. katie

    I LOVE the black cat on top of the jar and the creepy spider! :) Of course, we can’t wait to see all of the delightful and frightful Mrs. Fields treats that are inside! :)

  202. Debbie

    I like the ghost on the roof. He looks very sweet and happy.

  203. Maggie

    Love the jar. It is spooky but cute. Fun for the kids.

  204. amy

    I cant pick just one thing. I love it all! The ghosts are great though

  205. Lynne Torgersen

    My favorite detail is the spider in the web.

  206. Vickie

    Everything on the cookie jar is so great! I have a hard time picking one thing that is my favorite but the whole house has that haunted look and would be great to let the little goblins pick a treat from.

  207. Charlene

    My favorite detail is the black ghost at the broken front door.

  208. Liz

    I love how the chimney has been brought to life!

  209. Steph

    I like the Creepy Cottage itself. The house is very well made with fine detail, check out the bricks on the side of the house and the chimney, very well done. Love it.

  210. Yvonne

    Amazing! The detail in this work is truly amazing…how could agree on just one items? Everything from the roof, to the pumpkins, bat, cat, spider and ghosts are wonderful. I love everything – the creater is a genious!!! I think the best part is the COOKIES inside the jar! :-)

  211. Sara

    Hard to choose one, but the ghost holding the pumpkin on the roof is adorable.

  212. Tracie

    I actually love the whole jar! I do like the accent touches of the two ghosts; their expressions make me smile.

  213. John

    Overall the scene displays all the great things about Halloween and spooky ghouls, creepy crawlers friendly enough for kids. Love it.

  214. Mary

    Love the spider best, but the crooked chimney is awesome!

  215. Rodney Lo

    I like the black ghost busting through the door!

  216. JANICE R


  217. Penny McDaniel

    I think the little smiling ghost on the roof is adorable.

  218. Shawn

    I love the whole thing, but my favorite part would have to be the black ghost coming out the unhinged front door.

  219. Sarah

    my favorite part of this jar is the black ghoul coming out of the broken door. I also love the bat at above the window

  220. Peggy

    I like the brick detail, but just adore the smiley pumpkin next to the door. Wait…the black cat is cute, too!

  221. Karen Watkins

    OMG! The cookie jar is soooo beautifully created. I must say that I love the chimney best. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a crooked chimney.

  222. Linda Maliziola

    I love the goblin in the doorway…but mostly I love all of the cookies surrounding it!

  223. Jennifer

    I love how the walls have the chipped purple paint then the brick. And my second favorite part is the big spider on its web. It’s a truly spooky jar that I would love for my home

  224. Jenni

    The crooked chimney i say would have to be my favorite part of this jar. It brings the spooky house full of ghosts to life. The artwork is magnificent and the colors truly go perfect with this jar

  225. Jennifer

    I love the pumpkins and their details!

  226. Wendy

    I like the brick detail. Beautiful and cute.

  227. Mary Radley

    The whole thing is just too-cute. I love the little cat on the roof – that’s my favorite. Thanks for sharing.

  228. Paula

    I like the angry cat on the roof!!! Great jar !

  229. Donna

    I just love the little black cat. He’s scary, but cute at the same time. Adorable!

  230. Marian

    If absolutely love every detail about this jar. I was so impressed I ordered it for my daughter and her family as soon as I saw it. I can’t wait until it is delivered!

  231. Carol

    I like the crooked chimney, it’s a wonderful architectural detail for this prize.

  232. Julie

    I love the the spider and the fact it pops out!



  234. Cindy

    I love the creepy black spirit coming out of the broken front door — it’s daring you to come inside. It’s exactly what your imagination pictures coming out of a dilapidated, sinister-looking, unkempt, abandoned home in the woods. The contrast it creates with the two white ghosts is great too! This cookie jar screams “Trick or Treat” from top to bottom. The jar is spooky cute!

  235. this is adorable and so cute , it would make a great addition to my other halloween decorations i put out every year. great work!

  236. juedy

    I’ve got to pick the black kitty on the roof. Black cats get such a bum rap (tap, tap) on Halloween!

  237. I love the ghost with the pumpkin on top (along with everyone else!)! And I love the way the roof looks poofy like tar. :) Not to mention the thought of filling it with cookies! YUM!

  238. Michael Russell Myers

    The cool cat! :)

  239. Marcie

    The door, I love the angle of it!

  240. JL

    Definitely the pumpkin, the detail is great

  241. Al

    The cat on the roof, such a great detail

  242. Noel

    Love the ghost behind the door!

  243. Lupe Rodriguez

    I love all the details in this cookie jar it is all Halloween!

  244. Maureen

    I like the detail of the chiminey and the tiling on the roof. They look so real.
    The cookies in the final picture look fantastic. They are making me hungry.

  245. Lucy

    Wow, it’s all great but my fave is the spider web, it’s a great accent

  246. Bill

    For me, the ghosts are awesome, love the shape and detail

  247. Diana Biela

    I love the shape and detail of the chimney….all those little bricks!

  248. Bill

    I like the detailing of the pumpkins in the front of the house. The way the stalk on the one to the right of the door curls up

  249. Joel McAlexander

    All of the detail on the jar is so amazing and realistic, it’s hard to choose a favorite!
    I really like the front door hanging askew with the ghost standing guard, daring anyone to enter and try to steal one of the delectable goodies stashed inside!! Kudos to the creator of this beautiful jar, it would make a wonderful addition to anyone’s Halloween decor!

