One Gift, So Many Uses

While “reduce, reuse, recycle” is the name of the game these days, it’s not a new way of thinking at Mrs. Fields. I’m excited to regularly showcase here how so many of our catalog gifts can be incorporated into a recipient’s home, long after the decadent goodies are shared.

For example, our Ultimate Cookie & Brownie Basket arrives at the door, brimming with enough oven-fresh cookies and brownies to feed a small army! It’s absolutely ideal for parties, a ready-to-serve dessert that arrives fresh on your doorstep! (Honestly, is there anything more exciting than a giant tray of Mrs. Fields cookies and brownies? Answer: no.)

But, long after the last cookie is devoured, the sturdy wicker tray can be used and reused in a myriad of different ways.

In a guest room, it’s ideal for setting out necessities: towels, washcloths, water, snacks, and magazines.

Or, sitting near a doorway, it keeps shoes tidy.

The possibilities are endless: use it as a kitchen serving tray, on a coffee table as an organized catch-all for remote controls and magazines, or even as a pet bed for little Fido!

Those are some of my ideas. How would you use the Ultimate Cookie & Brownie Basket?

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4 responses to “One Gift, So Many Uses

  1. Laura

    This is great, I have some larger baskets and never thought to use them for shoes. We place scented pine cones in some of our smaller baskets and set them by the fireplace to keep the main room fresh and cozy.

  2. Susan

    I use my Ultimate Cookie & Brownie basket to carry hot dishes to potlucks.

  3. Gayle O

    I would use it to store my yarns and works in progress for my crocheting.
    It is also great to put my dogs toys into.

  4. marcia

    I would put my Lotions and Fragrances in the Basket or Scooters (Shih Tzu ) Toys or Products, Throw Blankets or……. Yep so many uses your just not sure what your going to use it for.