  250. Moira

    The dimension of the house and the bricks on the corners of the house going up towards the roof are really a great touch.

  251. I think it’s a complete package, but would have to choose the colors used to create this Jar and the Dragon Scale Shingles on the house is a wonderul feature.

  252. Kathleen

    I like the little ghost with the pumpkin.

  253. Linda Fishback

    What a darling house with so much detail. I especially like the way they did the backround of the windows using candy corns.

  254. Lisa

    I love everything about it and the use of color is brilliant (really stands out). The best detail, if I must choose one, would be the ghost coming out of the window. Definite 3D effect going on there.

  255. Tracy Pryor

    The black cat on the roof is cute because it looks like my cat! I also think the ghost on the roof holding the pumpkin is cute.

  256. Sandra

    I like the bat clinging to the wall above the window. Cute house.

  257. Mary

    Love the way the chimney is tilted, pretty cool!

  258. Nancy

    I love the kookie, spooky cookie jar! Haunting elements but it’s really cool. My favorite is the black cat on the roof – we have the real version at home (lol).

  259. I love this cookie jar it is so cute. I love the detail on the roof.

  260. JBC

    The exposed brick on the house and chimney adds charming touch.

  261. Aleida Lafler

    The black widow for sure! Once you notice it you are really drawn to it! the whole house is absolutely adorable though! Will definitely order one!

  262. Pam

    I love all the details, it’s hard to choose just one. I think the black cat on top of the roof is just too cute.

  263. Sue

    I like the broken front door. I can jsut hear it creak when it came off its hinges.

  264. Rachel

    I love the chimney it is so neatly detailed and the black cat!

  265. Naomi

    I am terrified of spiders. But this spider with the web on the cookie jar is so cute and the first thing I thought of was the book Charlotte’s Web which I loved.

  266. Patty

    I like everything about the house, but esp the ghost coming out of the window…

  267. Allison

    I like the black cat on the roof!

  268. MaryLee

    I think the detail in the brickwork is phenomenal! The entire jar is so packed full of detail work, that it was hard to decide which was the best part!

  269. Kay Klingler

    Absolutely the black cat. The black cat on the roof of the house reminds me of our own cat, Commie. Commie was a stray who adopted us, and he too likes to climb on our roof and watch what’s going on below.

  270. paife chandler

    I love the goblin behind the door. SCARY!

  271. Karen

    The best part that I like is the Mrs. Fields cookies and nibblers !!!

  272. Thank you for the giveaway. I really like the ghost sitting on the top of the roof. Enjoyed the story and before/after pics too!

  273. Melissa Farias

    The whole design of the haunted house is adorable and spooky enough for people of all ages to enjoy. Personally, I like how the house color fades away and draws out the bricks. The bricks look realistic and the cracks around the borders of the door and windows enhance this holiday jar. But the one the detail I truly love out of this beautiful display is the spider web, I think that detail completes the whole concept of this jar.

  274. Shannon White

    What’s my favorite detail on the Creepy Cottage Cookie Jar? Well there are so many choices. I would have to say the yummy cookies inside is the BEST detail IN the cookie jar :o) But you are asking for the outside. The brilliant colors and detail make it so beautiful and a wonderful addition to anyones holiday collection!!

  275. Sharon

    The GHOST — ontop the roof-reminds me of Casper,and when children were ghosts from bed sheets.
    When Halloween was clean and fun. Now it is so much blood and gore.
    ( RONNIE) captured the spooky ,yet fun filled yummy treats of the eerie Halloween night that sometimes is a fright! Great work-Can’t wait to see his next line.

  276. Valarie Trujillo

    I love the intricate detailing of the brick work. It
    takes a skilled craftsman to detail it so precise and fine. Congrats to all who performed a great work of ART!

  277. Debra Webb

    I really like the spiderweb!

  278. Cynthia Reilly

    Love, it all!!! The vibrant colors are my favorite. So Cute!!!

  279. Debra B

    I think the whole house is adorable and the little black cat on the roof is probably my favorite, thanks for the great giveaway

  280. Nadine L

    I like the reaper in the doorway, almost daring you to come inside,lol

  281. Jamie

    I love the colors and overall look, but the carved pumpkin by the front door is a cute detail!

  282. Karen P.

    the black cat on the roof! 7 13

  283. Lori

    Definitely the happy ghost on the roof.

  284. Judie

    There are touches of Halloween EVERYWHERE! Cute!

  285. Mary C.

    My fave detail is the sweet pumpkin sitting in the grass by the door eagerly waiting to be made into delectable Mrs. Fields pumpkin cookies!

  286. Barbara Holmes

    I love the details of the crooked chimney and slanted door and the curly stem on the jack-o-lantern by the door, but I have to say that the adorable ghost holding the pumpkin on the roof makes me chuckle. Of course, the most delicious part of the Creepy Cottage Cookie Jar are the Mrs. Fields goodies tucked inside, and if I win this “scary” but delightful cookie jar I would continue to keep it filled with Mrs. Fields delectable, eatable cookies and brownies.

  287. Michelle W

    I love the cat on the roof, but the whole cottage is amazing.

  288. cindy

    It was so very hard to choose but I really like the ghost coming out of the window. It is a really beautiful cookie jar. Thanks for the chance to win.

  289. John G

    The entire thing is pretty neat. I’m sure my wife would love one of these. If I had to pick one thing I think the black cat on the roof is a nice touch.

  290. Tracy Robertson

    I love the black cat on the roof.

  291. Toni Farrell

    I really love the big spider with his/her web on the front of the house the most, but I love the whole cookie jar. It would go really nice with my small (but growing) collection.

  292. Amber Gibson

    I love the cobweb!

  293. Dave Stambol

    The Spider on the front with the web. Its something I think most will miss but the detail is excellent.

  294. Sam C

    my favorite part?
    the cookies inside!! (and the colors)

  295. Sherry Cartmill

    The spider and his web on the front wall says it all for me!!

  296. judy oliver

    it is sooo inviting that I must sneak inside,even if Iget trapped there and have to eat my way out! Love the brickwork!

  297. Chris

    You got me with the tombstones on the side of the house! A very Halloweenie touch. Sort of looks like my front yard at this time of year.

  298. Kiara

    I like the spider and web.

  299. Kate Forman

    My favourite detail is how beautiful the brick work looks, I love how it shines!

  300. pat rohtla

    The flying ghosts in the backround- in the window is a real scary touch!

  301. judy oliver

    it is ssss inviting that I must sneak inside

  302. Susan Johnson

    I love the spooky cat on the roof. Mrorw! Ftt! Ftt!

  303. Lauren

    I love the detail on the house! Brings out the spookiness of the house.

  304. Annette McDonald

    My favorite detail is the Jack-O-Lantern with the crooked smile and the curly stem.

  305. Dorothy

    I love Halloween and the cookie jar is sooooooooooo festive and colorful! I know a gentleman who collects cookie jars and I will pass on to him where he can find this really cool cookie jar for Halloween!

  306. Shirley

    I pick the pumpkin in the front with the curved vine.

  307. Michelle Geiger

    I just love the stucco crumbling from the bricks and how the chimney looks as if it is about to topple over!

  308. Tamika Mims

    I love the detail of this cookie jar.

  309. linda lansford

    I like the ghosts

  310. Ken Robinson

    I like the black fiend peeking out behind the broken door. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  311. Siobhan

    I like the shape of the house – its narrowness and crookedness. I also like the chimney and shingles on the roof.

  312. I like the cat on the roof, reminds me of my daughters cat.

  313. Debra Applebury

    I like the black cat on the roof!

  314. Samantha El-Khatib

    I love the the way the shingles were done on the roof…they really popped out at you and give you a realistic feel to the house! It was beautifully crafted and the colors are perfect!

  315. Heather Wallace

    I love the black screeching cat on the roof!

  316. JEANINE

    My Favorite detail is the design of the house because it reminds me of when I was a child we had an old two story house in the neighborhood that was vacant for many years and on Halloween we would run as fast as we could past it because we thought it was haunted!

  317. Allegro

    I really appreciate the detail that went into this cookie jar. I especially like the crooked chimney.
    I used to pour greenware for a living and I really miss it when I see something like this. Believe me when I say that it is a treasure.

  318. serene

    i love all the ghosts (black and white). they are so cute and adorable!

  319. K Smith

    The cat on the rooftop is my favorite for sure!

  320. leenie

    i love the twisted chimney! it’s a subtle quirky touch.

  321. Mari

    I love the detail in all of the colors used. Especially the spider.

  322. Shelly

    The ghost sitting on the rooftop holding a pumpkin is really adorable. My little boy came over and saw it and said, “Wow that ghost is strong, he is pushing the chimney over.” :)

  323. Barb

    The cookie jar is so cute! I especially like the shape of the cottage and chimney…The brickwork is so detailed.

  324. Bettijean

    The REAPER,in the front door giving you that tempting look… as if to say “Enter at your own Risk”..

  325. Colleen

    I like the bat in the window, but it is all cute.

  326. Jennifer Flax

    I think the chimney is really cool. Feels like it could crumble at any moment.

  327. Pat

    My favorites are the orange pumpkins and the bricks the house is made of.

  328. monica reyes

    I love how the creepy cottage looks 3D. Amazing work!

  329. jodi

    I just love the little ghost on top holding the pumpkin.

  330. Jennifer

    Love the black cat on the roof. Reminds me of my black cat, Sherlock.

  331. elizabeth p

    I love the black cat, without a doubt!

  332. Danielle

    I like the little triangle part on top of the window with the bat. You would not notice it at first, but if you look past the bat…its looks like a piece of candy corn!

  333. Angela New Harrell

    It’s impossible to say what is my fav. I suppose the ghost.

  334. Alysia

    It is so hard to choose just one but I truly love the ghost in the front door. There is just something about him that is awsome!

  335. daniele plumber

    It’s a tough choice. I like the entire house. It’s so unique that I just can’t pinpoint one item or area.

  336. Linda Thompson

    the spider in the web

  337. Cindy Merrill

    Oh i just LOVE the sweet little spider! My grandfather had cobwebs in the barn- said that spiders kept the flea population down- and hardly a fly anywhere! I named a few of the larger spiders- but these were brown, not black.

  338. Mary

    The attention to detail for this piece is amazing.It is hard to pick just one item when everthing works together so well.

  339. Erica Andreuccetti

    I adore the black cat on the roof! I have a black cat, named Squirrel, for his curly tail as a kitten. He is 14 years old now and really showing his age unfortunately. He and his sister used to play on the roof of our house in the summer and you could hear the pitter pat of their little feet hoping on top! This is such a great cookie jar, but it really brought back some good memories for me as a child when my Squirrel was a kitten. Unfortunately, I do not think he will be with us much longer, but it resembles his vibrant youth and likeness. =)

  340. Julia

    I like the smiling jack-o-lantern the most!

  341. Beth Marsh

    It HAS to be all of the yummy Mrs. Fields cookies and brownie bites scattered on the ground! I can imagine them spilling out of their bags as they ran away from the haunted house! What a way to SCARE the goodies from the little tick or treaters!

  342. nicole

    I like the black cat at the top. He looks more frightened than frightening.

  343. Carla Spence

    Something about this cookie jar really reminds me of my childhood. Strange. But anyway, I like the ghost on the roof next to the chimney. So cute!

  344. Sean Fidance

    I like the black cat hiding on the roof.

  345. Whitney

    So many great details. The ghosts are great especially the one on the roof with the pumpkin.

  346. kerrie morgan

    I like the spider web and spider window.

  347. Pamela

    I like the idea of the roof shingles being dragon scales; I just never would have known that’s what they were had I not read this article!

  348. Michelle Draveski

    how can something so cute be scarey
    I love the ghosts
    our dogs name is boo and my sons birthday is halloween so we have a thing for this time of year

  349. Joe Dangler

    I like the colors, they seem bright and “cheery” for the holiday of gloom.

  350. Joe Dangler

    I like the colors, they seem bright and “cheery” for the holiday of gloom. the attention to detail on the house and each creature.

  351. Wanda

    I love the off-kilter front door. I can’t figure it out, but I love it!

  352. Karina

    The color of the house with the bricks, it´s just a perfect match for Halloween :)

  353. MMW

    I love how the brick shows through on the corners. What a great cookie jar!

    thanks for the giveaway!!

  354. Kelly Ann T.

    I like the black ghost at the door that is falling off its hinges. This is adorable. Thank you so much for the chance.

  355. Betty Middleton


  356. w

    i like the ghosts and the pumpkins

  357. MomO'Twins

    I love the great detail on the entire house, but I most like the ghost holding the pumpkin on the roof.

  358. Beth

    I like the spooky black ghost in the door. So cute!

  359. Janice Butkovich

    I love all the details from the black cat to the smiling pumpkins to the not too scary ghosts. It takes alot of work to make this and it shows. Great for kids and adults too!


    I love the expression on the black cat face as it is perched on the roof, it’s on that roof as if it is waiting for the next unexpecting trick or treater.

  361. allan

    love the spider and the web on the house

  362. Carrie

    I love the black cat!

  363. Pamela S

    I like the pumpkin that’s by the door that has the curly cue stem on top. He looks so happy! I also like the spider on the spider web (I know I cheated and said two!!)

  364. Abby

    I love the cute spider web!

  365. Debbie Welchert

    I really like the smilely pumpkin by the door with the black ghost.

  366. Ruth Chaisson

    I like the smily ghost on the roof. :-)

  367. My favorite detail is the spider on the web. I love how colorful it is too.

  368. sherri fischbach

    the black ghost in the front door.

  369. Cody

    The black cat on the roof.

  370. patricia

    without a doubt…the chimmney…with each brick outlined and crooked, love it!

  371. Stefanie Schmidt

    I really like the black ghost peeking behind the front door because it adds a lot of mystery and a spooky feeling to the cookie jar to celebrate the Halloween spirit. I would love to win this great cookie jar.

  372. Rhonda

    After reading the history of the jar, I thought the dragon scale tile roof was a really clever idea. The whole jar is fantastic! It really is hard to pick a favorite detail.

  373. David

    I like the pumpkins, thanks.

  374. Tanya Mendez

    I love collecting cookie jars and this has to be one of the absolute cutest Ive ever seen!!!!!

  375. Linda Fish

    I love all the ghosts

  376. Deborah

    It’s just what a grandma needs to keep that smile in
    the eyes of her beautiful grandkids.

  377. Melanie

    I love the cranky black cat up on the roof.

  378. Tari Lawson

    I love the spider :).


    the attention to detail is amazing and being a cat love the Black Cat on the Roof is my favorite

  380. Jean F

    I actually like the roof most of all.

  381. kathy

    I like the crumbly chimney.

  382. kathy dunaway

    I love the cookie jar.My favorite part is the black cat on the roof.The ghosts are pretty cool also.
    Thanks for the giveaway:)

  383. Kathy M

    I love the smiling ghost on the roof by the pumpkin.

  384. The beautiful detail of the bricks, wood shingles, and wood window panes, with goblins all about make this cookie jar astonishing! Lot of hard work and creativity shown from the artist in this piece, awesome! Happy Halloween!!!

  385. Heather s

    the ghost on the roof holding the pumpkin is cute

  386. Tracy W.

    My favorite part is the smiling ghost next to the chimney with the pumpkin. The ghost just looks so happy that it captures the non-scary, fun part of Halloween.

  387. Tracey Byram

    I like the ghost with the pumpkin on the roof.

  388. Nanette Olson

    I like the ghost on the roof with the pumpkin.

  389. Alison Thomas

    I absolutely love the carved out pumpkin beside the door. It looks soooo realistic with such intricate details. job well done!!

  390. Laura Campbell

    I love the amazing brightness of the colors. The detail of the figures on the roof are my favorite. There is something for every halloween lover…young, mature,teens… it is a must have Halloween treasure!

  391. Deedles

    I like the black ghost peeking out the door.

  392. Rosemary Olmos

    The black cat on the roof is my favorite.

  393. McKim

    I like the curly stem on the pumpkin in front. Looks like how they portray a pig’s tail in children’s books!

  394. tracy l davis

    I like the black cat stuck on the roof

  395. Karen Mills

    the whole concept of making the cookie jar! What a fun way to bring joy to others (especially for the kids 0f all ages).

  396. Pat B

    I love the black ghost at the front door

  397. Robin Russell

    The craftsmanship, details and colors are wonderful! Love the front door with the black ghoul/ghost peering out! Boo!

  398. Deborah Williams

    The unstable bricks make the house look like it is going to tip over.

  399. Sharon McCloud

    I love the whole thing but the black cat on the roof is my favorite thing

  400. Pauline

    I love the little bat. :)

  401. Tawnda

    love the ghost & pumpkin on the roof… how.d he get it up there?? 😉

  402. Pauline Priestley

    I don’t know what one thing I think is best it takes all of the wonderful things to make it great. I think this is one of the nicest creations I have ever seen!!!

  403. Benjamin Lee

    Sooo colorful! I love Halloween! The best!

  404. DeeAnn S

    I like the ghost on the roof with the pumpkin. The detail of the roof itself and the chimney are very well done too. Wouldn’t this make a fantastic edible gingerbread house? And, of course, the goodies surrounding the jar are yummie too!

  405. Luci

    My favorite feature of the cookie jar is all the cool pumpkin and ghost features they are really great and they capture the fall and halloween essence of the season.

  406. Colleen Jensen

    I love the Little ghost on the roof, it reminds me of Casper the frienly ghost one of my favorite cartoons of all time.

  407. Angela J

    I love this! It’s so detailed, but being a car lover, I have to pick the black cat on the roof.

  408. I like the cat on the hot tin roof or should I say hot cookie roof.

  409. stacy

    I like the spiderweb–my daughter loves everything Halloween!

  410. Ana Miranda

    There are so many to choose from, but the detail of the cracking wall – where you see the brick – that is good!

  411. Roze

    I really like the door which looks like its coming off the hinges. It resembles the top of a coffin.
    The cookie jar is hard work turned into perfection!!!Love it…

  412. renee reff

    i like that when it is in the greenware state an actual person then looks it over and clears off the lines and imperfections.

  413. Kimberly L

    I like the bat in the belfry

  414. Diane R.

    The spider and its spiderweb is definitely my favorite.

  415. Brent Dotson

    I like having both black and white ghosts

  416. Margie B

    We have a 5-month-old black kitten, so the black cat on the roof of the house is my favorite.

  417. JO

    I have to say the “Dark Ghost” at the front door handing out the Tricks or Treats?…Who goes from flat to 3 dimensional as if he is coming to life, lifting off the jar and reaching into our world! Spooky thought!

  418. Jana Horne

    I like the crumbly old chimney.

  419. Catrina

    I like the big fat jack-o-lantern by the front door.

  420. Joanne

    Although the whole thing is really cute, I was impressed with the bricks that make up the sides of the house.

  421. Mike

    The detail of the house that amuses me are the sides of the house that I can’t see in the colored photograph. Would love to win this cookie jar to see if they are as great as the parts of the house that I can see. I’ll bet they’re just as spectacular!

  422. Wendy

    I like the smiling jack-o-lantern in front & the menacing ghosts, cute & creppy!

  423. Penny

    I love the ghost and bat in the upstairs window.

  424. Denise

    I love the ghost and pumpkin on the roof. It is just too cute.

  425. Meredith

    I love the realistic detail of the roof, chimney and bricks… and the adorable pumpkin sitting by the front door! Thanks for the chance to win such a cute jar!

  426. Lori Morgan

    Love ALL the detail on the roof/shingles and love the spider/web on front of house!!

  427. cathie m

    the black cat on the roof–just like my black cat–Mackie

  428. Susan B

    I like to roof and the crooked chimney the best because they are different.

  429. Estelle

    I like the expressions on the ghost’s faces. They look scary, but cute!

  430. nancy morrell

    The black cat and the crooked door

  431. Cindy Bowling

    I collect cookie jars. This would be a perfect addition to my collection. Plus I was born on Halloween.

  432. cindy

    i just absoutely ADORE the whole thing.
    it’s so hard to choose.
    If i had to choose one thing,
    it would probably be the actual house.
    i just love the combination of the bricks and the purple walls.
    just a FABULUS work of art 😉

  433. I like the bat at the top of the house.

  434. Karen

    My favorite is the black cat on the roof. I have always had a black cat since my first kitten in kindergarten.

  435. Kayte CookWatts

    I like the happy looking ghost!

  436. Jane

    This cookie jar is so full of such delightful detail that it is hard to pick just one detail I like the best. But I would have to say it would be the spider in the web. I have never cared for spiders, but I think I could live with this one on my shelf.

  437. Allie

    I love the dilapidated feel of the house and the details that make it so: the crooked chimney and door, the bricks showing through the plaster, and the boarded up windows in the back! :)

  438. Amanda

    My favorite part is the crooked chimney. It is so detailed it looks like a minature chimney.

  439. Mae

    The crooked smile on the jack o’lantern.

  440. Nancy

    I love the black cat up on the roof….I have a black and white tuxedo kitty named Buster and he arches his back the same way as the kitty on the roof! Adorable cookie jar!

  441. Amanda DuPont

    I love the the scary looking ghost coming out of the window.

  442. I love all of it, but I love the shape & detail of the chimney! Thanks for giving your fans a opportunity to win!

  443. Huguette English

    This so cute. One for my favorite details would have to the pumpkins and the ghosts.

  444. Loretta McGuire

    My grandchildren would love this beautiful jar with the details and colors. It would be a nice jar to display.

  445. Kathy Scott

    Spider and Spider Webs is nice.

  446. John

    I like the jack o lantern.

  447. Damla

    I like the cat on the roof and especially the ghost cookie on the right, so funny:)

  448. Brittney

    the black cat on the roof

  449. maureen

    What’s really scary about this entire jar is that I sent it to a law office as a business thank you gift and the two secretaries are behaving like banchees deciding who gets to take it home! Yikes!

  450. jessica arias

    I LOVE the creepy cottage cookie jar seriously i want it sooo adorible! ever since i was small my mom always bought me every year a diffrent cookie jar i have alot of them! than it became like my hobbie i love all the diffrent desings and art that each jar was made! when i saw THIS ONE reminded me from the one my mom first gave me! this one a little cute! this one has a cute ghost at the door way broken and how the cat looks scared there a ghost next to him with a pumkin soooo creative and cute!! LOVE IT!AMAZING JOB! REALLY! =)

  451. Sandy

    I like the creepy coffin-like front door, and the different expressions on each of the ghosts. My Mom’s birthday is on Halloween. Growing up, our house was always a little over the top with decorations inside & out to celebrate both her bday & Halloween. This cookie jar captures that spirit of fun & creepy!

  452. Anne Dreher

    I love the ghosts and the pumpkins!

  453. Jack Dietz

    There is sooooo much physical and emotion detail to this work of art-its hard to just call it a cookie jar. IT’s not only holds cookies but it also tells a story or better yet ignites your mind to image Halloween as it was ment to be. Whoever owns such a jar or gives one away-passes on the magic of that special day.

  454. Francine

    I love the front door falling off its’ hinges – makes it look like my place!

  455. Jeane

    I like the roof/lid. I had to really look to see what composed the lid of the cookie jar. He did a great job from what I can tell by the picture. The roof and chimney have details that appeal to me. Love that the chimney is crooked. My grandkids would be delighted by this jar. Which is the point, right?

  456. Andrea Howlett

    I like the pumpkin by the front door with the smile and many other items on the jar, too.

  457. Tiffany Redden

    The shingles are the finishing touch to a ghoulishly cute theme.

  458. Victoria

    my mother is 84 years old and I would love to give this jar to her.

  459. Jennifer

    The white ghost on the window.

  460. Janet Crawford

    The best detail is how seamless the lid fits onto the jar. It really doesn’t look like a jar at all! Of course, I do love the black cat, ready to pounce on some brownies!

  461. christopher h

    i like the black cat on the roof

  462. Donna Buccafurni

    The added detail of the pumpkin patch actually growing through the front porch, really shows how much attention to detail Mr. Kell put into this cookie jar. It leaves you to imagine how old and haunted this cottage really is…and what treats lie inside!

  463. angie greathouse

    the whole jar is delightful.The colors are rich.It is something I would bring out year after year.

  464. Lucy Schwartz

    I like the black cat on the roof. We have a black cat named Nickolas and there he is!

  465. Jan

    I collect cookie jars, but don’t have a Halloween one yet–this one would be perfect!!!

  466. MARY

    I love the spider on the house. It makes it so Halloweenish.

  467. Valerie Keller

    I like the brick/stone detail

  468. Elaine Schellenberg

    I love the whit ghost with the pumpkin on top of the roof. He remindes me of “Casper the Friend Ghost”.

  469. Nicole C.

    I love the black cat that is on the roof!!

  470. Tiffany A

    I have to agree with many – the ghost and pumpkin on the roof “pop” right out and I love them. The ghoul from behind the front door is cool though too – those two definitely catch your eye!

  471. Jeni

    i love the ghost coming out of the window

  472. Tristann Graves

    I love the design of the house; the exposed bricks, the slanted chimney, broken door, etc. It has lots of character and is obviously a great place for all the “spooks” to hang out for Halloween.

  473. I really love the creepy old haunted look of the house itself which is very detailed. I like the varigated look of brick and stucco and the mis-shapen form of the haunted house. The colors bring out all of the detail of the house.

  474. glenda

    I like the creepy black cat on the roof.

  475. My favorite detail is the twisted chimney and the broken glass in the windows.

  476. I like the spider web and spider on the front of the house. I use a big spider crawling up my front trellis at Halloween, along with orange, green & purple lights. Helps to set the Halloween mood.

  477. Richard

    I think the way the INSIDE lighting ties is is the best! It seems both “scary == Halloween appropriate” with the ghost activity in the background but cheery and warm as well.. I think it makes the whole house stand out and seem “alive”.. something inside as well as all the amazing detail outside.. so inside lighting is my favorite detail!!

  478. Jen

    The facial expression on the black cat is priceless.

  479. Karla

    I like the expressions on the ghosts and pumpkins faces. It gives them personality. :-)

  480. Tim

    You gotta’ love the coffin door!!!
    Who’s brave enough to enter one of those.

  481. Lori

    This jar is beautifully scary, I’m almost afraid to get a cookie from it…Except since it is Mrs. Fields, I’ll chance it!

  482. Scott Hannah

    The ghost in the doorway.

  483. Hara

    All the cute pumpkins!

  484. PhillyBee

    I love the brick details and the spider and the pumpkins on the ground. It’s the little details that make a great design! Going to order one for a gift (a Halloween baby shower) and hope to win one for me. :)

  485. Debra

    I love it all but the black cat on the roof is my favorite.

  486. Paula McKeehan

    The creepy spider and his web.

  487. I love the black cat on the roof – very cute!

  488. Kristin Curtis

    So many aspects of this cookie jar are amazing. The colors are so vibrant and I especially like the way the chimney slants to the side in a spooky way. I also love the little ghost flying out the top window.

  489. Mary M

    I like the spider in the web. The whole thing is adorable.

  490. Judith

    Love it all, especially the ghost with the pumpkin on the roof next to the twisted chimmney.

  491. I love the smiling little pumpkin by the door.

  492. Heather

    The ghost on the roof is so cute!

  493. Becky

    It’s BOO-yoo-tee-ful! A great combination of whimsy and delight! The colors are fun and it’s certain the Mrs. Fields treats are sweet!

  494. Neli


  495. I had no ida so much work went into these jars! My favorite character is the little mischevious ghost on the roof…reminds me of my son!

  496. Kimberly

    I like the panther like black cat on the roof. Very scary!

  497. Kerry

    I like the spider on the web in the front

  498. Debbie Wood

    Im a craft person, I make many crafts myself. I love everything about the Creepy cottage. It wouldnt be what it is with one thing missing on it. Good job very halloweeny

  499. lisa

    I love the black cat on the roof…although the whole thing is adorable it just wouldnt be complete without the creepy kitty!

  500. Judy

    Pumpkins by the front door.

  501. Patricia

    I like the pumpkin by the front door

  502. desiree kelley

    very cute cookie jar, i like the cat

  503. Ali

    The spider web is what makes the creepy cottage “creepy”.

  504. Kris T.

    I love the crooked chimney. Very Dr. Seuss-like. Thanks for the chance to win the whimsical cookie jar.

  505. I like the red abdomen on the spider. It makes the spider “pop”… it grabbed my attention!

  506. I love the ghost on the top of the house with the pumpkin.

  507. Jill Myrick

    My favorite detail of this jar is the Spider on the web.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  508. shel

    I’m a fan of the bat above the door and that spider and web on the wall of the house.

  509. Christie

    I like the leaning chimney and the ghost flying out of the window.

  510. Jeff

    Black cat on the roof

  511. kristy

    I like the ghost and pumpkin on the roof

  512. Lynne

    I like the cat on the roof, but really, the jar has so many fun details it’s hard to choose.

  513. Susan

    I like the ghost slidding out the upstairs window !

  514. michelle

    I like the sneaky ghost flying out of the top window! >;)

  515. Kristen

    The detail work on the brick, chimeny and roof is awsome. Ceramics is a hobby for me in my spare time and I know this had to take a lot of time and effort to make it so detailed.

  516. Inez

    The Cookie Jar is spectacular, but I’m all about the cookies and brownies scattered around…definitely MY favorite part of it.

  517. jen

    the spider is my favorite feature, she looks like a black widow to me!

  518. Denyse

    The broken front door is just great!

  519. Diane Baum

    I gain 5,000 pounds just looking at the cookies they are so wonderful.. I am impressed by the detailed work. My fave is the spider.

  520. Rebecca Green

    This would be a great centerpiece at my halloween party.

  521. damon

    My favorite feature is that I can eat it!! But if I have to choose from the house, I’ll choose the chimney, it’s a great fine detail.

  522. I love the ghost “cookies”, thanks!

  523. shawna

    I love the pumpkins!!

  524. Molly K

    I love the Black Cat that’s on the roof.

  525. Alicia Webster

    My favorite detail is the black goblin coming out the front door.

  526. Christy

    The crooked house and door just makde the cookie jar cute and spooky at the same time.

  527. Sherri

    I like the black ghost coming out the front door – he is EVIL looking!!! Scary!!

  528. Carol G

    I like the happy ghost on the roof.

  529. Janice Sokolowski

    I love the little cottage and the brick detail as well as the shingles on the roof. The smiling pumpkin with the curly stem by the door is charming.

  530. Amy

    I like the ghost on the roof because it looks like he’s going to throw a pumpkin at someone

  531. Peter

    The ghost holding a pumpkin on the roof.

  532. Linda

    I love the creepy construction of the house. love the way it tilts like if you walked in it might fall in around you dropping all those spiders on you.

  533. Erma H

    I love the ghost coming out of the window.

  534. katie

    I like the cat perched on the roof!

  535. Billie

    Love the spider weaving a web in full sight!

  536. Ellie W

    My favorite detail is the spider and web on front.

  537. taylor

    The black kitty cat is my favorite feature, ty

  538. I like the black widow

  539. Jennifer Hedden

    the creepy black cat on the roof

  540. Melinda Fink

    My favorite detail is the ghosts in the windows. It’s very cute and creative!

  541. Valeen N

    I really like the colors, I’m a huge purple fan! Plus the little ghostie on the roof is very cute!

  542. Mya Brooks

    The scary-looking black cat! Too cute!

  543. Jennifer

    I think my favorite is the black ghost with the broken door, but I love the scary cat too, and the bricks showing through the building.. its totally adorable

  544. Abby C.

    I love the little bat up towards the top

  545. Theresa D

    I really like the cute pumpkins in front of the house.

  546. Tim

    my favorite is the black cat on the roof.

  547. Julie

    Just wanted to say it brings back some great childhood memories of Halloween when a bunch of us kids from the neighborhood could not wait to put on our costumes and get out there to go trick or treating and see all the houses decorated with big pumpkins, some carved being lit up with candles, ghosts and bats flying from porches or trees and carrying our trick or treat bags running from house to house sometimes getting really scared along the way…

  548. Annemarie

    The ghost flying out of the window because he looks the spookiest!!

  549. Tara W

    My favorite detail is the black cat on the roof.

  550. Barrie

    I like the detail of the chimney.

  551. EdV

    I like the spider and web on the front of the house.

  552. Chuck

    The black ghost makes it spooky.

  553. Paula H

    I like the black cat on the roof.

  554. Marylou

    I really like all the purple and orange together.

  555. Alexis

    The smile on the pumpkin.

  556. Wendy Wallach

    I like the cat on the roof!

  557. sheri

    I love the little ghost on top!

  558. Mikala

    I love everything about it. One of my favorite things about it that stands out is the brick detail and the crooked chimney. Very nice!

  559. Jarrett

    I like that the door is partially broken off on the house.

  560. Leslie Price

    The sweet little pumpkins are my favorite features!

  561. Tom J

    the cat on the roof is nice

  562. JMARIE

    I just love the attention to detail….look at all the spooky things that adorn it..love the cat.


  563. Kathleen S.

    I love the black cat on the roof, too cute! Thanks.

  564. Brenda Park

    My favorite detail is the black cat with white tip on his tail.

  565. Amanda

    I love the cat on the roof. :)

  566. Wendy

    I really like the smiling pumkin greating eveyone who dares to enter at the front door.

  567. Cynthya P

    This is really cute and I love all the detail. My favorite is the spider and spider web.

  568. Molly Capel

    The Black Cat on the roof is super cute!

  569. I love the kitty on the roof.

  570. Bebe

    I love the spider on the spiderweb!

  571. Crystal F

    My favorite is the ghost and pumpkin on top of the house. thank you!

  572. Deborah R

    My favorite detail is the way the pumpkin vine on the pumpkin to the left of the door curls.

  573. Meg Beckett

    This adorable cookie jar just SHOUTS Halloween!

  574. Leslie S.

    I love the black cat the most of all.Thanks!

  575. TERESA Y

    I would love to add this to my Halloween display

  576. Rebecca Peters

    I like the ghost in the doorway

  577. Patricia Hill

    I love the little ghosts.

  578. I love the Black Cat…makes me think of mine.

  579. Susan Smith

    I like the ghosts.

  580. I like the ghost in the front door! The whole thing is so cute!

  581. Beth

    The dark ghost in the doorway is wonderful – very spooky looking!

  582. Margaret Stephens

    I think that is the perfect cookie jar for Halloween.So cute.

  583. Jill L

    Love the black cat on the roof.

  584. amy delong

    I like the spider web&bat

  585. Dan Smith

    I like the black cat

  586. Lauralee Hensley

    It’s all the detail work in the chimney and brick work, with just the right shading to make it look old, and real.

  587. Bridget Combs

    I like the door falling off

  588. Jackee

    My favorite detail is the spider and cobweb :)

  589. gloria

    I like the ghost with the pumpkin on the roof! So cute!!!

  590. Angela Winesburg

    I love the spider on the front of the house, thanks!

  591. dawn

    I like the way the bricks showing through makes it look shabby, but the spider adds creepy. Thanks

  592. Roxann

    I like the spider in the web.

  593. Mary

    I love the crooked chimney and the ghost coming out of the window.

  594. Rosa

    The jar looks great. I love the colors and the detail from the spider on the front of the house to the cat and ghost on the roof.

  595. Gabriel J.

    I like the spider.

  596. susan smoaks

    i like the ghost coming out of the door

  597. Tamara Fowler

    I like the ghost on the roof. It’s smile is just so cute.

  598. kathy dj

    The spider is the best – its fun and it is not alive and in my kitchen!

  599. Lu Ann

    I like the black cat on the roof.

  600. Gianna

    I love the Chimney bricks and the other bricks on the house :)

  601. Veronica Garrett

    my favorite is the black ghost coming out the door.

  602. kathy pease

    i love the spider and web up in the corner i think spiders are sooooooooooooooooooo spooky

  603. Ashley

    i like the cat on the roof. i love cats

  604. I love the cat on the roof.

  605. I like the little black cat on the roof-so scary!

  606. Sabine Blanch

    I like the ghost coming out of the window and the black cat on the roof

  607. Lily Kwan

    My favorite detail on the Creepy Cottage Cookie Jar is the black cat on the roof.

  608. Kim Parrott

    I love the pumpkins and the jack o’lantern!

  609. Charlene Kuser

    My favorite detail is the spider web.It looks
    perfect the way they put it on the house

  610. I like the bat on the front of the house.

  611. Shannon

    the ghost on the roof

  612. Jennifer Jozwiak

    i like the ghosts!

  613. Donna K

    I like the ghost coming out of the window.

  614. DEBRA

    my favorite is the spider gives me the chills

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  616. Karen Breiwick

    The whole Haunted House is marvelous!I would imagine the best thing about it would be the cookies inside!

  617. Darryl

    I am not sure what I like better the cookie jar or the white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.

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